Wild Rift Amumu Guide 2022 | Amumu Build wild Rift 2022 | Amumu Counters 2022

Amumu is a cute little Mummy who always cries and is always sad. He is all alone and needs a friend to play with him. He was cursed to be forever alone.

So, make sure to make him happy by playing with him a lot.

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Wild Rift heroes like Annie, Alistar, Ahri, Wild Rift Map Guide, Wild Rift Beginner’s Guide, Wild Rift APK Download & Wild Rift Champions Roles List. So make sure to check these hero guides as well.

For now, let’s focus on amumu guide wild rift & Amumu Counters.

Which Lane Best for Wild Rift Amumu?

Amumu commonly plays in Middle Lane.

How Many Skills have Wild Rift Amumu?

  • Amumu has 5 skills; 1 Passive and 4 Active Spells.

Wild Rift Amumu Passive Skill – Cursed Touch

Attacks puts a Curse Mark on enemies which makes take additional 10% True Damage from types of Magic Damage for 3 seconds.

Top 10 Hidden Tips to Master in Wild Rift

Wild rift Amumu
Wild rift Amumu

Note: Amumu is a Tank, so you should have an ally who also deals Magic Damage to use his passive wisely and spam it like a pro.

Wild Rift Amumu Skill 1 – Bandage Toss

He throws his bandage on his enemy which stuns them. He will also pull himself towards the enemy. This skill deals Magic Damage.

Wild rift Amumu
Wild rift Amumu

Wild Rift Amumu Skill 2 – Despair

Amumu starts crying and deals Magic Damage to his nearby enemies. It deals damage every second.

You can On or Off this skill as per your convenience. It deals damage according to Enemy Maximum HP.

Wild rift Amumu Wild rift Amumu

Wild Rift Amumu Skill 3 – Tantrum

It has a passive which helps you in taking less Physical Damage. Using this skill will slow down the enemy.

Wild rift Amumu
Wild rift Amumu

If you are hit by any enemy attack, then cooldown of this skill Tantrum will be also be reduced. Every 2 attacks will reduce cooldown by 1 second.

Wild Rift Amumu Ultimate Skill – Curse of the Sad Mummy

He will deal damage to all the enemies around him and stun them for 2 seconds. It will also apply Passive Curse Mark.

Wild rift Amumu
Wild rift Amumu

What is the Best Skill Combo for Amumu?

Use Skill 2 Despair to start dealing damage around his enemies. Use skill 1 Bandage Toss to stun and close the gap between you and your enemy.

Wild Rift Jungle Guide and Best Lane Rotation Guide 2020

If you use Skill 2 after Skill 1 you won’t deal much damage, whereas if you start it before Skill 1 then your damage will double that will be dealt to the enemy.

Use skill 3 Tantrum to deal more damage, then finish off with your Ultimate.

Wild rift Amumu Skill Level Up Order

Skill 13121314
Skill 2281011
Skill 31467

Wild Rift amumu guide 2022 & Gameplay Tips

  • Amumu should go Middle Lane, as Middle Lane usually has Mage and Amumu passive helps in dealing more Magic Damage to all the enemies.
  • Amumu should unlock Skill 3 Tantrum which deals damage to enemies, provides defense and has a shorter cooldown.
  • Then unlock Skill 2 Despair to clear lanes faster so that you can rotate your lanes much faster.
  • Always use Skill 2 Despair before engaging any enemy. This will double your damage output as soon as close the gap between you and your enemy.
  • Always use Ultimate to finish off enemies as main Killing Blow or else Use it as soon as you initiate a fight after closing the gap.
  • If you use it at start, then your Ally needs to make sure to deal the Final Blow. Rotation will depend on which lane is the best lane for ganking.

Top 10 Hidden Tips to Master in Wild Rift

What is The Best amumu runes wild rift?

1- Primary Rune

Aftershock – Immobilizing an enemy champion grants a static 50 (+ 50% bonus armor) bonus armor and 50 (+ 50% bonus magic resistance) bonus magic resistance for 2.5 seconds.


2- Secondary Rune Domination

Triumph – Champion takedowns restore 10% missing health. Deal 3% increased damage to enemies below 35% health.


3- Secondary Rune Resolve

Backbone – Gain 10 bonus armor or 10 bonus magic resistance, based on whichever stat you have less of.


4- Secondary Rune Inspiration

Hunter Genius: Gain 2.5% cooldown reduction. Unique champion takedowns grant 1.5% cooldown reduction.


Wild Rift Amumu Best Summoner Spells

  • Flash – Teleport a short distance forward or towards the aimed direction (150 second cooldown).

  • SmiteSmite helps in faster farming for your ally and also makes you take lesser experience from Minions which also helps your ally gain more Experience.
  • I recommend upgrading Smite to Chilling Smite which helps in slowing down enemy and help in chasing more efficiently.

