Check Latest Top 10 Best Rage Challenge Deck 2022

Want to know about the latest top 10 clash royal rage challenge deck 2022? If yes, then this article will provide you with all the details on the top 10 clash royal rage challenge deck 2022.

Today in this article, we would provide you with all the details on the latest clash royal rage tournament deck of the clash royal rage tournament 2022.

I am a YouTuber since 2012 and a gamer, I have been playing the Clash Royal Rage game since its release.

Therefore, I wanted to guide you on the top 10 latest clash royal rage challenge deck of the game.

Latest Top 10 Clash Royal Tournament Deck 2022

The Clash Royal game became popular soon after its release and thus generating a revenue of one billion dollar.

The concept of tournaments was the main reason that everyone got attracted to it.

Supercell developed the game by combining the concept of two popular games namely Card Game Thrill and Battle Action.

Gamers went crazy over this tower rush strategy game soon after its release.

Soon after Clash Royal started its own tournaments and therefore gamer needs to be aware of all the Rage Tournament Deck which may help you to win the tournament.

Elixir Golem Knight Witch Rage Tournament Deck 2022

If your opponent’s deck consist of against hog rider, bait and graveyard decks then you should be cautious and also make sure to activate your King Tower by using the Tornado as soon as possible and then wait for the opponent to make their first move.

Therefore you should defend with single Elixir Golem and attack when you find the opponents’ deck.

The best combination is to place the Elixir Golem and Battle Healer and Skeleton Dragon at the tower and defend.

Pekka Bridge Spam Deck 2022 for Arena 11+ 

This is one of the most dangerous deck in the Rage Challenge 2022 and therefore many gamers use this deck in the tournaments and can win up to 12 wins in the grand challenge pretty easily.

Bandit, Electro Wizard, and Magic Archer are used to support the Pekka so as to make your defence strong so that your opponent will not stand a chance to capture or destroy the tower.

The next card in this deck will be the Battle Ram as a tourney standard Ram can single headedly destroy a tower and this also happens very often.

Therefore you can counter push your opponent with this card.

After which we should use the Royal Ghost in the defence as he can cause a lot of damage to the opponent.

If he is in the invisible mode than even the air troops can’t cause any damage to it.

He can easily be used to defend against the Hogs or Miner.

In cas you are moving for the offence then you can use Battle Ram, Bandit and even the Royal Ghost so as to force the opponent to respond.

You should always try to ensure the safety of Magic Archer as his long range attacks can be very useful to destroy the opponent.

Goblin Barrel Best Rage Tournament Decks 2022

This deck is mostly used to defend and at the same time get their zap out of rotation and also this move will make them confuse whether to use them or not.

This is a Log Bait control deck but you should be aware that you may be facing opponents who will counter all your baits but you should defend brilliantly so that they does not get to your territory.

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Lava Hound Deck Rage Tournament Deck 2022

You can use the Lava Hound as a support the baby dragon or fireball so as to destroy the minion hordes etc.

You may also drop the Lava Hound in the nearby area of the King tower so that it can slowly approach the bridge.

In the meantime you can build up to 6 to 7 elixir.

Therefore you can stand against the counter push of your opponent. 

Wall Breaker Miner Best Rage Challenge Deck 2022

You should not start attacking at first rather wait patiently till you achieve 10 elixir and you may only show your card if your opponent does not play his card at 2:42 as it may be because your opponent does not have a cycle decks and therefore you may cycle something. 

In this tournament, it is best to open with mega minion, dark prince and mine.

However if you start with miner as you should be careful as it will be destroyed instantly if your opponent has tornado.

Therefore make sure that your opponent does not have tornado before using Miner. 

Mini Pekka Hog Rage Challenge Deck 2022

Hog Rider is one of best deck of the Clash Royale game and your victory or defeat may depend on this card.

With this card you should try to cause maximum damage to your opponent.

Moreover if your opponent’s deck does not have a proper answer to your Hog then you may combine it with Bats to make the attack more dangerous as this will cause one extra hit on the opponents and also freeze the defence for some period of time.

Mini Pekka is the best to take down heavy tanks and also to defeat the bridge spam units like the ram rider, battle ram, hog or ghost.

This also is useful to catch miners and also to counter push your opponent if there is more of the HP remaining of the Mini Pekka.

But you should remember that you should not use the card at the bridge as it is a defensive card.

Best Clash Royale Hog Firecracker Deck Combo:

  • Hog + Ice Spirit (great, cheap combo, usually used at the start of the game)
  • Hog + Ice Golem (great at tanking for the hog and killing cheap troops such as skeletons)
  • Hog + Firecracker (two very fast cards that synergize well with each other)

Party Mode Best Rage Battle Decks 2022

At the beginning of the game you may place the prince behind the king tower so that your opponent cannot target your prince.

You should oy play your prince when you are aware of your opponent’s card.

If your opponent starts the match with a Hog than you can counter push with Goblin Gang.

Always continuously cause damage to your opponent with your spells and troops like Goblin Gang, Goblin Barrel as this is the most prominent way to defeat your opponent.

Goblin Cage Graveyard Rage Battle Deck 2022

In this your priority should be to find out the cards of your opponent so as to plan on the counters that your opponent has for your graveyard.

Therefore you should not go all out but rather open with a Baby Dragon at the bridge.

Pekka Ram Rider Best Rage Tournament Decks 2022

This should be mostly used when you have double elixir or you are sure enough that the lightning caused by it is powerful enough to counter your opponent.

Moreover with this attack you can finish off greater than 350 HP towers

Poison Mega Knight Miner Deck

This is a miner control deck which has the power of both poison spell and the Mega Knight.

This can be used to supress the new meta of bridge spam charging units and also allows you to attack by the help of the miner knight combo, mega knight miner combo, knight musketeer, baby dragon miner and mega minion miner.

Therefore in the early stages of the gameplay, you should try to defend against your opponent and also at the same time try to counter push with a knight.

In the later stage of the gameplay you may use the mega knight to clear the crowd and then go for the miner poison push with the support of the Musketeer and the Baby Dragon as an air unit and use the Barbarian Barrel as your ground unit.

Final Words

In this article we have given the detailed description on the latest top 10 Rage Challenge Deck of the Clash Royal Rage game and thereby you can choose wisely during your game play and in turn help you to progress to the next level.

This will also help you to get the strongest start against your opponent during a battle.

If you want ask any question regarding the Rage Challenge Deck than you may comment in the comment section of the article and we will try to answer your question in our article.

Also bookmark our website to know more about the game and its deck.


What are the strongest decks in clash Royale?

The best Clash Royale decks are as follows:
Skeleton King Graveyard control.
PEKKA Bridge Spam.
Mini Pekka Magic Archer Clash Royal Tournament Deck 2022.
Loon Freeze Control.
Giant Skeleton Archer Queen Hog cycle

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