Tabou Stories Love Episodes Best Guide 2022 For Beginners

Want to know how to make your secret dreams come true? Refer to our Tabou Stories Love Episodes Beginner’s Guide and enjoy every bit of this popular game. It’s time to start a new quest for love! 

Many mobile games these days fail to deliver a powerful narrative. While they may be fun, it is certainly hard to beat games driven by a great story.

They are not only fun-packed but also keep you hooked throughout. 

Among the large range of such games available online, one popular name that stands out is Tabou Stories Love Episodes.

It gives YOU the power to make all the important choices in the game and take your story ahead.

You can consider Tabou Stories Love Episodes as a virtual novel with amazing graphics where the author is no one but you. 

If you are new to the game, you may get a bit baffled by the plethora of options that the game offers.

It is highly important that you only move in the right direction when it comes to Tabou Stories Love Episodes. 

But there’s no need to feel intimidated because we have got you covered!

We have compiled our special Tabou Stories Love Episodes Beginner’s Guide which will enlighten you on the basics of Tabou Stories: Love Episodes. 

Apart from this, we will also talk about some Tabou Stories Love Episodes Tips, Tricks and Strategies that will teach you how to make your secret dreams come true with this incredible game. 

So without any further ado, let’s dive right in! 

What is Tabou Stories Love Episodes? 

Tabou Stories Love Episodes is an adventurous game that allows the player to spruce up their life.

It is designed as well as launched by Nanobit. 

Exploring all the fantasies, awakening the desires, and being in the situations you thought you would only dream about!

There is only so much that the game offers. 

All in all, Tabou Stories Love Episodes is a game full of fantasy, drama, romance, and well, scandal!

If a rom-com vibe is what you are fond of, you are certainly going to fall in love with this game. 

Getting started

It is pretty easy to get started with your fantasies in Tabou Stories Love Episodes.

Just start by creating your character and styling it as per your wishes.

After making a few basic choices for your ideal partner, you can just move on to the next step. 

Now, this is where most of the people start feeling puzzled.

To help you out, we must now move on to our exclusive guide that will teach you The Basics of Tabou Stories: Love Episodes.

Tabou Stories Love Episodes Beginner’s Guide

Tabou Stories Love Episodes comprises a range of storylines and you will be able to unlock the first one by making some simple choices related to your ideal partner.

What is it that you want? A nerd or a millionaire?

A handsome hunk or a mysterious one? Based on what you choose, you will be given the storyline of your taste.

To provide you with a better understanding, we are going to take the storyline of Mr. Davis as an example.

Your character will be meeting him for the first time at some random club during the night and will go on to approach him. 

Just the following day, you are going to find out that this hot guy was no one but your Chemistry teacher.

Now the question is can you two suppress your feelings for each other and rather act professional?

Will you be able to maintain a standard teacher-student relationship?

Or will you let your feelings take over you? Well, the choice is only yours to make. 

As your days are going to pass as the main character, you will come across many crucial choices.

The catch here is that you will need gems to make certain “better” choices. For those unversed, gems are the primary currency that you can use to make progress in Tabou Stories Love Episodes.

However, their influx rate isn’t something the game can brag about.

For all the enthusiastic players out there, it is barely going to be enough. 

Nonetheless, the good thing is that you will still be able to make some other choices even if not the most desirable ones. 

Now coming to Tabou Stories Love Episodes Tips, Tricks and Strategies, read the following section to plan out your game nicely. 

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Tabou Stories Love Episodes Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Now that you are thorough with the basics of Tabou Stories: Love Episodes, let’s take a look at some special tips and tricks: 

Try To Always Save Up The Gems

In the Tabou Stories Love Episodes game, players will need to make plenty of choices throughout their journey.

And this starts with the wardrobe of the main character.

You are going to be provided with a complimentary wardrobe pick for every scene.

However, you will barely be able to impress anyone by picking up these options.

And supposedly, to do that, you will need to pick some better choices which are paid in the game. 

To get access to these better outfits, you will need to make use of your gems.

While you will find many cheaper options costing 5 gems, there will also be some costly outfit choices in the game costing 25 gems

Now what we wish to explain to you here is that always try saving up on these gems.

You must not waste them by making random purchases like paid outfits, and so on.

Try to always save them for the time when you would truly need them.

Save up in the beginning and enjoy your savings towards the end. 

So whenever you are provided with outfit choices, always try to pick the free one.

This doesn’t require great concern so you must keep it that way.

Make sure that you aren’t left with a big fat zero at the time you need gems the most. 

Even dressing up in normal outfits would get you adequate attention.

It may take a bit longer for you to completely entice your partner but you will get it there.

The good thing is that there will be some free options as well.

So you can pick up the free outfit and see this for yourself. 

Apart from outfits, there would be some more paid choices as well where you can try your luck by picking up the free option. 

