How to Qualify for CRL Deck 2022 Tips and Top Meta Desk

Do you want to know the how to qualify for CRL deck 2022 tips &top meta deck. Then, this article will provide the best qualify CRL deck 2022 tips &top meta deck.

Clash royale is a time strategic video game which is developed and published by “supercell”.

Today we are sharing the qualify for CRL deck. I am a professional blogger and gamer who knows about the games, especially Clash royale.

I am a regular player of clash royale. So I can provide you the proper information about the how to qualify for CRL deck 2022 tips & top meta deck.

20 wins Qualify for CRL Deck 2022

In Clash Royale, you must win 20 games while suffering no more than three defeats to complete the 20 Win Challenge.

In order to have even a remote chance of succeeding, you will therefore require a top deck.

For this there are some secret tricks. Here we provide how to win 20 qualify for CRL deck 2022 by following steps

Each player is given three free entry. Three defeats and you’re out. Re-entering the Challenge will earn you 10 Gems.

The 20-Win Challenge offers players of Pass Royale unlimited free entries, and each new entrance causes the challenge’s progress to reset to 0 wins and 0 loses.

You can win up to 215k Gold, 1 Epic Chest, and 1 Legendary King Chest.

PEKKA Best Qualify for CRL challenge deck 2022

Qualify for CRL Deck
Qualify for CRL Deck

P.E.K.K.A :The main requirement for your victory is this, P.E.K.K.A. Always stand by this powerful guy.

With help, it can produce damaging pushes that are quite powerful. Furthermore, this is your tank.

The tank destroys other tanks but is vulnerable to swarms. Baby Dragon:The P.E.K.K.A’s support splash unit is Baby Dragon.

Tornado and it together can ruin pushes. It eliminates swarms of various creatures, including goblins and skeletons.

Mega Minion:Your direct damage soldier is the Mega Minion. It serves as support for your PEKKA as well.

Use this to eliminate cards with a single target that are assaulting your P.E.K.K.A. This card is really versatile.

Tornado:The most underappreciated card, Tornado, needs practise. To create a strong defence, combine this with Baby Dragon.

Additionally, you can use Tornado to activate your King’s Tower early by sending the bothersome ranged troops and the kitting Ice Golem to the P.E.K.K.A.

Zap :  This is among the game’s top cards. Use it to destroy swarms and on the dragon or Inferno Tower.

Awesome re-targeting feature.

Knight :This card stands out and is well-liked. You can defeat Elite Barbarians by working with Skeletons.

It also destroys troops with medium health and has high damage, a strong hit rate, and high health.

Furnace :Your P.E.K.K.A pushes are complete with a furnace. The tower also sustains substantial chip damage. Continuous swarm threats are presented by it. Run this at all times.

Skeletons :Your cycling card is this one. It can be used to kill troops by encircling them as well as to distract, drag troops into the middle, and surround forces.

For maximum card destruction, divide them or combine them with a knight.

Best skeleton Giant qualify for CRL challenge deck

Qualify for CRL Deck
Qualify for CRL Deck

Some of the best skeleton giant are ;

Deck 1:

  1. Giant Skeleton (Elixir 6)
  2. Royal Hogs (Elixir 5)
  3. Flying Machine (Elixir 4)
  4. Zappies (Elixir 4)
  5. Skeleton Army (Elixir 3)
  6. Skeleton Barrel (Elixir 3)
  7. Tornado (Elixir 3)
  8. Arrows (Elixir 3)
  9. Average Elixir Cost: 3.9

Deck 2:

  1. Giant Skeleton (Elixir 6)
  2. Bomb Tower (Elixir 4)
  3. Bomber (Elixir 2)
  4. Valkyrie (Elixir 4)
  5. Barbarian Barrel (Elixir 2)
  6. Musketeer (Elixir 4)
  7. Skeleton Army (Elixir 3)
  8. Mini Pekka (Elixir 4)
  9. Average Elixir Cost: 3.9

Deck 3:

  1. Giant Skeleton (Elixir 6)
  2. Electro Wizard (Elixir 4)
  3. Valkyrie (Elixir 4)
  4. Cannon Cart (Elixir 5)
  5. Goblin Drill (Elixir 4)
  6. Dart Goblin (Elixir 3)
  7. Lightning (Elixir 6)
  8. Giant Snowball (Elixir 2)
  9. Average Elixir Cost: 4.3

Giant Skeleton Challenge Rewards are given below:

  • 8000 Gold – 1 Legendary Trade Token
  • 4000 Gold– 10 Giant Skeleton Cards
  • 3000 Gold– 1 Gold Chest
  • 2000 Gold– 2000 Gold
  • 1000 Gold- 1 Skeleton Emote

Royal giant 20 wins qualify for CRL deck 2022

Qualify for CRL Deck
Qualify for CRL Deck

The Royal Giant is primarily to blame for the damage. When their resistance has been defeated, you can send in the Royal Giant after using the Hog to lure them out.

Since it only contains one Legendary and one Rare, this deck is highly potent and excellent for F2P gamers. Commons are all that are left.

The finest royal giant decks for each arena in Clash Royale can be found here.

