Mobile Legends Paquito Guide 2023 | Paquito Best Build 2023

Mobile Legends Paquito is kind of hard in playing in the early phases but later he is quite easy to play.

Paquito skill set and passive are very unique which makes his Skill combo different for every situation.

Topics Covered in this article

  • Best Builds For Paquito
  • Paquito Best Emblem set
  • Paquito Suitable Battle Spells
  • Skills & Passive Explanation
  • Effective Skill Combos
  • Paquito Guide & Gameplay Tips
  • Paquito Pros & Cons.

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For now, let’s focus on Mobile Legends Paquito Guide 2023.

Mobile Legends Paquito Lane

Paquito is very good in early game damage and survivability. This makes him a good Offlaner who can stall his enemies and lead them to death.

Paquito is played in any of the side lane mainly in the Experience Lane.

How to Use Paquito Skills 2023?

Passive – Champ Stance

Paquito can enhance his skills by gaining stacks. It stacks up to 4 stacks. Enhanced Skills also increase his movement speed.

Stacks can be gained either through Basic Attack or Skill.

His passive allows him to cast every skill during his enhancement. Enhanced Skills do not have Cooldown. This makes his Passive very scary.

How to Active Paquito Shield?

When Paquito deals Damage to Enemy heroes using basic attacks or skill. he gains passive stacks.

Using skills on Creeps also gives him passive stacks, but using basic attacks on creeps wont give him Stacks. 

When his passive reaches max stacks (4 stacks), all of his skills will be enhanced. Using any one of these Enhanced skills will increase his movement speed by 60% for 2.5 second.

Once you use any of the enhanced skills, his passive will be reset and all his skills will return to normal state.

Special tips- Paquito’s normal skills CD won’t affect enhanced skills. You can use enhanced skills even if the normal skills are in cooldown. all you need is passive stacks.

Mobile Legends Paquito

Skill 1 – Heavy Left Punch

Paquito enters his parry mode. At the end of skill, he punches, if it hits a target then he deals Physical Damage.

If he misses a target then he gains a Shield which increases with Physical Attack stats.

Enhanced Heavy Left Punch deals more damage or gives more Shield.

Note: Shield from Non – Enhanced Skill can stack with Enhanced Skill Shield. This makes him very durable during fights.

Mobile Legends Paquito

Skill 2 – Jab

Paquito dashes forward and throws a jab and deals damage to enemies in an area.

This is his main skill for damage. Enhanced Jab deals more damage.

Mobile Legends Paquito

Ultimate Skill Knockout Strike

Paquito dashes forward and pull all the enemies in the range till the end of dash and attack them with as elbow strike.

Paquito swiftly dashes back to his original position after a quick Elbow strike.

Total number of attacks = 2

Total number of Crowd Control in the Skill = 1.

Enhanced Knockout Strike will make Paquito deal an uppercut after an elbow strike.

Total number of attacks = 3

Total number of Crowd Control in the Skill = 2.

Mobile Legends Paquito

Mobile Legends Paquito Skill Combo

Paquito Combo 2023

Paquito Skill is very variable. It depends on which situation you are in the game.

If you are trying to escape an enemy then you use the combo Skill 1 (don’t hit enemy) + Enhanced Skill 1(don’t hit enemy).

This way you can get shield for 2 times which makes it harder for enemies to kill you.

Mobile Legends Paquito
Paquito Combo 2023

Paquito Full Skill Combo 2023

Skill 2 + Basic Attack + Skill 1(hit the target) + Basic Attack + Enhanced Ultimate + Ultimate.

If enemy is still not dead then repeat the combo or else use Execute Battle Spell to finish an enemy.

Mobile Legends Paquito

Mobile Legends Paquito Skill Level Up Order

Skill 12610131415
Skill 21357911

Mobile Legends Paquito Guide 2023 & Gameplay Tips

  • At start, go to the Exp lane. You can unlock either Skill 1 or Skill 2.
  • Unlock Skill 1 to play aggressive or unlock skill 2 to play safe.
  • They both deal almost similar damage at level 1.
  • Skill 1 shield during laning will be crucial, make sure it hits a enemy hero when you cast it.
  • Since, your enhanced skill don’t have CD, you can use your enhanced ultimate to clear waves faster.
  • Paquito has very good early game damage, use it for your advantage.
  • Paquito main damage comes from Skill 1, prioritize it for upgrading.
  • Paquito is quite weak during Late Game Phase which makes his Gameplay aggressive right from the start of the game.
  • Use bush to initiate your skill combo which makes it even harder for enemies to dodge it.