Amumu Counter amumu jungle wild rift & Best Picks Against Amumu

You beat Amumu early game on equal footing. Do not fight him however if he has an HP advantage. Mid game it can become quite hard to punch through his Aftershock keystone as base.

If he has another keystone you are able to out-duel him. Try your best to dodge his Bandage Toss (Q) with your Reaping Slash (Q).

Avoiding stuns is crucial to winning a fight. Consider building Mercury’s Treads. As for late game, Amumu becomes jungle food if you have chosen to go Rhaast. Your Black Cleaver will melt him amumu jungle build wild rift.

Best Picks vs Amumu

These picks are strong against Amumu at many stages of the game. Champs listed by highest win rate match-ups vs Amumu in World Platinum +.

Heroes Win Rate% No of Games
Amumu vs Vi 62.86% 35
Amumu vs Nunu & Willump 58.33% 36
Amumu vs Olaf 57.14% 21
Amumu vs Sett 50% 10
Amumu vs Sejuani  50% 14
Amumu vs Evelynn 50% 58
Amumu vs Nocturne 47.62% 21

Worst Picks vs Amumu

These picks are weak against Amumu at many stages of the game. Champs listed by lowest win rate match-ups vs Amumu in World Platinum +.

HeroesWin Rate%No of Games
Amumu vs Rek’Sai13.33%15
Amumu vs Xin Zhao20%15
Amumu vs Sylas20.83%24
Amumu vs Rammus24%25
Amumu vs Dr.Mundo30.77%13
Amumu vs Lee Sin31.13%106
Amumu vs Fiddlesticks31.82%44

Wild Rift Amumu Strong and Weak Against

Amumu Strong Against 

Blitz Crank, Yasuo & Jax.

Wild rift Amumu

Amumu Weak Against 

Shyvana, Lee Sin & Vi.

Wild rift Amumu

Wild rift Amumu Best Build

LOL Wild rift amumu build – Core Items Build

  1. Abyssal Mask- Restores Mana when you take Damage from Enemy. It will also Heal you according to the Mana you spend.
  2. Rylai’s Crystal Scepter- ICY: Damaging active abilities slow enemies by 20% for 1 second.
  3. Liandry’s Torment- MADNESS: Being in combat with enemy champions generates one stack every second for the next 4 seconds. Deal 2% increased damage for each stack, up to a maximum of 10%.

TORMENT: Ability damage deals 1% of target’s maximum health magic damage over 3 seconds. This damage doubles if they are slowed or immobilized amumu best build wild rift 2022.

Wild rift Amumu

Amumu Wild Rift build 2022

  1. Abyssal Mask
  2. Rylai’s Crystal Scepter
  3. Ionian Boots of LucidityLUCIDITY: +10% cooldown reduction, SUMMONED: Reduces summoner spell cooldowns by 10%. It should be upgraded into Ionian’s Glory Item. Ionian’s Glory – It will buff your Movement Speed, after 4 seconds of chasing enemy it will release a shockwave that slows down the enemy for 2 seconds.
  4. Liandry’s Torment
  5. Morellonomicon – DEATH TOUCH: +15 magic penetration, CURSED: Dealing magic damage to an enemy champion inflicts them with Grievous Wounds for 3 seconds.
  6. Void Staff – DISSOLVE: +40% magic penetration.
Wild rift Amumu

Amumu build wild rift 2022 as Amumu Tank Build

  1. Sunfire Cape – IMMOLATE: Deals 25 − 40 (based on level) magic damage per second to nearby enemies. Deals 50% bonus damage to minions and monsters.
  2. Abyssal Mask
  3. Mercury TreadIt reduces all Crowd Control Skill Effects by 30%. It also has an Active Skill, which gives Movement Speed buff. It should be upgraded into Mercury’s Stoneplate Item. Mercury’s Stoneplate – It has an Active Spell, which increases your Maximum Health by 40%, and reduces your Damage Output by 60%. If there are 3 or more Enemy Champions near you, then Maximum HP is increased by 100% instead of 40%.
  4. Thornmail – Whenever you receive any Basic Attack, it will reflect all damage as Magic Damage. It will reflect 25 (+10% Bonus Armor), and mark enemy with Grievous Wounds for 1 second.
  5. Spirit Visage – BLESSED: Increases all healing, regen, and drain effects on yourself by 30%.
  6. Randuin’s Omen – Reduces damage from Critical Attacks by 15%. It will also reduce Enemy Attack Speed by 15% for 1.5 seconds if you get hit by Basic Attacks build amumu wild rift.
Wild rift Amumu

That’s all for this article. Thank you everyone for reading. This post was about all the things you should know for the Wild rift Amumu Champion.

I have tried my best to include each and everything regarding Wild rift Amumu in this article.

Next article will be about Wild rift Akali – The Rogue Assassin.

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