Rebirth Island Bunker Codes Working 2023

If you have been looking for Rebirth Island Bunker Codes, this article is for you to know about it and a lot more things that one should know about the game of Call of Duty Warzone.

First things first, this article is going to contain a set of paragraphs that are going to give you the opportunity to be updated with all the Rebirth Island Bunker Codes 2023.

If you are interested in the game and want the specified information, you may very well read the article to get an overview of it.

One of the most important things you need to know is the use of Bunker and how the gameplay mechanics really work and that is why this article becomes so significant.

With the plethora of content this article will provide to you, you would not find the need to read other articles after having read this because this is definitely enough for anybody to know.

Starting from “How to Unlock Rebirth Island Bunker Yellow Entrance?” to a very proper guide to listing the codes, this article has it all and that is why one should try to get updated using this piece of writing.

I am a blogger and a YouTuber that has been working upon the gaming niche for a long time. Rebirth Island Bunker Rewards are vast and to be able to discuss those required me to research about the article too.

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Rebirth Island Bunker Codes 2023: All You Need To Know

Rebirth Island Bunker Codes
Rebirth Island Bunker Codes

Call of Duty becomes more fun and playable when it comes to specific locations such as the Rebirth Island. Rebirth Island Bunker codes always comprise one 2 digit code and two 3 digit codes.

With that being said, you must have understood that this specific code is one of a kind and cannot really be found by you at all.

For more entertainment in the game of COD: Warzone, new easter eggs are always added by the developers and that way, many people stick to the game and keep enjoying it with time.

More information like how to use a code and unlock yellow entrance is also given in the article.

For 2023, the final Rebirth Island Bunker Code is 42514627. Rebirth Island Bunker Rewards consist of Milano SMG’s blueprint which is what many people are mostly excited about.

In other words, when you get hold of the amazing grip, a mag, red-dot-sight and the latest stock, you would understand the importance of this code that you have been wanting to know about.

Gamers that like to play a map-based battle royale multiplayer game like COD:Warzone itself should care about the easter eggs since they are beneficial and finding them is a task that is enjoyable as well.

If you are still a little confused about what these codes basically are, then the right way to describe them would be to let you know that a Bunker code is something that you find inside the game and different locations for different loot and rewards are assigned in the game.

Rebirth Island is one of those locations available in the game.

The format of any of these bunker codes is XXX-XX-XXX which means that the couple of 3 digit codes are situated in the beginning and the end which are separated by the 2 digit code in the middle.

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How to enter Rebirth Island Bunker Code?

Rebirth Island Bunker Codes
Rebirth Island Bunker Codes

The answer to “How to Unlock Rebirth Island Bunker Yellow Entrance” if properly given must align with the answer of how to enter the code since the redemption process is exactly what you would want to carry out to be able to go through the process.

Here is the step-by-step procedure that you can follow:

  • When you reach Rebirth Island, you would have to look for an open briefcase that consists of 3 images. This process is not too difficult.
  • When you have the pictures in your memory, you would have to visit those locations inside and around the island to find 3 different number sets as mentioned ( two 3 digits & one 2 digit)
  • Write them in the proper format which is “XXX-XX-XXX”. The hyphens are important and once the format is ready in your head, just enter the code on the yellow bunker door

This was “How to enter Rebirth Island Bunker Code?” and if you have been a fan of this game for a long time, you do know the process can get a little difficult.

This is why the code is mentioned below, which you can use on the yellow entrance in Rebirth Island of COD:Warzone and it goes as follows:

  • 425-14-627

This is one of the best things in the world where you do not have to go through the tiresome process of finding the right briefcase among the 13 or more, which are available in Rebirth Island. Sparing that has to mean a lot since the process of finding the easter egg becomes easier that way. The rewards that you get are also commendable. To know more about the game and codes, you can join the fandom page of COD:Warzone. 


How popular is the location “Rebirth Island” in Call of Duty:Warzone?

There are not many more popular locations than Rebirth Island in COD:Warzone which is what makes it one of a kind. Visiting and finding bunker code here is definitely fun.

What is the number of bunkers available on Rebirth Island?

Three Bunkers are available on Rebirth Island in the form of Golden Vaults and the number of briefcases available is 13. You can check that out in the map of Rebirth Island.


COD: Warzone is one of those games that keeps a gamer attached to it and in the process of doing so, gives them a lot of entertainment.

Rebirth Island is one of the places in the game that you can visit and perform tasks on such as finding the bunker code.

When you are around that place, look out for snipers on top of towers.

Dodging all of the adversaries and making it to the top feels really good and this game has amazing graphics that keep you on with it for a longer period of time.

Hope you enjoyed this article and tried to learn things you were willing to learn in the first place. 

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