  • Royal Giant Valkyrie Deck
  • Mother Witch Fisher Royal Giant Deck
  • Elite Mother Witch Royal Giant Deck
  • Goblin Barrel MK Royal Giant Deck
  • Fisher Hunter Royal Giant Deck
  • Fisherman GS Royal Giant Deck
  • Mega Knight Drill Royal Giant Deck
  • Skeleton Barrel MK Royal Giant Deck
  • FC Royal Giant 3.1 Cycle Deck
  • Lumberjack EW Royal Giant Deck
  • Epic EW Royal Giant Deck

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Lava hunt 20 wins Qualify for CRL challenge deck 2022

In the early stages of the game, Lava Hound is a great opening play when using this deck.

This Skeleton Dragons Lava Hound Mother Witch Deck is fairly easy to play against most of the meta decks in the game.

Never plays at the bridge but always Dorp the player Lava Hound behind King Tower.

The player’s main goal in a single potion should be to survive until the double potion, when they will use balloon and lava to deal the majority of their tower damage.

They should also remember to research the opponent’s deck.

Some of Clash Royale Qualify for CRL Deck are ;

  • Ballon Super Lava Hound Challenge Deck
  • Inferno Dragon Super Lava Hound Deck
  • Hunter Lava Hound Deck
  • Miner Goblin Cage Super Lava Hound Challenge Deck
  • Double Dragon Super Lava Hound Challenge Deck
  • Night Witch Super Lava Hound Challenge Deck
  • Night Witch Poison Super Lava Hound Challenge Deck
  • Electro Dragon Super Lava Hound Challenge Deck

Mega Knight qualify for CRL deck for 20 wins

A powerful card is the Mega Knight. You’ll have a chance to quickly stop your opponent if you try to use his beat down technique while on the ground.

To retaliate later, you make use of the same opportunity. Protecting it against airborne forces in particular is necessary if you want the attack to succeed.

The card’s impact will be significantly diminished if you are unable to execute this. It doesn’t cause much damage to the tower, yet it’s sufficient to win a game.

Find some of Qualify for CRL Deck in Clash Royale

  • Miner Mega Knight SB Deck
  • Miner Mega Knight Drill Deck
  • Goblin Barrel RG Mega Knight Deck
  • Royal Hogs MW Mega Knight Deck
  • Ram Rider Mega Knight Deck
  • Mother Witch Mega Knight Deck
  • Wall Breakers Drill Mega Knight Deck
  • Hog Rider FC Mega Knight Deck
  • Miner WB Mega Knight Deck
  • Mother Witch Drill Mega Knight Deck

20 wins qualify for CRL Challenge 2022

The Clash Royale League Qualifiers begin on August 6 with the arrival of the 20-Win Challenge in-game, and everyone who is at least 16 years old is eligible to take part.

Players that successfully complete the 20-Win Challenge will move on to the next level of the Clash Royale League Qualifiers, which consists of a total of five (5) stages.

The CRL 20 Win Challenge 2022 Badge will become available if you get 17 or more victories. As an everlasting demonstration of your talent, this will be shown in your profile.

Balloon 20 wins qualify for CRL deck 2022

Extremely potent are  balloon deck. It has a skeleton controlling it, and the skeleton throws a bomb as it moves slowly.

As long as there is a tank in front of the tower, it can be reached. Players that want to accelerate sometimes utilize Rage or Lumberjack.

Combining these two elements is crucial. It might be quite helpful, depending on the circumstances of the opponent.

The opponent needs to exercise additional caution because the bombs released by the Balloon have a lot of strength.

Best of Clash Royale in Qualify for CRL Deck

  • Lumberjack Freeze Balloon Deck
  • Miner Balloon Lava Hound Deck
  • Lumberjack Balloon P.E.K.K.A. Deck
  • Balloon SD Lava Hound Deck
  • Balloon Miner 2.9 Cycle Deck
  • Graveyard Balloon P.E.K.K.A. Deck
  • Double Dragon Lumberjack Balloon Deck
  • Cage Miner Balloon Deck.
  • Miner Balloon Lava Hound Deck
  • Fisherman Drill Balloon Deck

20 wins qualify for CRL Challenge 2022 badges

One can acquire badges that are publicly displayed on their profile to signify achievement by hitting particular milestones or completing certain tasks.

Available badges consist of:

  • Achieve 12 wins in a Classic Challenge 100 times
  • Achieve 12 wins in a Grand Challenge 100 times
  • Donate to a clan 1,000 Times.
  • Reach an account age of numbered year(s) (1-6)
  • Achieve 1,000 battle wins
  • Achieve 12 wins in a Classic Challenge
  • Achieve 12 wins in a Grand Challenge

Final words

Here we provided how to qualify for CRL deck 2022 tips and top meta desk. We sincerely hope the details provided were helpful.

You can leave your recommendations in the comment section, if you have any questions or need clarification.

Moreover, we expect your valuable  feedback.


What exactly does CRL in Clash Royale mean?

The official esports league for Clash Royale is known as the CRL. It takes place every year in the second half of the year and culminates in the World Finals competition in early December. Players engage in Clash Royale matches in the CRL to compete for the title of World Champion and monetary prizes.

What happens if you meet the criteria for CRL?

Players can earn a lot of gold to upgrade and buy cards by participating in the casual gold challenge known as “Qualify for CRL.” To access every award, players must win ten bouts.

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