Pocket Love Best Guide 2022 & Tricks How to Expand your Home Fast

Do you wish to know how to expand your home fast and unlock everything in Pocket Love? If yes, you are just at the right place!

Through our Pocket Love Tips, Tricks and Strategies, you will get off to a flying start in this popular game.  

Pocket Love is a new addition to the relaxing game world. Developed by Hyperbeard, this game revolves around decorating your tiny cosy home with an elegant interior design.

The graphics are pretty cute and many users fall in love with it almost instantly! Pocket Love offers a range of options for you to customize your dream house.

By inserting more rooms, you will also be able to expand your tiny residence. The whole process of buying and adding new stuff to a gorgeous house feels exquisite on its own! 

While there are barely any complications in this casual game, some Pocket Love Tips, Tricks and Strategies can help you in improving your house and unlocking everything as fast as possible. 

To help you out, we have mentioned below an extensive Pocket Love Beginner’s Guide that will teach you how to expand your home fast and unlock everything. 

Pocket Love Beginner’s Guide

If you are new to the game, our Pocket Love Beginner’s Guide can provide a great headstart for you.

The following are all the steps that will help you get started on your room décor journey: 

  • Pocket Love is a game for all age groups. But before you get started with the game, you will need to submit your age on the app. Just try moving the slider button to locate your age. Once you have selected it, click on “OK” to confirm. 
  • After that, you must select a nice hairstyle, hair color, as well as skin color for not only your character but also your partner’s. Additionally, you will be able to change your style and appearance anytime later in the game. 
  • Once you have made it to the game, click on the Person-pencil icon located on the bottom left-hand side of your screen. This will lead you to the “Edit Character” tab. Here, you will be able to make any further amends to your character. Moreover, the clothing shop is also available here itself. You will be able to purchase a fresh set of clothes and hats here by spending Dogllars. For those unversed, Dogllars is the in-game currency in Pocket Love. 
  • To submit your name in the game, click on the “You” option that is located on the lower section of your screen. Enter your name and hit the “OK” button for confirmation. 
  • Once you have chosen your appearance and style, you must move on to the next stage which is choosing the looks of your partner. For this, you must get on in the same way as you did for your character. Choose their skin color, hairstyle, as well as hair color. 
  • To type in the name of your partner, head to the “Partner” tab located in the lower section of your screen.

Choosing your Pet

Once you are done with the customization of both the characters, a surprise awaits you!

The Pocket Love game also helps you in adopting a pet for yourself.

So for the next phase, you will need to select a pup or kitty for yourself.

After you have decided on one, click on the “Pet” tab from the lower menu to choose a name for your pet. 

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New Furniture 

In your new cosy house, you are going to unpack many new items for your furniture.

Your partner is also going to stay with you throughout. To get started, just click on the crates for setting some drawers, a succulent, and a nice scent.

Once you are done unpacking all these items, you will be provided with hearts. This will keep on filling your heart meter in the game. 

If you wish to change the position of any item, just click on the option of “Edit Furniture”. Here, just start by pressing, holding, and dragging the items that you wish to move.

Once you have found a suitable position for them, drop them there. Now that you are done with the shifting part, you can go ahead to purchase new furniture to decorate your house.

To do so, you will need to click on the button named “Amazing” in the lower menu.

It is an in-game website where you can shop for new furniture, clothes, room decor, as well as other accessories.

Nonetheless, you will need to spend coins to buy these items. You may also require dollars to purchase certain items. 

Pocket Love takes a random photograph through the camera anytime you are off.

You can view it once you reach there again. The photographs will be easily accessible from the Memories catalogue.

Simply click on the camera button from the menu and unlock Memories. So that was all about starting the game with our Pocket Love Beginner’s Guide. 

Let’s now look at some Pocket Love Tips, Tricks and Strategies that will explain to you how to expand your home fast and unlock everything. 

Pocket Love Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Some tips and tricks can truly work like magic when playing an interesting game. And we’ll, Pocket Love is no less!

If you wish to learn how to expand your home fast and unlock everything in the game, our below-mentioned Pocket Love Tips, Tricks and Strategies will help you with that:

  • Pursue Missions For Coins And Surprise Rewards
  • Earn XP and Reach New Levels By Collecting
  • Take Advantage Of Freebies And Ad Boosts
  • You Can Sell Unwanted Items For Coins
  • Packing Everything Up Makes A Makeover Easier

Let’s now take a closer look at each one of these strategies to understand them in a better way: 

Pursue Missions For Coins And Surprise Rewards

There is a range of exciting activities available in the game that help you in earning EXP as well as coins.

You will also find some other stuff that may not remunerate you but certainly bring you great joy.

The latter kind of activity is generally more common in the game.

These are associated with specific room makeovers. 

Apart from this, if you are one of those players who is more interested in boosting the game progress faster, you must pursue different missions in Pocket Love.

You will find them in the “To Do” tab of the game which is located at the bottom left-hand side of your screen.

