Tales of Crestoria Best Guides & Tips 2022

An impressively progressive role-playing game, Tales of Crestoria is the most recent installment in the Tales series developed by Bandai Namco, one of the leading names in the gaming industry.

This game, like the others in this series, is chapter and turn based, with new challenges in every level.

Like its predecessors, Tales of Crestoria is already a huge hit among RPG enthusiasts ever since tales of crestoria release date.

Although Tales of Crestoria is quite user friendly, what with its initialising tutorial session helping new users helping understand the game like a visual manual, it is still an RPG with its own sets of unique challenges and opportunities.

Set below are a few tips and tricks to guide you through your Tales of Crestoria gameplay or journey, in fact! 

1. Rerolling for better SSR players 

Games including gacha mechanism, almost always comes with an unsaid rule of rerolling in the beginning to achieve more or better starting SSR characters, Tales of Crestoria being no exception.

Though the game at its starting point does provides one with an SSR character to begin with, it is recommended to find the best characters to get a good head start.

Rerolling means simply clearing up the data and game cache for a 10x roll draw till you get your desired character for the best head start.

Starting with an SSR character that you think is the best start for your game and can be easily maneuvered to replicate your strategies is a good option. 

2. Earning memoria stones

Memoria Stone helps us obtaining characters as well as buffing up character stats and levels.

Since these stones are hard to earn, try engaging in as much summons or converting duplicate heroes to attain these.

They also replicate as gears for players and awaken them if it’s specific to them. 

3. Progressing with storyline 

In the early stages of Tales of Crestoria, focus on progressing with the story and engaging in the development of the plotline.

Clearing the challenges and quests early on the story, helps you unlock new features and content in the game.

This also helps in stocking up the Gleamstones, which the currency commonly used in Tales of Crestoria.

Try keeping an eye out for raids and opportunities to level up your character.

Tales of Crestoria characters also provides background stories for themselves to provide you with a detail of powers and mystic artes of each of them. 

4. Power-ups and Utilisation of the existing characters 

As the game progresses, Tales of Crestoria gameplay may start seeming to look a bit too daunting but that is not the case usually.

Remember to use the dungeon raids to power up your characters frequently and utilize them to their full potential.

The tales of Crestoria gameplay has a series of dungeon raid opportunities as well as challenges.

Speeding up the personal mystic artes of characters helps causing maximum damage to the opponent while fighting which in turn helps with the upgrades of the players. 

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5. Team Building 

As any other RPG, building a team that is cohesive together and can fight along each other to win battles is necessary.

Tales of Crestoria gameplay has a series of engaging battles in each level that helps in raising the ranks of the players.

Building a proper team, the game surely knows how to provide its players with an amazing array of tales of Crestoria characters to choose from, helps not only with a raise in ranks but also in earning resources along the way. 

6. Making stronger allies 

As mentioned before, the dungeon raids are necessary for collecting resources and having allies with stronger and better stats can be really beneficial if ever the need arises for a support system or a boost.

Turning off auto approval of friend requests in Tales of Crestoria maybe recommended as it helps in avoiding you getting paired up with players with low stats and thus having a low support system.

Having an active guild or being a part of one is also good for when one is stuck in sticky situations and needs a way out or is running short of supplies.

Guilds requires the players to be active enough to participate in challenges and raids if need arises and to make donations as and when possible for them. 

7. Arena fights 

The games with gacha mechanics comes with PvP content as well ever since tales of crestoria release date.

The arena fights in this particular game are rather less daunting than others and you might want to use up all your daily attempts to participate in these.

It helps in boosting the overall progress and prowess of the team as a whole.

Each battle taken part in the arena provides the players with prestige points which helps them in achieving higher ranks in the game. 

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8. A meal before battles 

It might be a game but you should definitely not make your players skip a meal before a valiant raid.

As you progress with the storyline of Tales of Crestoria, you get to unlock recipes and cook meals for the players to provide them with a protective boost and stat, preparing them for the coming battles.

Try amping up your cooking skills by regularly cooking and refilling your used up resources to help your player before missions.

The tales of crestoria characters are so widely spread that the gameplay itself becomes so much more interesting with them.

9. Raids and Missions 

As is the staple rule for having an easy time in chapter-based games, earning resources and upgrading your character stats are quite visible requirements.

Participating in lots of raids and challenges makes it easier for the players to level up their statistics and also to earn rewards to collect resources.

Rewards like Gleamstones, Gald, books and upgrades for already existing resources which is beneficial for the players in later difficult stages.

An easy and highly suggested way of starting with the missions is to complete daily missions and then progress on to participating in weekly missions as well.

With the last point, this Tales of Crestoria guide is being concluded with hopes that you were able to find some new and easy tips to navigate this game and to ace it as well.

Hope this guide was of help!

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