Wild Rift Map Guide 2023 For Beginner | Top 8 Hidden Tips about Wildrift Map

Hello Guys Welcome to Gaming Freak Guide, Tutorial, in this post we are sharing all information about the Wild Rift Map Guide for beginners who’s just started to play League of legends wild rift. 

As we have discussed in last post Wild Rift Champions Roles & Spells guide. 

In this post our focused on updating everything about wild rift Map lanes, Wild Rift Jungle Lane, Wild Rift Types of Dragons, Wild Rift Champions Abilities, Wild Rift Monsters & Buff guide, Wild Rift Runes Guide, Wild Rift Items details & much more.

Stay Tuned for Next Post we are focused on Wild Rift hero Guides.

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Wild Rift MAP Guide

Blue Side

  • Baron Lane (Top)
  • Dragon Lane (Bot)
Wild Rift MAP Guide blue side

Red Side:-

  • Dragon Lane (Top)
  • Baron Lane (Bot)
Wild Rift MAP Guide Red side

Note: – There will be no TOP or BOT lanes in LoL Wild Rift. It will be called Baron and Dragon bones in order to avoid confusion for the mirrored map.

How Many Lanes in Wild Rift?

LOL Wild Rift Map Guide – Baron Lane

Positions in the lane where the Herald or Boron is situated. Top laner lane can 1v1 and mostly melee Heroes.

Wild Rift Map Guide – Mid Lane

1v1; Mages/Assassins mostly, but there is a lot of champions to choose from, Often ganked.

Wild Rift Map Guide – Jungle lane

Focuses on getting early lead on farm. Setups and plans ganks.

Wild Rift Map Guide – Dragon Lane

Where the ADC positions. Laned to support.

Wild Rift Map Guide – Support lane

Helps ADC to carry and should not take the farm. Also helps the jungler to gank lanes.

Dragons, also known as Wild rift drakes, are powerful monsters that can be found in Summoner’s Rift Their camp is located in the river alcove on the lower right side of the battle field.

Wild Rift Map Guide There are 5 types of Dragons:-

  1. CLOUD
  4. OCEAN
  5. ELDER

The first four types are globally known as Wild rift elemental drakes wild rift. They spawn randomly until the Elder Dragon spawns, after which only the elder dragon wild rift will spawn.

Wild Rift Map Guide There are 5 types of Dragons

Dragon Slayer buff is removed. Instead of Collecting 4 Drakes souls to gain the Enhanced Buff, now every drake soul grants the Final Enhanced wild rift dragon buffs.

No 1 – Cloud

Cloud Drake has the fastest movement and attack speed, delivering high DPS to single targets while being better at chasing than other dragons.

Cloud Bringer’s Grace (Buff) gives 40% ultimate cooldown reduction, ignoring the CDR cap.

No 2 – Infernal

Infernal Drake deals AoE attacks, but can otherwise be considered the most generic of the elemental drake wild rift. Infernal Might (Buff) gives 16% attack damage and ability power.

No 3 – Mountain

Mountain Drake has slow, AoE, hard hitting attacks. It has the greatest armor and magic resist of elemental dragons.

Its significant toughness makes it harder to secure, giving the opposition a longer opportunity to contest. Mountainous Vigor (Buff) gives 24% armor and magic resistance.

No 4 – Ocean

Ocean Drake’s auto attacks slow the target’s movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds. This limits its target’s ability to disengage quickly, making it more vulnerable to ambush.

Getting this drake to attack an enemy for the slow can be potentially useful during a fight. Oceanic Will (Buff) restores 10% of missing health every 5 secs.

No 5 – Elder

Wild rift elder dragon is a much more powerful caliber of dragon, requiring multiple champions to secure quickly.

Aspect of the Dragon (Buff) gives a temporary team-wide neutral buff granted by the Elder Dragon. Damaging enemies causes them to burn 75-225 true damage.

The buff is lost upon a champion’s death and cannot be transferred to another champion.

Baron Nashor is the most powerful neutral monster on Summoner’s Rift in League of Legends. Baron will spawn after the Rift Herald is killed.