Mobile Legends Paquito Emblem Set 2023

Paquito Best Emblem – Fighter

  • Fighter emblem is the only emblem that works the best in his favor.
  • This Emblem set gives a balanced amount of damage and durability that will increase Paquito’s power in the lane.
  • With this Emblem Set, he can inflict a good amount of damage to the enemy and absorb damage with the durability it gives.
  • Bravery – This talent will increase Paquito’s damage and power in the lane.
  • Invasion – It will provide Physical PEN which can deal great damage.
  • Festival of Blood – It will provide extra Spell Vamp whenever you kill an Enemy.
Fighter emblem
Paquito Best Emblem – Fighter

Mobile Legends Paquito Battle Spells


In my oponion, Flicker is the best spell to use on him. You can Quickly surprise Enemies with it.



Execute works really well with Paquito. Paquito has good Cooldown of his Skill and pretty good Early Game Damage but it still lacks the ability to kill an enemy.

Execute helps in killing which makes you even more dominating in the game.


Mobile Legends Paquito Pros and Cons


  • Outplay – Paquito is very mobile and also has low Cooldown on his skills.
  • This makes him very annoying to his enemies.
  • You can just fool your enemy till their death and still escape with Low HP.
  • Damage – Paquito is combo-based Hero with Low Cooldown.
  • His main damage comes from Skill 2.
  • Mobility – Paquito has very low cooldown of Skill 2 which is 4.5 seconds at maximum level.
  • If give him Cooldown Reduction items then the cooldown of Skill 2 goes up to 3 seconds.
  • This makes it very to roam for him in the map.


  • Limited Range – His range for each skill is very low which makes it harder for him to chase a mobile target like Kimmy.
  • Difficulty – His skills situation dependent which makes it harder for beginners to cast the correct skill.
  • Vulnerability – He doesn’t have any immunity spell for crowd control skills.
  • He just has Skill 1 as his Defense Skill.

Mobile legends Paquito Video Guide

Mobile Legends Paquito Strong and Weak Against

Paquito Strong Against

Fanny, Gusion, Granger, Lesley.

Paquito Weak Against

Vexana, Guinevere, Wanwan, Luo Yi.

Mobile Legends Paquito Best Build 2023

Paquito Build 2023 Core Items

  1. Magic Shoes – It reduces Cooldown of Skills.
  2. Bloodlust Axe – It provides Spell Vamp.
  3. Hunter Strike – It increases Physical Pen and also enhances Movement Speed.
Mobile Legends Paquito
Mobile Legends Paquito core item build

Best Build for Paquito 2023 – Semi Tank

  1. Warrior Boots- 720
  2. Bloodlust Axe- 1970
  3. Brute Force Breastplate- 1870
  4. Blade of Despair- 3010
  5. Queen’s Wings- 2250
  6. Immortality- 2120

This is my recommended build for Paquito. Semi-Defense build works well on him.

Best Build for Paquito 2021 - Semi Tank
Best Build for Paquito 2023 – Semi Tank

When you play solo and need more damage? try this build is overall based on High damage and abilities to gank enemies.

Best Paquito Build 2023 – Damage Build

  1. Bloodlust Axe- 1970
  2. Warrior Boots- 720
  3. Endless Battle- 2470
  4. Blade of the Heptaseas- 1950
  5. Queen’s Wings- 2250
  6. Brute Force Breastplate- 1870
Best Paquito Build 2021 - Damage Build
Best Paquito Build 2023 – Damage Build

Paquito Best Build by Betosky 2023 Vs Magic Heroes

  1. Warrior Boots
  2. Endless Battle
  3. Brute Force Breastplate
  4. Athena’s Shield
  5. Blade of Despair
  6. Immortality

Paquito Best Build 2023

  1. Magic Shoes – It reduces Cooldown of Skills.
  2. Bloodlust Axe – It provides Spell Vamp.
  3. Hunter Strike – It increases Physical Pen and also enhances Movement Speed.
  4. Thunder Belt – It provides extra Mana and Defence. It also deals True Damage in your Basic Attacks.
  5. Immortality – It will revive you after die once.
  6. Blade of Despair – It drastically increases Physical Attack.


Mobile Legends Paquito
Paquito Best Build 2023

His build is very variable at the moment and has this Build as default.

That’s all for this article.

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I have tried my best to include each and everything regarding Mobile Legends Paquito in this article.

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