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Welcome to Gaming Freak, Wild rift Alistar Guide Tutorial. In this post, I’m going to discuss about the Most Durable Tank Champion Alistar. It will cover all Skills, alistar build wild rift, Alistar Runes, Spells & Alistar Counter.

It will also cover Whom Alistar can Counter? And Who’s Alistar counters?

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Alistar is a great Vanguard/Tank in Wild rift. He is one of the most durable Champion in the game.

Alistar can be played as Tank and Support. He also has great Crowd Control Skills, which can change the tides of battle.

Wild Rift Alistar Lane

Alistar commonly plays in Baron Lane and Support his nearby Ally.

Top 10 Hidden Tips to Master in Wild Rift

Wild Rift Alistar Counter for Support & Best Picks Against Alistar

Alistar is either a bodyguard, making it so its very hard to kill whoever he’s protecting or he’s like a mini malphite, going in and knocking you up like its going out of style.

Thankfully he cant do both, but he’ll always be incredibly hard to kill thanks to his ultimate giving him 70% damage reduction when its on.

He also has a chunk of sustain thanks to his E making it even harder to wittle them down because targons+this is actually a lot of sustained HP.

Farm up and out scale the enemy, try to ignore Alistar because once he uses his combo he’s next to useless.

Best Picks vs Alistar

These picks are strong against Alistar at many stages of the game. Champs listed by highest win rate matchups vs Alistar in World Platinum +.

HeroesWin Rate%No of Games
Alistar Vs Janna62.63%99
Alistar Vs Zilean61.54%26
Alistar Vs Vel’Koz57.79%26
Alistar Vs Seraphine56.1%123
Alistar Vs Lulu54.05%148
Alistar Vs Leona53.91%230
Alistar Vs Nautilus53.36%93

Worst Picks vs Alistar

These picks are weak against Alistar at many stages of the game. Champs listed by lowest win rate matchups vs Alistar in World Platinum +.

Heroes Win Rate% No of Games
Alistar Vs Yuumi 33.2% 120
Alistar Vs Maokai 33.46% 45
Alistar Vs Shaco 38.46% 24
Alistar Vs Sona 40.29% 63
Alistar Vs Zyra 42% 42
Alistar Vs Soraka 42% 47
Alistar Vs Sett 41.32% 53

Wild Rift Alistar Skills Guide 2023

Alistar has 5 skills; 1 Passive and 4 Active Spells.

Wild Rift Alistar Passive Triumphant Roar

When Alistar takes damage, he heals himself for 20 (heal increases with level) and nearby allied champions for 40 (heal increases with level).

Knocking up or stunning champions with Alistar’s abilities reduces the cooldown by 8 seconds.

Alistar charges his Roar (passive) by Stunning or Displacing Enemy Champions or when nearby Enemies die.

Wild rift Alistar

Alistar has a Passive Indicator under his Health Bar. Green Line under his Health Bar is the Passive Indicator.

Wild rift Alistar

Wild Rift Alistar Skill 1 Pulverize

Alistar smashes the ground and deals damage to nearby enemies. Smashing the ground will Knock-up all the nearby Enemies for 1 second. It deals Magic Damage.

Wild rift Alistar

Wild Rift Alistar Skill 2 Headbutt

Alistar runes wild rift and rams into Enemy. Hitting them with this Skill will Knock-back the enemy. It deals Magic Damage.

Wild rift Alistar

Wild Rift Alistar Skill 3 Trample

Alistar will start running and continuously hit the ground. He will ignore any Enemy and will not collide with any one.

While this Skill is on, Alistar gains Stack. After gaining full stack, Alistar’s next Basic Attack on Enemy Champion will deal additional Magic Damage and Stuns them.

Wild rift Alistar
Wild rift Alistar


This Golden Chain is the Indicator for stacks on Skill 3 Trample. When this Golden Chain is fully filled, Alistar’s next Basic Attack is Enhanced.

Wild Rift Alistar Ultimate Skill Unbreakable Will

Alistar roars and removes All Crowd Control Effects on him, and reduces all the incoming Physical and Magical Damage for the Duration by 55%.

Alistar when uses his Ultimate Skill at highest level, he is capable to reducing damage by 75%.

Wild rift Alistar

Wild Rift Alistar Combo 2023

Charge towards desired Enemy with Skill 2, then use Skill 1 to Knock-up Enemy and use Skill 3 to deal continuous damage and finish enemy.

If you are initiating a Team Fight, then before using this Skill alistar wild rift combo use Ultimate to Negate all the incoming Damage and Sustain more in the Fight.

