Best Guide How to Fix Snapchat Connection Error 2022? 

Are you facing Snapchat connection error and going crazy switching off and on your internet connection to fix it? Don’t worry, you are not alone and it’s not your internet’s fault.

Many users are encountering the same ‘Could Not Connect’ error.

This popup is seen when users try logging in to this American multimedia instant messaging app.

In this article, we have the perfect guide that will cover what to do when Snapchat connection error occurs. 

Before starting, remember that Snapchat connection failed shows up when Snapchat servers down happen.

So, we will be also pointing out how to check Snapchat server status to know if they are down at any moment. 

How to check Snapchat Server Status? 

Whenever you see Snapchat connection failed popping up, most of the time it is due to Snapchat servers down.

Millions of users are active on this platform every day and it works smoothly but there are some days when they are greeted with errors and they are not able to access the app for a few hours.

The issue gets resolved after a couple of hours because developers are continuously working to fix it as soon as possible.

In order to check the Snapchat server status, you have to visit their Twitter account or check Downdetector.

Whenever you encounter Snapchat login connection error while using the app on your phone, check if your internet connection is working properly.

If Snapchat Connection/Network Error still persists then go to the Twitter account of Snapchat Support and you will most probably have a tweet from them talking about the error.

The developers are always aware of the issues and they might already be working on fixing them.

This will make it clear that your internet connection is not at fault. 

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Downdetector is the most trusted third-party website which tells you the service status of any game, application, or website at any point in time.

It’s very helpful and accurate. You can just visit this site and search for Snapchat. You will be notified about the issue.

Many users report the problem while using the app.

So, when you visit Downdetector there will be a graph for Snapchat which shows you the complaints the website has got in the last 24 hours. 

How to fix Snapchat Connection/Network Error?

1. Switch to mobile data (if using Wi-Fi) and vice versa 

When there are no Snapchat servers down problems, your connection might be the issue. If you have been connected to Wi-Fi, switch to your mobile data.

Make sure to turn off the Wi-Fi connection on your phone so that it doesn’t get automatically connected.

Similarly, if your mobile data is on, switch to Wi-Fi and then try using the app. 

2. Disable your VPN

You might have mistakenly kept your VPN enabled which can cause the Snapchat login connection error.

VPN is a very common tool to hide your real location online.

This can interfere with your Snapchat server which might get confused about the location you are trying to operate it from.

While accessing Snapchat disable the VPN temporarily. After logging in, you can enable the VPN again. 

3. Use BlueStacks to run Snapchat on PC

For those who don’t know already, BlueStacks is an Android emulator that makes it possible to run Android apps on your PC.

Don’t think of it as a permanent solution but it helps if you want to sign up into your Snapchat through your PC (especially when you want Snapstreaks to keep going). 

You have to download uninstall BlueStacks client on your PC, then using BlueStacks you will be able to download Snapchat from Play Store.

Now login to your account and you will see the Snapchat login connection error might go away. 

4. Force close the app and launch again

Snapchat connection failed error sometimes might not be caused due to poor internet connection.

You can force stop the Snapchat app and open it again.

To do so, go to Settings, then Apps.

Find the Snapchat app and click on the ‘Force Stop’ button.

Now go to the Snapchat icon on your home screen and tap on it to relaunch. 

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5. Disable Battery Saver

Battery saver modes restrict the apps playing in the background.

It also blocks data usage by the apps that are not actively open and runs in the background.

Although it should only concern the apps running in the background, sometimes it can cause problem for those apps which were sleeping but are now active.

In order to turn off the battery saver mode, search for options in the Settings.

Most probably you will find it under Device Care, Battery, and then Power Mode.

You can choose options like ‘Optimised’ or ‘High Performance.’ Snapchat connection error can easily get resolved by this. 

6. Turn off Data Saver

We all know how much data recharge packs cost. That is why people often tend to keep data saver mode on.

But this can restrict the data usage by apps that are dependent solely on the internet to function.

Then you might get the Snapchat connection error.

To turn off the Data Saver mode, go to Settings, Connections, Data Usage, and then turn Data Saver off.

7. Uninstall any Third-party app or Plugin

If you have installed any app from different sources other than App Store or Google Play Store, they might be the reason you are getting Snapchat connection error.

They could be interfering with the functioning of Snapchat, especially if you have allowed access to this app.

Then there is no other way rather than uninstalling all the third-party apps. 

8. Connect to a friend’s mobile data (Tethering)

To check that the Snapchat connection error is not due to your Internet connection, you can ask a friend for mobile hotspot.

Turning on the mobile hotspot means converting your friend’s mobile device into a router and then sharing the data wirelessly.

To do so, go to Settings from your friend’s phone, then Connections, Mobile Hotspot, and Tethering.

On your phone, turn on the Wi-Fi and connect to the friend’s network.

This will most probably solve the Snapchat Connection/Network Error

Final Words

If none of the above fixes work for you then the Snapchat connection error is from the developer’s end.

In such cases, none of the technical ways of fixing hacks will work.

You have to wait till they fix the problem and you can run Snapchat smoothly again.

Keep an eye on Snapchat’s official Twitter handle to get updates about the error.

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