Mobile Legends Valir Guide 2023 | Valir Best Build 2023 | Valir Pros and Cons

Mobile Legends Valir was also one of the forgotten mages, but after his revamp he became so powerful that he can dominate the game and give Tanks a hard time dealing with him.

Valir has an extremely strong Early Game Ability which allows him to steal Buffs, delay Farm and also secure First Blood very easily.

Topics Covered in this article–

  • Best Builds For Valir
  • Valir Best Emblem Configuration
  • Valir Suitable Battle Spells
  • Skills & Passive Explanation
  • Effective Skill Combos
  • Valir Guide & Gameplay Tips
  • Valir Pros & Cons

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For now, let’s focus on Mobile Legends Valir Guide 2023.

Which Lane is the Best for Mobile Legends Valir? 

Valir is always played in Middle Lane and should be always be accompanied by tank or fighter who can stun. Stunning an enemy will increase his chances to kill and also allow him to rotate more freely.

How to Use Valir Skills 2023?

Passive Ashing

Whenever Valir deals damage with his skills, he applies a mark of Blaze on Enemies. This mark can be applied up to 3 times. After applying 3 marks, enemies will be stunned for 1 second.

Mobile Legends Valir

Each mark deals Magic Damage to the enemies based on the Enemy Maximum HP.

Skill 1 Burst Fireball

Valir shoots a fireball in a straight line. It explodes on hitting on hitting any enemy or reaching the maximum distance.

Mobile Legends Valir

After exploding, ground will be burning for a while which again explodes after some several seconds.

Correct use of this skill can put 2 marks of Blaze on any Enemy.

Skill 2 Searing Torrent

Valir unleashes the power of flames and pushes back all the enemies from him.

Mobile Legends Valir

This skill is great in saving yours and your allies life.

Ultimate Skill Vengeance Flame

Valir will enhance himself with the power of Flames.

Valir will be surrounded by 4 Flames which enhances his skills up to 4 times.

Mobile Legends Valir

Skill 1 after getting enhanced will deal more damage with higher range. After explosion of fireball, the size of burning ground will also be larger.

Skill 2 will leave behind a wall of fire at the end of the flame wave. Enemies walking over this wall will be slowed down and also getting a stack of Blaze.

Which Skill Combo is Best for Mobile Legends Valir?

Valir Combo

  • Valir has just one simple combo.
  • Valir combo Use Skill 1 then Basic Attack. Repeat this till you run out of Mana or secure your Kill.
  • Skill 2 and Ultimate are Life Saving Skills.
  • Skill 2 will push away all the incoming enemies. Use it when you have to push enemies inside Turret, or save yourself and team from enemies.
  • Ultimate will provide Purify to you which is essential when having Strong Crowd Control Heroes as Enemies like Franco, Minsitthar, Jawhead, Atlas, Esmeralda. Use it after Enemy Crowd Control Skill is used.
Mobile Legends Valir
Valir Combo

Mobile Legends Valir Skill Level Upgrade Order

Skill 11357911
Skill 22610131415

Mobile Legends Valir Guide 2023 & Gameplay Tips

  • Always upgrade Skill 1 first then focus on upgrading Skill 2 and Ultimate. Skill 1 is the only skill which provides damage to enemies, rest all skills are for supporting yourself and allies.
  • Learn aiming with Skill 1. Correctly aimed Skill 1 will reduce CD of Skill 1 by a lot. This helps you in continuously harassing your enemies and also force them to recall to their base.
  • Use Valir’s Early Game Damage and try to steal buffs. This will affect your enemy by disrupting their farm.
  • Try to get Tanks like Hylos, Minotaur, Franco as your Ally. Their skillset really works in a very good coordination with Valir’s Skillset.

Mobile Legends Valir Pros and Cons


  • He can secure kills very easily in the early game.
  • He has his own Purify Skill. (Ultimate Skill)
  • Has a great amount of Crowd Control which can stun whole team and allow your team to finish off the enemy


  • He is very squishy if you get targeted.
  • He cannot defend base efficiently.
  • He needs proper aiming of skills or else you will lose the game.

Mobile Legends Valir Best Emblem Set 2023

Mage emblem is the only emblem that should be used on Valir. Since Valir has the capabilty of giving Support and dealing Burst Damage at the same time.

Mage emblem for Valir

  • Agility or Mastery: Agility will provide more Movement Speed which I recommend you all, as this will help in continuous ganking.
  • Mastery can also be opted but Valir already has a very low Cooldown, so Cooldown Reduction is not much required and Cooldown Reduction by Items is more than sufficient.
  • Observation: It will increase Magic Penetration greatly.
  • Mystery Shop: This talent reduces price of all items by 10%, which helps Valir in buying all the Items faster.
  • Since Valir will not be farming in the whole game, so his gold income will be lower too. Mystery Shop solves this problem for him.
Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends Valir Best Emblem

Mobile Legends Valir Best Battle Spells

Flameshot – Flameshot is one of the best for Valir, it helps Valir to clearly snipe enemy with the help of his huge range of Ultimate.


You can consider giving Purify or Flicker, if you think enemy can easily kill you.

Mobile Legends Valir Strong and Weak Against

Valir Strong Against

Aldous, Esmeralda, (Valir can counter many heroes)

Valir Weak Against 

Lancelot, Zilong, Chou, Atlas, Johnson.

Mobile Legends Valir Best Build 2023

Valir Build for Core Items

  1. Arcane Boots – It provides Magic Penetration, which allows you to dominate the early game.
  2. Clock of Destiny – It is very important as it increases HP and Magic Attack every 30 seconds, up to 10 times. When 10 times HP and Magic Attack is increased, it will give additional Mana and extra 5% Magic Attack.
  3. Lightning Truncheon – It is the main source of Damage. It will deal Burst type of Damage and deal additional damage based on your Mana. It also deals extra damage by spreading the Magic Damage to enemies as Lightning.
  4. Holy Crystal – It will drastically increase Magic Attack which works well with the combination of Clock of Destiny and Lightning Truncheon. You can use this as valir damage build slot.
Mobile Legends Pharsa

Best Build for Valir 2023

  1. Arcane Boots
  2. Clock of Destiny
  3. Lightning Truncheon
  4. Holy Crystal
  5. Divine Glaive – It gives huge Magic Penetration.
  6. Genius Wand – It decreases Magic Defense on enemy, and also provides Magic Penetration. This is my recomemnded best build for valir 2023.
Mobile Legends Pharsa
Best Build for Valir 2023

Valir Best Build 2023

  1. Arcane Boots
  2. Clock of Destiny
  3. Necklace of Durance – It reduces enemy Regeneration effect, which decreases durability of many Heroes. This is also best build valir 2023.
  4. Lightning Truncheon
  5. Holy Crystal
  6. Divine Glaive
Mobile Legends
Valir Best Build 2023

Valir Build 2023 As Support Hero

  1. Magic Shoes – It provides Cooldown Reduction.
  2. Clock of Destiny
  3. Lightning Truncheon
  4. Holy Crystal
  5. Divine Glaive
  6. Ice Queen Wand – It slows down the enemies and also provides Magic Lifesteal. You can take valir best build savage in the game its depend on your skills timing. 🙂
Mobile Legends Pharsa
Valir Build As Support Hero

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