For example, the main character is given the choice of introducing a guy to her mother.

What will you choose- introducing him as a friend or as a boyfriend?

You can certainly take up the free option of introducing him as a friend and continue with your “free” approach. 

However, at times when you don’t want to, you can resort to the feature of some free gems in the game.

You will be able to watch 12 video ads in Tabou Stories Love Episodes every day and in exchange for that, you are going to be provided with 12 free gems!

To collect these, you will need to head to the in-game shop. 

Think for a while and then decide if you truly wanna waste your gems on some trivial choices.

If you think you’ll be good without spending anything, then keep it that way.

And anyway, you always have the option to collect gems through video ads in the game. 

You can also win some more gems in Tabou Stories Love Episodes when you make significant progress in the levels.

When you complete certain goals or move on to the subsequent chapter of a story, you will be awarded gems. 

Once you think you have attained enough of them, you may go on to spend and speed up your game.

If you wish to earn love points as quickly as possible, you should certainly spend some gems on an exceptional choice in the game! 

You Don’t Have To Miss Out On The Fun 

The next point of our Tabou Stories Love Episodes Tips, Tricks and Strategies is all about striking the right balance.

In simple words, you must try to save up gems in the early phases of your game, however, once you have attained enough, you must certainly spend them to enhance your gameplay.

Gradually start spending for your looks and style.

You are going to receive a tiny gem reward every time you purchase a paid outfit in Tabou Stories Love Episodes.

So clearly, apart from receiving extra love points, you will also receive another incentive every time you decide to spend gems. 

Now don’t get over-enthusiastic here! You don’t have to start purchasing the costliest pieces of clothing whatsoever.

You will easily be able to find some outfits reasonably priced at 5 gems.

The more expensive (and certainly more luxurious) ones will cost you much more than that.

The idea here is to receive the gem reward and you will get it even if you purchase the cheapest item.

So your stone reserve is going to boost either way! 

Now if you think this was all, you may be wrong.

Even if you now have a strategy in mind, you will still have to watch video ads in the game to earn your daily gem rewards.

After all, you must always balance out your savings and spending. 

Apart from that, another thing you can’t miss out on is Tokens.

You must constantly keep in mind to exchange Tokens earned in the game and unlock fresh chapters through that.

This will help you earn even more gems! 

Once you think you have plenty of gems to sustain you till the end, you can pick up a premium option if you wish to.

You would certainly be very tempted to do this at this point so well, you better make it worth the wait.

This will also speed up your progress in the game.

However, bear in mind that you will have to play the complete batch of chapters of a story for completing it.

And you don’t get a choice here. The most these premium choices can do for you is fetch you better reactions from other people but that is all. 

All-in-all, as you would have inferred by now, it barely matters if you choose to play through free or premium outfits in Tabou Stories Love Episodes.

Whether you save up your gems or choose to be a big spender, it will barely make any difference to your story apart from giving you a greater sense of satisfaction.

Moreover, if you think any of your relationships in the game is going to be affected if you pick up the free option, that is certainly not the case!

Sorry for the spoiler but the finale is going to be the same either way. 

Spending gems to make premium choices will certainly speed up your gameplay and make you earn some extra love points or even gems.

It will enhance your overall experience and make it even more memorable.

You will get stunning outfits to wear, choose amazing hairstyles, and supposedly, impress everyone around you.

It may certainly be worth spending your gems at times.

But if you don’t possess an adequate number, you don’t have to go out of the way and waste them unnecessarily. 

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Start A New Quest For Love

Our last tip is to start a new quest for love. Once you are done completing a story in Tabou Stories Love Episodes, you will be provided with a special reward consisting of valuable gems.

You will be able to use these precious stones for your next story.

This is certainly great news for you as you won’t be wasting any of your unused gems from the previous story. 

The gameplay for both the old as well as the new story is more or less going to be the same.

You just move ahead and try out a new strategy here.

If you played in a certain way in your previous story, you can either chuck it and apply a new one this time or you can continue with the similar gameplay. The choice is completely yours to make. 

The Tabou Stories Love Episodes game gets updated by the developers every so often. So be prepared to come across new features in the game now and then.

A good example of these can be tokens in Tabou Stories Love Episodes.

Whatever the feature may be, it is certainly going to enhance your gaming experience to a great extent!

And the best part is that you don’t have to pay any money for it. So double up your experience free of cost! 


If you wished to know how to make your secret dreams come true with Tabou Stories, we hope we solved that for you.

Our above-mentioned Tabou Stories Love Episodes Tips, Tricks and Strategies will help you go way ahead in the game with great ease.

It will also help you save up on a lot of time as you would be maximizing your resources as well as your potential. 

This sums up our Tabou Stories Love Episodes Beginner’s Guide for now. Have fun finding love! 

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