Check Latest Project Slayers Trello Styles & Clans 2022

Project Slayers Trello: If you have been looking for the latest updates regarding Project Slayers, Trello is what you should go for.

This is a roblox game that has made its name because of the amazing action RPG style fighting sequences they offer.

On the internet, a lot of people have been finding Project Slayers Trello Link 2022 and it completely makes sense why.

Not only do they have a lot of features that will prove beneficial for you but also if you want any information about the game it will be available to you upon clicking on the Project Slayers Trello Link 2022.

It is very important to understand what Trello basically does and more about that is given in the article below.

After having read this article, you would be aware of all the information that you need to know about the game.

This is a very passive way to gain the information because this article is supposed to give you information about the Trello, which in turn gives you information about the game itself.

The experience of the game is very fast which is the reason why a lot of fundamental things that you need to know will be mentioned in the article, nevertheless.

For latest updates and important information about the game, Project Slayers Trello is what you should count on.

I am a blogger and a youtuber who has been making content around the gaming niche for a long time.

This is the reason why all the information that you are going to get from this article about the new items and the Clans will be 100% authentic.

Another practice that I like to follow is to play the game myself or test out the information that I give in the article.

This is completely trusted and you will be able to gain a lot of knowledge about the best breathing styles in the game as well as items that are exclusively new.

An update rolled out really recently which gave the game more credibility and people who have been fans of roblox games as well as Demon Slayer are absolutely enjoying playing this game.

More information about Project Slayers Trello and basically the answer to the question “What is Project Slayers Trello 2022” is given in the article below.

What is Project Slayers Trello 2022?

In order to understand what Project slayers Trello 2022, you have to understand what Trello basically does.

If you have been a fan of gaming, for a lot of years now, you would be aware of the fact that any particular game that gains popularity also results in a lot of discord servers for people to come together and discuss information about the game.

Trello is a little different from discord. What happens here is that a particular team manages any sort of project or workflow and Trello gives a platform to do so.

There is a lot of information about any particular game in its Trello page and gamers have an idea how beneficial it proves to be in their pace of the gameplay.

This is a relatively new game but the information that has already been put up on Trello is overwhelming but that is it.

Confusing is the last term you can use synonymous to a Trello page because it is very properly divided into headings that you would need information about.

The Trello link for this game will be given in the article below.

Before you get on the advanced information related to the game, it is very important to know how this game operates.

You can play it from your PC and expect to have a lot of fun.

When you go to the official roblox page which is supposed to be dedicated to downloading this game, you will realize that a lot of controls are mentioned which are exclusive to the computer keyboard.

This is the new popular roblox game and it has got the gaming community talking about it.

As it can be deciphered from the description given about the game, you are supposed to make a choice before starting off playing it which is to either go with humanity or against it.

Whichever one you choose you will face your adversities and you are supposed to take them down.

This is a game that almost urges you to play with your friends and it is very important to value them as much as you are supposed to value your enemies.

Overall, the gameplay mechanics are really interesting as well as something new considering that Roblox does not have a lot of unique gameplay mechanics most of the time.

As you go on the page to download it, you will also be looking at the default controls which are set for the game by the developers themselves.

The combo variations are also something that you should be aware of and all of this information are given on the official downloading page.

Being a part of a Discord community that is related to this game is also a great idea as other gamers playing the game can help you out with a lot of things. However, Trello does the job pretty well anyway.

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What do you find in the Project Slayer Trello page?

Project Slayers Trello Breathing Styles & Clans 2022 are two of the things that a lot of people want to know about, that are interested in the game.

First of all, here is the Project Slayers Trello link 2022:

When you click on this link you will be able to find yourself in a trello dashboard with a lot of sub-headings including information, locations, items, weapons, trainers, breaths and many more.

Yes, Project Slayers Trello Breathing Styles & Clans 2022 are also mentioned.

Taking into consideration these two subheadings, when you go to the first one which is “breaths”, you will be able to find four types of breathing mainly which goes as follows:

  • Water Breathing
  • Thunder Breathing
  • Insect Breathing
  • Wind Breathing

As new updates for the game keep rolling out, the information given in the Trello page is also going to update and you will know about new things.

Update 1 was rolled out for the game very recently which is the reason why a new sort of breathing technique has been added to the game which is called “Mist Breathing”.

Of course, there are new items that have also been added but this is an addition that is worth noting.

In thunder breathing, you would have to hold until you finish the move but mist breathing only requires you to fire it once.