Slaying Baron or getting Herald Eye empowers recall which now takes 4s to get back to base.

Wild Rift Map Guide – Hitting Mechanics

Auto Attack Button design goes with Champion Type like Fighter, Marksman or Mage.

Wild Rift Map Guide - Hitting Mechanics auto attack

Two extra buttons near the auto attack button automatically changes based on the environment.

Wild Rift Map Guide atk turret

Champion lock feature – allows you to lock into the enemy champion.

While also got some extra features as well, such as strong enemies coming near you will get their icons revealed in your screen with red warning on them as they considered “thread”.


Enchanted Crystal Arrow can now be controlled.

wild rift Crystal Arrow

Double up’s targeting input changed to direction-target from unit-target.

wild rift Double up's

Denting blows and Silver bolts are now active. Silver Bolt’s active grants attack speed for 3 attacks and any silver bolt triggered during this time grants healing equal to the silver bolt damage done.

wild rift Denting blows and Silver bolts

Shyvana gains bonus effects on her abilities while in Dragon’s Descent from slaying Dragons.

Slaying Infernal Drake grants her bonus true damage on Flame Breath burning scorch area of effect. Slaying Mountain Drake adds a slow to Twin Bite attack.

wild rift Shyvana

Nasus receives more stack from killing units with siphoning strike.

wild rift Nasus

Twisted Fates stacked deck grants him a higher amount of attack speed.

wild rift Twisted Fates

Wild Rift Map Guide – MONSTER’S & BUFFS

Red Brambleback

The Red Brambleback is a neutral monster on Summoner’s Rift. It has negative armor.

Kill the Red Brambleback to receive the Crest of Cinders, a buff which grants health regeneration and causes your basic attacks to slow the enemy while also dealing true damage over time.

wild rift Red Brambleback

Blue Sentinel

The Blue Sentinel is a neutral monster on Summoner’s Rift. It has negative magic resistance.

Kill the Blue Sentinel to receive the Crest of Insight, a buff which grants increased mana regeneration (or energy regeneration) as well as cooldown reduction.

wild rift Blue Sentinel

Red Brambleback and Blue Sentinel become much stronger in the later stage of a match. Crest of Insight now grants bonus health regeneration.

Elder Dragon is elemental as well, spawning in either of the four elements. Slaying four major jungle camps grants the option to upgrade Smite into either Chilling Smite or Challenging Smite.

Wild Rift Map Guide – RUNES

The Rune page consists of a single path containing one possible Keystone rune and three minor runes.

Wild Rift Map Guide - RUNES

Conqueror changed to stacking up to 5 times from 10.

Grasp of the Undying healing reduction on Ranged role ranged champions increased to 60% from 40%.

Kleptomancy is available as a keystone choice.

Manaflow Band grants Mana from hitting an enemy champion with an empowered attack.


MASTERMIND: Deal 10% bonus true damage to epic monsters and turrets. Earn 100 extra gold and 500 experience from taking said objectives.

HUNTER – GENIUS. Gain 2.5% cooldown reduction. Unique champion Damage rating takedowns grant 1.5% cooldown reduction, up to 7.5%, for a total of 10% cooldown reduction.

SWEET TOOTH: Increases the healing from consuming Honey Fruit by 25%.Each fruit eaten grants 20 gold.

PACK HUNTER While near ally champions, gain 2% movement speed. For each unique ally champion you participate in a take down with you and the ally gain 50 gold.

LOYALTY: Gain 2 armor and 5 magic resist. The closest ally champion nearby also gains 5 armor and 2 magic resist, which can be stacked. SPIRIT WALKER: Gain 50 maximum health and 20% slow resistance.

Wild Rift Map Guide – ITEMS

Icons of recommended items that are affordable will appear on the left of the screen for quick purchases.

Boots can be upgraded into active items, and are the only way to obtain these active items.

The price, stats, and effectiveness of unique passives and actives for many items have been greatly decreased. However, new passives for existing items have been implemented as compensation.

Certain active items can only be purchased by one player on each team.New items have been made. Tear of the Goddess item has been made for tank champions.

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