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Totally Reliable Delivery Guide 2022

Totally Reliable Delivery Service was released with cross-platform support for the iOS and Android versions, but it appears that cross play is currently completely unavailable.

However, the developers have hinted that cross play would eventually be made available for Totally Reliable Delivery Service.

With its combination of incredibly fast platforming and vintage ragdoll physics, Totally Reliable Delivery Service is unquestionably unique.

In order to control their clumsy avatars and escape being knocked unconscious by a chance object, players will need to grapple, sprint, dive, and move their characters.

This entertaining and comical game is based on an unfortunate but all-too-common reality that many of us have probably encountered: unsatisfactory and delayed delivery services.

It is built on the idea that packages sometimes go missing or take a very long time to arrive at your doorstep, with the main focus being on the reasons why this might be the case.

To provide users the opportunity to experience working in the delivery sector, Tiny Build developed Totally Reliable Delivery Service.

Using a variety of cool tools and vehicles, four players can cooperate in this family-friendly sandbox game that aims to keep families together while also posing the possibility of creating some ridiculous but entertaining havoc.

For gamers of all ages, Totally Reliable Delivery Service provides a variety of wacky and amusing gameplay experiences, featuring a world full of inopportune distractions and more than 20 different land, air, and sea vehicles.

Over 100 delivery objectives must be met with hundreds of possible character combinations.

The object of the package delivery game Totally Reliable Delivery Service is to deliver packages within the allotted time to their correct recipients using a variety of strategies.

Your ability to move around, pick up objects, and operate the range of vehicles available depends on how well the people and game world imitate (and exaggerate) real physics.

The game frequently devolves into a series of humorous and unforeseen outcomes because you can hold on to anything in the universe, even other players.

The controls for the game are wacky, challenging, and difficult on purpose.

You’ll spend a lot of time tripping, dropping objects, colliding, and basically being thrown around.

In the same way that some people will find Octodad to be simply too difficult to play, others—particularly the young—will enjoy tampering with the world and pulling practical jokes on other players.

This will appeal to kids who enjoy Roblox games and aren’t concerned about the occasional bug or janky controls.

It’s a game that kids love since grownups don’t get it, similar to Go Vacation.

There is a lot of fun to be had here whether or not you move the delivery along as you are intended to.

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Strategies to complete your deliveries

In Totally Reliable Delivery Service, the visuals are lavish and clearly defined. In sharp 3D shape, each component is displayed.

You’ll also quickly discover that there are many ways to customize your delivery guy right away, with new stuff appearing once each level is finished.

Similar to the local version, there is also an online client server for playing against other players.

When you sign up to play online, you enter a race against other players to deliver the most packages in the shortest amount of time.

You will, however, unavoidably be subject to some restrictions if you are unwilling to make additional fees.

You’ll find a control scheme that’s clearly modelled after QWOP and Surgeon Simulator in Totally Reliable Delivery Service.

In other words, it’s purposefully harsh, making even basic actions into extremely complicated processes.

However, this game’s pleasure lies in all of it.

As a result, players are treated to a wacky and bizarre experience, which is especially noteworthy for online play.

You can identify new deliveries using the entire map in the upper portion of your screen, and you can monitor how much time was spent securely removing each delivery by keeping track of how long it took you to do so.

You’ll need to use your map abilities to get each parcel out because many of the ones you transport must be delivered quickly.

The game provided me the choice to play locally with up to four players or online with the same number when I first started it.

I chose to play the game offline in order to learn more about it, and let me tell you, it is a banana sandwich.

The first lesson in the game is an introduction to making deliveries.

Deliver the package to the designated place by grabbing the package dispenser switch, lifting it up, and pulling out a package.

Sounds easy until you actually try to move the package precisely.

As soon as you raise the switch to remove the package from the next dispenser, which is indicated, a car spawns.

More factors came into play as I drove around and explored, such as speed: if you move too fast, the package will fly out, or the startling discovery that if you drive over a manhole cover, your package and vehicle will be thrown into the air.

All of these elements merely enhanced the game’s appeal and personality.

You are rewarded with cosmetics to personalize your driver as you complete deliveries.