There are plenty of things you would get information about when you visit the link including Project Slayers Trello Tier List for Best Breathing Style which ranks better or worse breathing styles. 

Most Roblox games in the world have a trello page and maximum of the times, these are created by the developers themselves to convey important information about the game and things they think all the people should know.

This is definitely not always true since a lot of games have a fandom that the fans make a good trello list out of.

The trello dashboard, the link of which is given in the article is going to give you a lot of information about things that are supposed to be beneficial for you, in the long run, with the game.

Going back to the initial point, there are a lot of locations and weapons that you may need important information out of.

Quests and NPCS are also discussed in the page and the most amazing part about it is the fact that when you get what you have to do in Project Slayers, you would enjoy it even more.

Yes, the game is enjoyable in itself, just like that.

However, once you have objectives, the game starts having a purpose and a lot of it is based on the same gameplay mechanics.

One of the drawbacks of the trello page is that it does not mention information about controls or anything else as such.

In fact, there are a few important pieces of information that the Trello page entirely misses and one of them happens to be “how to drop items”.

What’s certainly not missing is Project Slayers Trello Tier List for Best Breathing Style and that may be a little subjective but the overall power and ease to use is going to give you a proper tier list of all the breathing styles that are there in the game.

A lot of people around the world really like gathering information from tier lists because it also gives you an overall idea of which one is better or worse than the other.

Tier lists have been an important part for gaming enthusiasts of any game and Trello pages make everything easier for the Roblox games (such as this one) and giving information based on these things, you can progress in the game really well.

Daily spinner is one of the most amazing things that is in the Project Slayers trello page and that can be beneficial for gaining a lot of different rewards such as:

  • Wen.
  • Clan Spins.
  • Demon Spins.
  • Random item – When you spin and stop at this, you will be getting a chance at ANY item in the game. The rarer the item is, the lesser chance but it is randomly chosen most of the times

These are the things that are on the spinner and either one of them, you will get a hand on and all the rewards are almost equally beneficial.

Now that you have an idea about all the things the Trello page is supposed to be handing over to you, you may also realize the fact that a lot of people around the world use a Trello page because the dashboard is an easier way to gain a lot of information than a wiki page.

Not necessarily easier but definitely a more fun way to do so since a lot of graphics and all is also involved in any Trello page which makes it easier for a person who’s accustomed to the visuals of the game to gain information and that too, in such a fun way.

Without a doubt, Trello pages are a life-saver and none of that is going to give you misinformation either, which is a trust you can put on Trello pages, without thinking twice.

The level requirement for getting any breathing style (which is 12+) is also mentioned. More information appears on the screen as you click on a thing you’re interested in.

From usable items to bandages, almost everything is mentioned properly in the trello page so make sure you make the best out of it.


What is Project Slayers Wiki?

It is basically a fandom page that anybody who plays the game or knows about the game can put out information in and the community is really amazing, nevertheless. Most of the information is very accurate and it is gathered by people through playing the game for a long time or reviewers of the game and the fandom wiki page is something you can definitely trust on.

How to make money in the Project Slayers game for Roblox?

Much like most of the games in Project Slayers too, when you defeat an enemy, they will drop the game-currency which is going to give you more and more currency. Wen is the main currency used in the game. Another way to do so is to get rewards through spins or promo codes that are working. Being rewarded by Wen must be good enough for you considering Project Slayers’ main currency is Wen.

How to redeem codes in Project Slayers?

Once you jump into the experience, click “M” in order to bring up the menu. The book icon that’ll appear when you see the menu is going to give you a text box where you have to type in the code, by either copy-pasting it or entering the code you remember reading about somewhere. Click on “redeem”, henceforth and that is going to reward you with all the things that code is capable of.


Project Slayers is one of the most amazing games in Roblox currently and it is gaining popularity a little too much lately which is very well-deserved.

People enjoy playing this Roblox game a lot and the variety of content in the game makes it one-of-a-kind.

Gaining currencies, slaying higher opponents is a thing that keeps you up with the game.

One of the most beautiful parts about this game is the fact that the Trello page is really sorted and after reading this article, I don’t think you’d have a doubt upon the importance of the same.

Submitting redeem codes gets you rewards and many other things are really exclusive with the game.

The reviews are mostly positive and I might understand, that is because the game is as likable as I thought it might be perceived as.

Overall, enjoy the game and gain all the information you would need from the Trello page itself which is very well-sorted.

Hope you thoroughly enjoyed reading this article and learnt a thing or two in the process of doing so.

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