How to Play Tailed Demon Slayer ? Free Active Coupon Codes 2022

Tailed demon slayer is a game that you can play on your smartphones regardless of it being Android or an Apple device.

This does not only include the iPhones but also the iPads where you can play this game without any problems whatsoever.

Set in the town of Bestia, the most basic point in the tailed demon slayer guide is the fact that you play the role of the main character that goes through stages and have to collect and own pets in order to progress in the game.

Since tailed demon slayer is an idle RPG, it had to be special since there are a lot of other RPG games in the smartphone market as well.

To compete and be a good contender in the list of the best RPG games available in the market, it had to be different and a breath of fresh air is exactly what this game offers.

Not only is it very easy to learn in the beginning, tailed demon slayer gets difficult and makes you a part of intense battles in the game.

There are many unforgiving bosses and enemies that you will come across that may give you a hard time.

A very hard time, to be precise.

If you’re stuck in one of those hard levels and just need to know what are the skills you need to gain or the pets you need to own, this tailed demon slayer guide is the best one for you.

Tailed demon slayer guide which is given in this article is mostly all you need to know in order to perfect the game.

Tricks To Use to Play Tailed Demon Slayer in A Better Way

To achieve tailed demon slayer max level, you would definitely need these tricks in your arsenal.

For the tailed demon slayer best build, you would have to invest time but be sure of the fact that some levels are going to give you a hard time.

If you do not want to risk that and presumably, you want the tailed demon slayer best build, you are in the right place.

1. Watch Those Ads

This is all you need to do to get an upper hand while playing the game against AI enemies.

If your character is stronger than they were, that’ll obviously help you get through the levels easier which is exactly why you should watch the ads which give you efficient and powerful rewards.

One would anyway take more time to get those rewards playing the game time and again.

The ads aren’t the best thing to watch and they are so widely found in almost every social platform or a big website these days.

Regardless, if the rewards and bonuses are worthy of watching the ads, one should.

Tailed demon slayer best build would require to watch those advertisements for they can make your fox way stronger than it used to be.

This way, defeating any enemy in the game becomes very easy and the time you spend on watching the ad will feel worth it.

Also, once you have watched an ad and gained rewards, you can play the game ad-free henceforth.

These ads in RPG games have not been that reputable a thing but it is at least better since there are rewards you can earn through them for reaching the tailed demon slayer max level.

2. Look for Free Rewards

It isn’t too difficult for idle RPG game players for finding free rewards.

In an idle RPG game, all you have to do is develop your character for battles and hope that they then win it.

Reaching tailed demon slayer max level is very efficient for any player and free rewards are a way to do it.

There are a few working tailed demon slayer coupon codes mentioned below:

Tailed demon slayer coupon code 2022

  • Foxwithyou
  • Thanksfox
  • 藤藤玩手游
  • 有尾的惡魔殺手
  • 테일드
  • 1위감사

Every tailed demon slayer coupon code can be used to avail different sorts of rewards but all equally important.

However, do you want to know how to enter a tailed demon slayer coupon code?

It is quite simple and all you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Start the game and click on the options button on the home menu of the game
  • Once you see the option called “settings”, click on it
  • There will appear a textbox where you can insert the code by typing or pasting
  • You can enter a tailed demon slayer coupon code after selecting the option which says “Enter a coupon code”
  • If the code is properly working, you would receive the rewards in the mail given inside the game itself.

3. Set the Game on Auto

As already mentioned, a player does not have to do much in an idle RPG game and that is the reason why setting the gameplay on auto would help you a lot to progress faster than a human can (considering all the time he has in a day isn’t invested in the game).

The skills will be increased rapidly when you are away.

The attacks are going to be frequent and hence, the evolution of the fox.

The fact that you can manually create strategies after you have analysed it on auto makes the game even more fun.

This goes to say that when set on auto, you can also focus on the manual progress. 

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What Is a Tailed Demon Slayer Monster Card and Beast Mastery?

Tailed demon slayer monster card is an effective reward that can be used in order to train your fox.

The main purpose of any Tailed demon slayer monster card is to specifically or generally increase the skills of the character you own and send to the battles that they fight against raged bosses.

Every time you open the game, you will be able to see the boss stage you are eventually approaching.

There are different types of tokens in a Tailed demon slayer monster card, mainly of 2 kinds: Weapon token and Region token.

When you are between stage 0-600 and are a beginner, you get no keys.

From 700th stage to 2900th stage, bronze keys are available in plenty.

All these cards when collected can make a deck for you which you can go back to and relive your achievements in the game. 

In this idle RPG game, beast mastery is a very important thing to consider.

You are given a character of a fox in the game that you would have to evolve over time through Tailed demon slayer beast mastery.

What does it actually mean, you ask?

Well, when you open the game, you will exactly find a button that says masteries and that will have a list of things you can upgrade in your character at that given moment.

Tailed demon slayer beast mastery involves a few sub-points which are basically the number of categories that can be upgraded.

Skill, Talent, Assist and Battle are the 4 categories that the Tailed demon slayer beast mastery can help you with.

The attack and the defence, both are built through Tailed demon slayer beast mastery and gives the fox an all-round performance with enough skills, a good talent tree, battling (enhances survivability) and assisting which basically determines how far you can actually go after rushing or returning even.

Tailed Demon Slayer Best Weapon to Use and Best Costume to Wear

Tailed demon slayer best weapon is an arguable discussion since there are 4 weapons (bow, daggers, staff, great sword) and all of them are very effective.

A fox (your character) can carry 2 weapons at a time during the campaign mode and for the gameplay to be smoother, a fox will be able to carry two weapons.

Choosing Tailed demon slayer best weapon is not that difficult at all but you have to keep in mind that a fox can carry 2 weapons in a campaign mode game.

The town of Bestia have too many troops to challenge you with and the journey through the game or even the journey of finding Tailed demon slayer best weapon feels worthy.

Idle RPG games, especially those on the market for the smartphones, aren’t the best of games to play according to the control you have on the main character playing the game and so on.

Here, you are supposed to create a long-lasting way to beat opponents that come at you.

The endgame should be the main purpose and that is what wins battles for you.

Winning means more rewards and more upgrades so that is the only way to go.

However, while choosing the tailed demon slayer best weapon, try to choose only 2 of them for upgrades because that is what is essential for battles.

A fox can hold up to two weapons and he can recoil it any time and also swap between them without any hesitation.

My personal favourite choice is the great sword and enough staff.

This system is very strongly made and the enemies pretty sure come very close to a massacre. 

Coming to tailed demon slayer costume however, the store is vast enough for a streamer.

Tailed demon slayer costume is total 9 in number and they also provide an armor.

As you purchase a Tailed demon slayer costume, the stats of your character also increases since every single one of them come with their own perks. 

Idle RPGs are a game of mix and match and that is the reason why the costumes come according to a proper tailed demon slayer costume.

It’s about time you go and get the game completed because all the major things you needed to know are already read by you.

Tailed Demon Slayer is one of the most widely played idle RPG right now for smartphone users and rightly so.

This game has a level of variation and number of different permutations that it is absolutely interesting when you get going the game.

Defeat all the bosses of the eerie town of Bestia and that way, you can win this game.

It comes sooner but Tailed demon slayer has the potential to catch your interest.

Do play the game and enjoy winning the battles.

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