You can change your customization at any time by going into the menu. Some of it was DLC-locked.

However, it appears that a sizable portion of the options might be unlocked through playing the game.

It truly seems like quite a bunch to do because Totally Reliable Delivery Service is set up on several distinct islands, each of which has a specific quantity of deliveries to be made.

Totally Reliable Delivery tips & tricks

In the  game Totally Reliable Delivery Service, you could run into several challenges or roadblocks that prevent you from moving on.

You could think that you are not getting the most out of the Totally Reliable Delivery Service game.

Any video game, even Totally Reliable Delivery Service, can be severely ruined by an adversary, a riddle, or even a basic environment barrier.

Or perhaps you won’t come upon them.

Perhaps you simply want some suggestions, character, weapon, or armour improvements, or more potent things that will enable you to play Totally Reliable Delivery Service or a comparable game more quickly and effectively and help you accomplish your desired goal.

There are 3 different types of delivery in Totally Reliable Delivery 2022:

  1. Standard Delivery: Delivering a typical cardboard box to a specific location, albeit occasionally the delivery may differ (Time restriction for GOLD and SILVER). BRONZE is yours if you successfully deliver at the target location.
  1. Fragile Delivery: Deliver the parcel to the recipient without causing too much damage (GOLD – 100 percent to 76 percent , SILVER – 75 percent to 50 percent , BRONZE – Below 50 percent ).
  1. Red Hot Rush: Deliver a package in Red Hot Rush within the allotted time for GOLD and SILVER, but you can choose from a wider variety of packages, such as a heavy wooden box, a large fish haul, an explosive barrel, ice, balloons tied to a stone, a bomb (not a bomb), a caged animal, an explosive box with gas cans attached to it, or a large cylinder.

General tips :

  1. Delivering packages using the Mule is best done using the “Single Hand” technique because the Mule has a back storage area but no door to close and secure the package you’ve stashed there. Pick up a parcel with your right hand (using cn RT), get inside the mule from the side, then drive with your left hand (using cn LT). When you pick up the package with your right hand, it will be safe and secure on the co-driver space. When you take the package with your left hand, it will hang out of the car the entire time you are driving, increasing the likelihood that it will be damaged or explode.
  2. Your character will lose balance and speed while sprinting while carrying heavy packages. When that happens, tap cn A to jump and cn X or cn LSc to sprint in order to move more quickly while toting heavy objects.
  1. Dive (cn B): This is most helpful when you’re aiming for gold trophies; use it wisely, time your jump, and press cn B to dive into the delivery box in close calls to deliver the package. If you use dive too frequently, our character will hit the wall or surface and become disoriented. It should take them at least three to five seconds to recover from the fall.
  1. When making deliveries, avoid always using the default spawned vehicle; occasionally, you’ll need to bring your own mule or helicopter and use it to make the delivery. In some cases, sprinting is preferable to loading the product onto the car and driving it to the delivery location if you need to deliver the package quickly.
  1. You can use a second controller, an online friend, or a boosting partner to complete some of the game’s more difficult deliveries, which will make them easier for you to complete if you play alone.


A and D are used to steer left and right when in the air while using W to start the engine and go forward simultaneously.

alternating between W to stay in the air and S to avoid moving too far […]

Using your mouse, you must simultaneously tilt the chopper forward, backward, left, and right in an effort to maintain its stability.

For [the chopper], this is how I found it to be the simplest:

While constantly moving the mouse backwards to tilt so that I was sort of flying upwards rather than forward,  use W to start the engine and S to slow down so it wouldn’t crash.

Simply keep trying. Again, this one took some practice to get the hang of, but try to keep the mouse as steady as you can while moving it against any unwanted movement.

The guide Totally Reliable Delivery Service Vehicles & Controls concludes here.

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Is totally reliable delivery service free?

Yes, Totally Reliable Delivery Service is free for Android. That said, to enjoy some game modes, you’ll have to pay for the premium version of this amazing game from Tinybuild studio.

Is totally reliable free on PC? 

Totally Reliable Delivery Service, a goofy cooperative physics sandbox, launched today as a paid title on consoles, but  it’s totally free on its sole PC platform.

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