Mobile Legends Adventure Best Guide 2022

This article is intended to give you a detailed guideline on Mobile Legends Adventure, Tips and tricks of the game, strategies to play the game and also about cheats to play the game.

The game was launched by Moonton and is a 5v5 battle. If you are a rookie than you must read this article thoroughly.

Mobile Legends Adventure game is similar to that of the original Mobile Legends game which was released on 14th July, 2016.

There are three type of heroes in this game: Elite Heroes, Epic Heroes and Common Heroes.

All these heroes have their own special set of skills such as damage control, crowd control, healing power, attacking power etc.

If you want to become expert of this game, you need to know the tips and tricks of the game

Mobile Legends Adventure Guide, Tips and Tricks 2022

The concept of the Mobile Legends Adventure game is pretty simple, you need to gather heroes and form a team and fight various battles but the fun part is that its not as simple as it looks.

You have to consider various factors before gathering your heroes such as your opponent’s power, their strength and their weakness.

So at first lets discuss the tips and tricks of the game.

Here are some tips and tricks to the MLA Game:

  • Play through the reset time: The server of the game will reset once in a day which means that you can go through a large content of the game within a limited period of time like Time Portal, Arena, Tower of Babel, Labyrinth and the Tavern. You can go through these sections of the game once again when the time resets.
  • Build a Balance team with heroes from various classes and specialties: You need to know the features and specialties of all the heroes. You can have up to 5 heroes in your team so you should form your team on the following basis 2 Tank + 2 DPS + 1 Healer or 1 Tank + 3 DPS + 1 HealerMobile Legends Adventure Guide Cheats. Tank helps you to increase the damage and healer helps you to heal the damage caused by the enemies.
  • Elemental Advantage: If you cannot surpass a level than you should choose heroes with strong elements so as to get 30% DMG Bonus.
  • AFK: If you are out of resources and struck in any level, you need to increase the power of your heroes for which you can go to the AFK Section and collect idle rewards to increase the strength of the heroes and continue defeating your enemies. 
  • Play all modes: There are different modes in the game by which  you can gain big rewards. For example: you can get advanced essence from babel tower, you can collect equipment from labyrinth, diamonds and achieve equipment coins from arena or tavern.
  • Watch advertisements For getting Diamonds: In the bottom left corner, you will get an option to watch video ads to gain diamonds. The diamonds will help you to develop your heroes’ qualities and attributes.

Get faction / class bonuses

  • Array (5) Light Heroes – + 15% HP, + 15% Magic Power, + 15% Physical ATK
  • Array (5) Dark Heroes – + 12% HP, + 18% Magic Power, + 18% Physical ATK
  • (5) Elemental Heroes – + 9% Damage Reduction, + 20% MP (Ability Power), + 20% BP (Physical ATK)
  • (5) Tech Heroes – + 12% DMG, + 12% damage reduction
  • Host (5) Martial Heroes – + 10% CRIT DMG, + 6% CRIT rate, + 16% HP
  • Array (2) Light Heroes + (3) Dark Heroes or (3) Dark Heroes + (2) Light – + 8% CRIT DAN, + 5% CRIT Rate, + 11% HP
  • (2) Martial + (3) Elemental or (3) Martial) + (2) Elemental – + 10% HP, + 10% + MP, + 10% AP
  • (2) Tech + (3) Elemental or (3) Tech + (2) Elemental – + 8% damage reduction, + 11% HP, + 11% MP
  • Tech + (1) Light + (1) Dark + (1) Elemental + (1) Martial – + 8% HP, + 12% MP, + 12% AP

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Mobile Legends Adventure Guide Strategies 2022

  • In this article we would give  Mobile Legends Adventure Guide For Rookies which will help you overcome the starting difficulties of the game. Even though the concept of the game is simple, it will be difficult at the starting to adopt the features of the game.
  • Release Hero Ultimate on a Frequent basis while you are in a battle. You can see a glow when your heroes skill reaches the ultimate as it give you various advantages during the battle. These powers can damage your enemy at once and provide you an upper hand. Therefore releasing it at regular intervals will damage the  health of your enemies. This damage can be increased if you release the ultimate of two heroes at a similar time. The combo release can give you serious advantage and which will increase the chance of winning the battle.
  • Choose your heroes bravely as each heroes have their own set of skills and abilities. Therefore select the most powerful heroes and also a healer should be selected so that the damage caused by the enemy should be healed. You should also upgrade the skills of the heroes so that the EXP gets increases.  You should also equip your heroes weapons, boots, armor, necklaces from campaign missions, the labyrinth, login rewards and idle rewards. 
  • You should also experiment with different formations as it will help you get the correct formation for your team and help you win the battle.

Final Words

We hope this article had given you insight into the Mobile Legends Adventure game.

The tips and tricks if followed will help you overcome the difficulties of the game and defeat the enemies in the game.

The developers have done a fabulous job in developing the graphics of the game and content of the game.

As per the reviews of the gamers, the game is very addictive and the gamers find the game interesting and innovative.

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