Secret Tricks How to Get Reaper 2 Codes 2022?

Reaper 2 Codes: Want to know How to get the Redeem codes of the game Reaper 2? If yes, then this article will provide you with all the details on secret codes of the game.

Today in this article, we would provide you with all the details on the promo codes of Reaper 2 with which you can receive various in-game rewards and currencies.

I am a You Tuber since 2012 and a gamer, I have been playing the game since its release.

Therefore, I wanted to guide you regarding the list of promo codes and the procedure to redeem the codes in the game.

How to Redeem codes in Reaper 2

Reaper 2 is another popular game in the Roblox gaming platform which was developed by Iconic Anime production.

If you are a fan of the anime legendary Bleach Series then you will definitely love the game. This game has the characters of the series with an adventurous game play.

You will have to finish all the quests so as to proceed to the next level. At each level, you will get rewards so as to upgrade your items and characters.

However the rewards can be achieved by redeeming codes that are released by the developers from time to time.

You just need to copy the code and paste it in the redeem box appearing in the game. In this article, we will guide you on how to redeem codes in Reaper 2.

You may proceed by the following steps to redeem the promo codes:

  • At first, you have to open the game by clicking on the game through the Roblox webste.
  • Then you need to take the in-game menu and this can be done by simply clicking on the button ‘M’
  • You will see the option of ‘Codes’ in the menu and click on the option so as to enter the promo code
  • Then you need to copy the codes of the Reaper 2 game and paste it in the box that appears.
  • You will receive your promo code rewards instantaneously in your gaming account.

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All Roblox Reaper 2 codes list 2022

In this article we are sharing the list of Working Reaper 2 codes so that you can copy the codes from here and paste it in the game so as to get the rewards.

The developers gives the codes at regular intervals so as to promote the game.

Given below is the list of working codes in the game Reaper 2:

Active Reaper 2 Codes 2022

  • RANDOM3 – 30k cash
  • REIATSUFINE – Reiatsu Color Reroll
  • REIATSUFINEV2 – Reiatsu Color Reroll
  • REIATSUFINEV3 – Reiatsu Color Reroll
  • RANDOM – 10k Cash
  • RANDOMV2 – 10k Cash
  • RANDOMZANPAKUTOZ – Zanpakuto Reroll
  • QUINCYGUNS – Quincy Bow Reroll
  • QUINCYBIGSWORD – Quincy Saber Reroll
  • GIBNEWSWORD – Reroll Zanpakuto model
  • REALDANGAl24—Redeem for 10k cash
  • REEEEEEEE – 5k cash
  • SPRESETFORFIXES – Skill Point and Node Reset
  • 100KLIKESPATCH –10k Cash and a new skin
  • SupaSupriseNight – 25k Cash
  • WEAPOLOGIZE – Secondary Reroll
  • NozaCash – 15k Money
  • NozaCrazy – 10k Money
  • NozaReset – Reset Points
  • ZenokeiWasHere – Race Reroll
  • DxWasHere – Race Reroll
  • DxLikesMen – Secondary Reroll
  • PrideMonthYass – Secondary Reroll
  • UPDTBALANCE1 – 10k Cash
  • BCASH11 – 5k Cash
  • SUNDAYFUNDAY – 20k Cash
  • [email protected] – 10k Cash
  • SubscribeZenokeiRBLXOnYoutube – 10k Cash
  • CashDAY – 10k Cash
  • RESETPOINTS1 – Reset Points
  • RESETPOINTS2 – Reset Points
  • RESETPOINTS3 – Reset Points
  • Zen1 – Race Reroll
  • Zen2 – Race Reroll
  • SecondayRoll1 – Secondary Reroll
  • SecondayRoll2 – Secondary Reroll
  • prestigeAdjuchacar – Prestige reward
  • prestigeVasto – Prestige reward

Here are the list of expired codes of the year 2022

  • ROBLOXDOWN – free rewards
  • DAVIDBAZOOKA – 5K cash
  • DELAY1 – free rewards
  • NEWBANKAI2 – 2.5k Cash
  • MaskReset – Reset Points
  • RACEROLLERR – Race Reroll
  • VizardReaction – Race Reroll
  • SubZenokei – Secondary Reroll
  • FollowZenokei – Secondary Reroll
  • VizardCash – 15k Cash
  • VizardTimes – 10k Cash
  • VizardReqFix – Secondary rereoll
  • Sorry1 – 15k Cash
  • Sorry2 – 15kCash
  • NEWBANKAI – 5K Cash
  • NEWVOL – 5K Cash
  • APOLOGIES – 10k Cash and a secondary reroll
  • THANKYOU – 5,000 Cash
  • 100kMembers – Reroll
  • DROPSWHEN – Zankapakuto reroll
  • R2DRIP – Clothes reroll for Arrancar/Quincy
  • newSecondary?? – Reroll
  • NEWSWORDS – Reroll
  • BANKYAI – Reset
  • MONEYMONEYMONEY – 5,000 cash
  • ROLLSECONDARY250 – Secondary reroll
  • RACEREROLL – Reset your data
  • SECONDARYREROLL – Secondary reroll
  • newRACEREROLL – Race reroll
  • raceREROLL – Race reroll
  • freeDANGAI22 – Dangai reroll
  • RELEASERACEREROLL1 – Race reroll
  • DANGAI4FREE – Ten minutes of Dangai
  • COOLRACEREROLL – Free race reroll
  • COOLSECONDARYREROLL – Free race reroll
  • Racereroll1 – Free race reroll
  • Racereroll2 – Free race reroll
  • Racereroll3 – Free race reroll

How to receive more promo codes

To get more codes of the game Reaper 2, you may join the Discord channel of the developer of the game as the developers give out the promo codes in their discord channel during any special occasion or as a promotional event so as to increase the reach of the game.

You may also bookmark our website as we put the promo codes as and when released by the developers in their social media pages.

You may also follow the social media pages of the developer to know about the latest promo codes.

Final Words

In this article we have given the detailed description on the list of promo codes and the method that can be used so as to redeem the promo codes.

Therefore you can easily follow the steps mentioned above so as to get various rewards and in-game currency.

For getting more information on the codes of the game Reaper 2, you can also bookmark our article.

If you have any queries regarding how to redeem codes in Reaper 2, you may ask us by writing in the comment section of the article.


How to Download the Reaper 2 game application?

The game can be downloaded from the official website of the developers or if you have an android smart phone, you can directly download the game from the Play Store. You can also download the game on you IPhone through the Apple Store.

How to redeem Roblox Reaper 2 codes

For launching the game, you need to Press ‘M’ on the keyboard to open the Options menu and scroll down to the Codes option. After which you have to Select Codes, then enter the active code into the text box that appears. Finally press ‘Submit’ button and claim your reward.

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