Best Tricks Path of Exile Level Up Fast Guide 2022

As a beginner, you should have a proper idea about the path of exile level up procedure. A lot of gamers around the world have played and enjoyed this game ever since late 2013.

That’s right, this game has been here all along ever since 2013 but a lot of upgrades to the software has been done definitely.

The first time this game was translated into a console game was in August 2017, when it was released for Xbox One initially.

Later on, over the years, this game came to existence for play stations as well as Apple’s PC software “MacOS”.

Knowing the general tips is always a handy thing to go with.

The main reason behind this is the fact that sometimes the general tips can also be tricky to figure out without having an idea about it.

More about the gameplay and amazing tips in order to excel in the game is given in the article below.

Path Of Exile begins and stays in a dark Fantasy world where you are supposed to do a lot of tasks in order to get through the creatures of the Dark Fantasy world.

The game begins with the Government of Oriath exiling people to a different continent altogether that is definitely not safe.

As you get the control of the character in the game, you also encounter a lot of ancient Gods that you have to defeat in order to get out of the deadly continent of Wraeclast.

Now, there’s not just one character class that you can choose from, in fact, there are 7.

Just after the exile, you would have to choose the character class that you want to play the whole game with.

The options aren’t too bad but a lot of gamers wanted more character classes.

That way, the game remains interesting to play even after years pass by.

The reasons for the exile aren’t specifically mentioned but nevertheless, you have to fight through the obstacles that come your way.

There are a lot of dangerous inhabitants that you have to fight with the character that you have chosen to play with.

The character definitely keeps on increasing its skills with a variety of upgrades which will allow you to defeat enemies that are tough to defeat without any sort of upgrading.

If you want to know a few general tips regarding the path of exile level up, you are absolutely at the right place.

Some of the general tips before starting off the game is that it offers you several different types of play modes.

These play modes can be categorised under 3 permanent leagues called standard, hardcore and solo self found.

In the standard one, if you are playing higher levels, you also lose experience when your character dies.

If you are not at a level that high, you will just be respawned at the last city that you visited.

Regardless, there is some loss to bear, one way or the other and when you die, you cannot be exactly the same but the process is not irreversible.

The hardcore mode is it difficult to reach which is the reason why the access is very limited as well.

When you are to resurrect indeed, you are not going to do it in the hardcore mode.

Instead, you will respawn in the Standard League.

Last but not the least, solo self found (ssf) allows every single character to craft their own items which gives you a simulation of customisation and creation, which has been a great thing forever in the world of games.

This is a very good way for the path of exile level up. More about the same is given below.

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Path Of Exile Level Up Guide

Games around the world that have also played Path of exile since a long time prefer having a proper path of exile level up guide instead of building one from scratch.

A lot of the things are allowed in the game that gives the sense of customisation to everyone playing it.

As difficult as it may sound, it is actually very easy with the proper path of exile level up guide, one of the main sets of things that you have to keep in mind is given in the article below.

1. Path Of Building

This is one of the softwares that allows you to have a build without much hassle.

You will be required to install “Path Of Building” which gives you a virtual experience of what you are trying to build.

Not only that, but this also saves gamers’ so many hours trying to craft a theory.

If you are looking for a recommendation however, you may very well download the community fork version of Path of Building, since it is the one that The Gamers have loved using while playing Path of exile.

One of the best ways to sum this up is the fact that theorycrafting a lot of life improvements would take too much time for a person when done via the Path of Exile website, where are using the path of building software would allow you to create a better skill tree for your character and that is how you carry out the procedure of path of exile level up.

2. Fewer, the better

Since there are a lot of things to do in the skill tree, many people get confused on what to leave and what to work on.

Theorycrafters around the world just want to make their characters inevitable and exciting, which is the reason why it doesn’t work.

Surprisingly, if you focus on a few mechanics that are available for your character and keep upgrading those, you would not need a lot of abilities.

Sooner than later, if this process is followed, you would see good results and a lot of the enemies that you encounter in the new continent will be easy to face.

It is recommended that you have around two skills for attacking that you recurrently keep updating and a few defensive skills.

Working on a limited number of skills is definitely a better idea because the build tree is defined in a certain way that a lot of skills do not go well with each other.

When you try to add a lot of elements into your character through the build tree, they are unlikely to perform well together.

Again, this may happen sometimes and sometimes more than 2 skills can also pay off well.

3. Flasks

While beginning a game, especially in one where you have to build your characters, it is definite that you would want to know what are some of the best mechanics in the game for the best build. “Overpowered”, as gamers like to address it.

These are characters that get a large boost while killing an enemy and do not die easily in the process of doing the same.

Almost all the games have some or the other overpowered characters or upgrade skill and for Path Of Exile, it is the Flasks.

Keeping them active is necessary for the path of exile level up and is an act of genius in the game.

These can also give you almost unlimited Mana which is a great thing if you are aware of the gameplay already.

Keeping on drinking flask gives you this overpowered feeling.

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4. Layers Of Defense

A lot of the beginners think that upgrading The Attack is the only way to stay strong and defeat the enemies quicker than usual.

This is not necessarily true since attacking comes later and survival comes first.

Path of exile level up guide is incomplete without including what Path Of Exile players need in order to survive.

A lot of the people have said that the critical way to stay alive while fighting enemies in the path of exile is to obtain life nodes.

Not only that, elemental resistance has helped a lot in minimizing the attack forged on by the enemies. 

The bare minimum life that you should achieve during the start is 160% otherwise the trouble that you have to face will hinder the procedure of Path of exile level up.

Getting keystones like the one of acrobatics can help you gain a new skill during fighting, which is defending and moving out of the way. That is a great way to dodge.

Summoners, Gladiators have a shield to protect themselves from attacks and simultaneously upgrading guard skills will help you take a lot of damage in little to no time.

5. Don’t Use Too Many Uniques

There are a lot of unique things you will find as you keep on defeating Enemies in the game of Path of exile.

It is nothing extraordinarily special since it is a way to the Path of exile level up process.

These unique things are beneficial as well as the entire character looks different and better but you should take care of the fact that a lot of unique skills are not supposed to be used.

The main reason behind this fact is that it comes at a cost, mainly defenses.

When you have used a unique skill on a character, getting a higher pool of life or even upgrading the character to its full potential is going to get really difficult.

It is highly recommended that even if you are enticed by the unique things you found in the game and are curious to use them on the character that you have, you may go for a single skill.

Using more and more skills will increase the resistance in defense power, which is not ideal according to the gameplay and the Path of Exile level up process.


Path of Exile is an action RPG game that has been enjoyed by gamers of all kinds through years of its existence.

The game was released for the consoles pretty recently but it has had been enjoyed by PC gamers for many years.

For building a skill tree for the character that you control in the game, you would have to go to a website and do so, technically.

There are other ways as well, as already mentioned and Path of Exile wiki helps people build a better skill tree altogether.

Path Of Exile level up process was discussed and I hope you learnt a thing or two about it.

Enjoy the game and carry out the path of exile level up process as soon as possible.

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