Secret Tricks How to Get Saint Seiya Awakening Codes 2022

Here you can find updated Saint Seiya Awakening Codes that you can redeem easily without any hassle.

No matter whether you are playing on mobile, PC, or console, you can use the codes to improve in the game.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will get the same rewards. Saint Seiya Awakening is one of the most popular games today.

They have kept the title inspired by the Japanese manga of Masami Kurumada: The knights of the Zodiac.

This cartoon has been able to touch millions of hearts and has gathered a lot of fans during the 90s.

Recently we saw this being revived in an RPG key.

The gameplay is very pleasant, where you can take up daily quests and accumulate all sorts of riches (there are a lot of items you can farm) which can be used to enhance the capabilities of the knights.

And of course, Saint Seiya: Awakening Codes List makes the game easier. Saint Seiya Awakening is a masterpiece that perfectly retains the essence of Classic Japanese comics.

The 12 Golden Saints and all the other classic characters are included in the game, who are waiting in the Sanctuary for you to summon them.

You can create your own exclusive team and have a flexible match strategy that can help you win.

The game’s graphics are very real, you can experience cool combat effects with a lineup of top Japanese Characters’ voices giving life to the game.

The audio-visual effect actually lets you experience the world of Saint Seiya Awakening as if you are in there. 

Is it Working Saint Seiya Awakening Codes?

You can use the working Saint Seiya Awakening codes to buy gems, currency, material items all other exceptional items in the game.

Apart from that, you can redeem codes in Saint Seiya Awakening to get more game items so that you have a thrilling experience. 

It is better to just copy and paste the codes because they should be exactly the same.

The code should have the same lower or upper case letters and special characters. 

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Active Saint Seiya Awakening Codes 2022

  1. WOMENDAY:  Redeem this gift code and get rewards
  2. 1L05EK1K1:  Redeem this gift code and get rewards
  3. saintseiyaEoC:  Redeem this gift code and get rewards
  4. SEIYA2021:  Redeem this gift code and get rewards
  5. SEIYA4EVER:  Redeem this gift code and get rewards
  6. MERRYXMAS2:  Redeem this gift code and get rewards
  7. MERRYXMAS1:  Redeem this gift code and get rewards
  8. KHRONOS:  Redeem this gift code and get rewards

Make use of this Saint Seiya: Awakening Codes List as soon as possible because every code has an expiry date.

After that, they become invalid and you will not get any kind of reward, gift for gems. 

How to Redeem Codes in Saint Seiya: Awakening? 

We have two methods that tell you how to redeem codes in Saint Seiya: Awakening.

Game’s Official Website

  • At first you have to visit the developer’s official website to redeem codes in Saint Seiya Awakening
  • You have to select the region you are in and then login with your details. 
  • Next step will be picking up the server and role from the drop down menu
  • Enter the code and enjoy your free gifts.

Through the App

  • Open the game on your mobile, PC or console. 
  • Click on the ‘Character Profile’ that you see on the top left corner. 
  • Click on Settings
  • On the Settings page you will find the option written as ‘Gift Code.’
  • Paste the redeem codes in Saint Seiya Awakening.
  • Enjoy your free rewards.

Tips & Tricks to Win Saint Seiya Awakening

1. Create Your Own Team Line-Up

When you go to the higher levels of the game, you get the freedom to create a full team of 6 different members.

What makes it even more interesting is that the game allows you to have four different party lineup options then you can create according to different battles.

While choosing the characters keep in mind there link-based abilities and stat boosts.

Every warrior setup that you make should consist of at least four or more players to activate one or more links.

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2. Manual vs Auto

Whenever you start a battle, the game gives you two options to fight it.

You can either battle in the traditional turn-based format or allow the AI to make the first move in combating style.

If the party you have made is strong and you are willing to defeat the opponents in a flash, then the best way to go is the auto-battle option.

Increase the speed of the battle to the maximum and turn the auto-battle option on. 

3. Follow the Quest Structure

Always go by the quest structure because they help in unlocking a lot of new characters or rewards as you complete story and side missions.

Also, keep checking the Novice Welfare tab at the top of the menu to see your achievement rewards.

You can find a long list of achievements that has to be completed to get a lot of items as rewards.

Don’t forget to fill the progress metre for the event period before the time runs out so that you can get powerful and rare characters and items. 

4. Take part in Daily Events

Apart from the Saint Seiya Awakening codes, if you want to get a lot of XP, gold, diamonds and other rare items then you have to spend a lot of time playing Daily events.

It is better to keep a dedicated time once in a while to spend an entire session in completing the bunch of battles that you have unlocked.

If you constantly put efforts you will be able to fulfill your daily achievements and earn goodies and points.

Once you reach level 31 a lot of battle options unlock for you to choose. 

Final Words

In case you are looking for more Saint Seiya Awakening codes, check the official website of the game to know whether the developers have published any new codes.

Otherwise follow the social media platforms of the game like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, or become a part of the game’s official Discord server. 

Whenever there is a special event like hitting milestones, collaboration, game’s anniversary or special occasion, the developers release Saint Seiya Awakening codes to celebrate.

You may also keep this page bookmarked as we update the codes immediately after they are posted on the official sites.

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