There will always be 3 different missions available for you to complete every day. Each one of these will provide you with coins after you have finished them off. 

When you tick off all the available missions, you are going to earn one more exciting reward as well.

However, you will need to fulfil all these missions in a specified amount of time. Each mission that you complete will also offer you some EXP.

So if you are stuck on one level for a while, earn EXP through these missions and unlock the next level. 

Once you have completed all the missions and collected your rewards, you can also choose to reset your list in exchange for some dogllars.

You can also watch a short video advertisement if you don’t have enough dogllars. You can also consider resetting your missions if you aren’t able to clear one or more tasks. 

However, there will rarely be any times that you won’t be able to complete a mission as they are fairly easy.

Some common missions include buying furniture, transforming tiles of the floor, and so on. 

Earn XP And Reach New Levels By Collecting

Your level in the game is a great way to assess your progress till now.

You can view it through the heart meter located on the top left-hand side of the screen.

When you tap on it, you won’t be able to see the number of points you currently have.

As a result, you would also not know how many more points you require to unlock the next level.

However, it will certainly motivate you in progressing ahead in the game as it displays a fresh set of items that you will be able to attain on reaching the next level. 

The game will make you believe that you can only get EXP from the in-game store by purchasing new items.

However, you don’t need to make purchases every time you wish to earn EXP. You will get 5 hearts from the furniture you collected for free as well.

Hence, it becomes even more exciting to grab every opportunity that the game offers to earn free items. 

You must collect as many decor items and furniture as you can as your EXP will rise and you will reach the successive level much faster. 

Another tip is to always look for reasonably-priced items in the in-game Amazing store.

This is because you are going to earn the same amount of EXP through a cheap or an expensive item.

Whether you spend 30 coins or 300, the EXP stays restricted to 5 only. 

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Take Advantage Of Freebies And Ad Boosts

If you wish to know how to expand your home fast and unlock everything, one important tip is to grab all the freebies!

One can certainly make considerable progress in the game through these extra rewards and freebies.

And the best part is that the game is truly generous in showering you with all these rewards! 

When it comes to advertisements, players in Pocket Love can enjoy everything for free without any annoying ads popping up on their screen now and then.

However, ads certainly play a significant role in mobile games these days and if you have been into the gaming world for a while, you would be well aware of it. 

There are a plethora of freebies in Pocket Love that one can easily claim. To make everything easy, you must remember that these free rewards in the game are organized in the store as well as the dressing area.

There, you can customize the style of the couple characters. 

  • The most standard, as well as preliminary free reward in the game, comes from the constantly placed package on your doorstep. Once you claim it, a cooldown period will start and only keeps increasing as you collect more items. When you click on an available package, you will be displayed with the option to collect this extra reward. If you wish to do so, simply play a quick video advertisement on your screen. 
  • You will be able to see a cart button at the bottom of your screen. It is largely related to the in-game store from which you purchase various furniture items. In the furniture tab of this store, you will find an interesting furniture item that you can collect free of cost! All you have to do is play a quick video ad on your screen. You will be able to collect another extra item as well by simply resetting the feature through another ad. 
  • You can also win free coins and even dogllars in Pocket Love from the piggy icon section. Just play a video ad on your screen and you will be instantly rewarded with 5 dogllars. You can earn a total of 500 coins as well as 5 dogllars everyday for free. 
  • By simply playing a video ad, you can also win some free clothing from the clothing section. Just like furniture, you will have the option to reset this feature and instantly earn another clothing item as well. 
  • Lastly, the game also features certain time-restricted premium furniture items. You would be able to purchase them only by spending dogllars. However, you will be able to earn a free reward box with a random premium item as well! 

You Can Sell Unwanted Items For Coins

Simply hoarding unnecessary items and never using them will degrade your efficiency in the game.

Especially when you need some coins, you can certainly consider selling these items off in exchange for coins.

We wouldn’t suggest that you trade them if you just have a single copy of these items.

You may perhaps keep them in your collection even though you don’t use them. 

Packing Everything Up Makes A Makeover Easier

Last but not least, we recommend packing everything up.

Although many players would be craving to redecorate their houses, no doubt packing it all up before starting to redecorate can save you plenty of time.

In rooms full of interior items, it can be a truly difficult task to redesign the space. 

Moreover, you would be able to plan your new idea effectively when you clear the space once. 

Final Words

Pocket Love is a newly launched game by HyperBeard that allows players to build their dream houses.

With a range of elegant options and designs, you can turn a small-sized home into a luxury residency in no time!

Apart from all the stunning customizations, the game also helps you in decking up your character along with your partner’s.

And to keep a tab of all the memories, it also takes photographs of your achievements. 

And with that, we sum up our Pocket Love Beginner’s Guide.

To propel your gameplay, these above-mentioned Pocket Love Tips, Tricks and Strategies in the game will give your major boost. Have fun playing! 

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