Pro-Tips: Whenever you are using this alistar combo wild rift make sure that you IMMEDIATELY PRESS SKILL 1 AFTER USING SKILL 2.

If you don’t press it immediately, then you will knock back enemy and fail your combo. You need to be very quick with this alistar combo wild rift.

Wild Rift Alistar Skill Level Up Order

Skill 11468
Skill 2271114
Skill 33101215

Wild rift Alistar Runes

Primary Runes for Alistar

  • Aftershock: Immobilizing an enemy champion grants a static 50 (+ 50% bonus armor) bonus armor and 50 (+ 50% bonus magic resistance) bonus magic resistance for 2.5 seconds.

Wild rift Alistar

Secondary Rune Domination for Alistar

  • Spirit Walker: Gains 50 Maximum HP and 20% Slow Resistance.

Wild rift Alistar

Secondary Rune Resolve for Alistar

  • Weakness: Slowing or Immobilizing enemy will Mark enemy which makes them take 5% Extra Damage for 5 Seconds.

Wild rift Alistar

Secondary Rune Inspiration for Alistar

  • Pack Hunter: Each nearby Ally gains 2% Movement Speed in a Fight. Each Kill or Assist will provide 50 Gold to you and 50 Gold to your Ally.

Wild rift Alistar

Wild Rift Alistar Summoner Best Spells


Teleport a short distance forward or towards the aimed direction (150 second cooldown).

Wild rift Alistar


Ignites target enemy champion, dealing 60 − 410 (based on level) true damage over 5 seconds and inflicting them with  Grievous Wounds, i.e., reducing healing effects by 50% (90 second cooldown).

Wild rift Alistar

Wild Rift Alistar Strong and Weak Against

Strong Against – Braum and Blitz Crank

Wild rift Alistar
Wild rift Alistar


Wild Rift Alistar Weak Against – Nami, Janna, Soraka and Lux

Wild rift Alistar Wild rift Alistar Wild rift Alistar Wild rift Alistar

Wild Rift Alistar Best Build 2023

Alistar Core Items- braum build wild rift

  • Protector’s Vow – Whenever you or your Nearby Ally take any damage, it will provide shield to you and your Ally. It will also provide Extra Movement Speed build alistar wild rift.
Wild rift Alistar

  • Mercury Tread – It reduces all Crowd Control Skill Effects by 30%. It also has an Active Skill, which gives Movement Speed buff.
Wild rift Alistar

  • Zeke’s Convergence – It has 2 Passives, Harbinger and Frostfire Convenant. Harbinger provides you with a Ring of Frost/Ice which applies Slow Effect to your Enemies and it provides your allies with Fire which applies True Damage to their Basic Attacks. Frostfire Convenant deals Continuous Magic Damage to enemies when Frost and Fire meets each other alistar wildrift build.
Wild rift Alistar

  • Abyssal Mask – Restores Mana when you take Damage from Enemy. It will also Heal you according to the Mana you spend.

Wild rift Alistar

Alistar Wild Rift Build

  • Protector’s Vow
  • Mercury Tread
  • Zeke’s Convergence
  • Abyssal Mask
  • Thornmail – Whenever you receive any Basic Attack, it will reflect all damage as Magic Damage. It will reflect 25 (+10% Bonus Armor), and mark enemy with  Grievous Wounds for 1 second.
Wild rift Alistar

  • Warmog Armor – If you have 2500 Maximum HP, then it will provide HP Regen effect after 6 seconds of leaving Battle.
Wild rift Alistar

  • Gargoyle Enchant – It has an Active Spell, which increases your Maximum Health by 40%, and reduces your Damage Output by 60%. If there are 3 or more Enemy Champions near you, then Maximum HP is increased by 100% instead of 40%.

Wild rift Alistar

LOL Wild Rift Alistar Build –  Physical Damage Build

  1. Protector’s Vow
  2. Mercury Tread
  3. Zeke’s Convergence
  4. Abyssal Mask
  5. Randuin’s Omen – Reduces damage from Critical Attacks by 15%. It will also reduce Enemy Attack Speed by 15% for 1.5 seconds if you get hit by Basic Attacks.
  6. Warmog Armor
  7. Gargoyle Enchant
Wild rift Alistar

Alistar Best Build Wild Rift – Magical Damage Alistar build

  • Protector’s Vow
  • Mercury Tread
  • Zeke’s Convergence
  • Abyssal Mask
  • Adaptive Helm – Whenever you receive any Magic Damage from any spell or effect, then it will reduce all the Magic Damage you will receive from that Spell or Effect by 15% for 4 seconds
Wild rift Alistar

  • Warmog Armor
  • Gargoyle Enchant

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