Mobile Legends Fanny New Rotation and Best Anti Counter Guide 2023

A recent update of mobile legends, there are plenty of changes Including battlefield adjustments and animations. Rotation is very important for early game for Mobile Legends fanny or any other assassin. Let’s discuss some of these changes first;-

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Mobile Legends Fanny Importance of Retribution –

In this new update, you must have retribution to be able to buy jungle items. Make sure to have retribution with fanny or else you won’t be able to jungle in early game at all.

After buying jungle item, damage taken from jungle monster will be reduced by 40% permanently but it will also decrease Experience received from minions by 40% for 3 minions.

Mobile Legends Fanny New Rotation after Project Next

In Project Next update ML introduced Experience Lane and Gold Lane concept.

Mobile Legends Fanny

Gold Lane gives 50% extra gold for 3 minutes and is located opposite side of 1st turtle spawned. If gold lane is at top then you can follow the same rotation we had before the update and call yourself lucky.

BUFF -> Lithowanderer -> Top Lane Minions -> Crab

Top Lane Minions mobile legends fanny

No need to use cables after taking lithowanderer as it now gives movement speed boost on water so you can now walk to top lane.

Why Choose The Gold Lane Instead Of Experience Lane?

Fanny doesn’t depend on skill level but rather on farm also if you take Retribution and Jungle Items you will get 40% less experience from minions.

If you go in experience you will not only waste experience from minions but also will be under farm and low level.

Gold Lane Instead Of Experience mobile legends fanny

Here you can see big minions are carrying the extra gold. Smaller ones give the normal amount of gold, only big ones give extra gold so make sure not to miss these minions or you will be wasting a lot of gold.

After the last wave of minions at 3:30 minutes, experience and gold lane will be nullified and you will get normal gold and experience from the minions.

After this you can change lane if you are not comfortable playing at top lane.

Mobile Legends Fanny Rotation for Bot Lane:-

If gold lane is at bot you will have difficulty rotating as blue buff is at top lane.

Blue Buff -> Bot Lane Minions -> Crab -> Crammer

Bot Lane Minions mobile legends fanny

Mobile Legends Fanny Points To Remember:-

  • Never forget to take retribution or else you will lose
  • The ability to jungle.
  • Always choose gold lane whether it’s in bot or top.
  • Make sure to jungle properly or else you won’t be able
  • To level up in early game.
  • After 3 minutes all lane will be normal, so you can
  • Switch lanes if you want.

Mobile Legends Fanny Anti-Counter Guide

Every time a new hero is released, fanny gets a new counter as most of these new heroes have unique cc skills.

Mobile Legends Fanny Counter List:–

These counters are not same for everyone, some find it’s hard to counter a certain hero while others can easily counter it.

There are 3 kinds of fanny counters in ML:

  1. Heroes, which can’t be countered.
  2. Heroes, which can be avoided.
  3. Heroes, which can be countered.

We will discuss all 3 types in details.

Mobile Legends Fanny Heroes, which can’t be countered:–

These heroes are impossible to counter and if you are against one of them, then retreating is the best option you have.

These include: – Chou, Kaja.

For exampleOnce you get hit by Chou’s ultimate there is nothing you can do. Even if he is solo, he has high chances of killing you.

You can only wait till his ultimate is over and run with quick cables as soon as possible. Or, you can make tough boots to decrease enemies Crowd Control time by 30%.

tough boots

These kinds of heroes will save their CC for you only so don’t engage without wasting their CC.

Mobile Legends Fanny Heroes Which Can Be Avoided:–

These types of heroes can’t be countered too, but they can be avoided easily as they generally use their CC for team fight or to protect their teammates.

If you get in their CC skills you can run away but only if other enemies, let you go away so don’t underestimate them.

These heroes include:

Just let your team engage and let these heroes use their CC skills on them. After that you can easily go in and kill.

If you find enemy carry hero with a counter hero, never try to engage as these heroes mostly save their ultimate to save the carry hero.

Mobile Legends Fanny Heroes Which Can Be Countered:–

Next comes heroes which can be countered, but are also the most effective counters of fanny.

Silvanna is one of the best counter for fanny as she can trap fanny in her ultimate and her high magic damage will kill fanny in seconds. But there is a way to counter Silvanna.

Silvanna is one of the best counter for fanny

After she traps you in her ultimate, throw a cable in the opposite direction of Silvanna this will help fanny avoid her second skill damage and as soon as you are free move you can either kill her or run.

After revamp Saber is now very powerful and can easily one shot fanny but you can lure heroes like saber to waste their ultimate. These heroes follow enemies in their ultimate.

revamp saber is now very powerful and can easily one shot fanny

Luring saber can be a hard job as if you fail or is slow, you will be the one in trouble. Its better you avoid saber rather than lure him.

New Helcurt doesn’t silent enemies when taking damage, by skills so fanny can use skills easily. After project next all assassins are forced to use retribution as a spell so he can’t petrify too.

Helcurt doesn't silent enemies when taking damage by skills so fanny

Only problem is his ultimate and 1st skill, but you can easily counter them by staying out of sight.

When it gets dark and you know Helcurt is targeting you, just run somewhere near walls and if he chases you kill him.

As a solo laner you can easily kill him, so I don’t even take him as a counter anymore.

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That’s all for Mobile Legends Fanny X Project Next and Anti Counter Guide. Hope You Guys Learnt Something New Here. Pls comment if you like it.

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