Idle Taxi Tycoon Best Beginner’s Guide 2022 

Idle Taxi Tycoon: Kolibri Games are well-known for their series of idle games which are truly a classic in the gaming industry.

If you are a fanatic of these games, we are sure that Idle Taxi Tycoon must have caught your attention at least once. 

In Idle Taxi Tycoon, the player works to start and supervise a taxi company of their own.

The game gets interesting as you look for ways to expand your business as much as possible.

Such idle games are a great alternative for all those people who wish to play and relish a game thoroughly, however, can’t commit to them for extended periods.

Idle Taxi Tycoon is a game that you can pick and play at any point in time and it’s not going to leave you disappointed. 

In case you are planning to try out this game for the first time, we strongly suggest that you first go through our Idle Taxi Tycoon Beginner’s Guide.

It will maximize your gaming experience to a considerable extent. 

Below, we have mentioned various Idle Taxi Tycoon Tips & Tricks and strategies to expand your cab empire in this fascinating game

Let’s have a look. 

Idle Taxi Tycoon Beginner’s Guide | Idle Taxi Tycoon Tips & Tricks

Investing In More Taxi Drivers

Idle Taxi Tycoon provides you with a range of taxis that you can unlock as you move forward in the game.

However, just like in the real world, your taxis aren’t comfortably automated and you will need drivers who would drive them.

Having said that, you will still have the option to manually click on your screen and drive the taxi across the city.

However, with the taxi driver, it will be their responsibility to drive the vehicle around the city themselves.

When they are done earning some income, they will come back to your break room and proceed with the process. 

Now how does one get a taxi driver in Idle Taxi Tycoon?

Well, it is easy to find your taxi drivers by simply purchasing them from the in-game store.

You will be able to get access to them in exchange for diamonds.

For those who don’t know, diamonds are the premium in-game currency in the Idle Taxi Tycoon game. 

However, premium currencies are always hard to obtain, let alone splurge.

This is why the game also provides you with some more F2P-friendly methods of attaining these taxi drivers.

And in our opinion, you must always resort to them only. 

So Idle Taxi Tycoon provides you with some special tasks as well as missions which you can perform and earn a taxi driver for yourself.

These tasks are pretty straightforward such as making use of the helicopter, performing a dash, and others.

Each taxi driver in the game features a unique rarity of its own.

If you have played such mobile games before, you must already know how rarities work.

A rare character implies better stats for the character.

When you upgrade your items in Idle Taxi Tycoon, you earn coffee which you can use for levelling your taxi drivers up.

Levelling them up will certainly improve their efficiency to a great extent. 

Moreover, when the player possesses a similar card to that of a taxi driver, you may also consider promoting them.

Having talked about levelling them up, we suggest that you carry out the process equally for everyone without being partial about their rarities.

This is an important tip because you will need maximum updated drivers with you when you go on to play dash.  

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Missions Have Great Significance 

When talking about enhancing your skill and experience, in our opinion, the best way to do this is through the special missions that the game provides you with.

These missions are some of the best strategies to expand your cab empire with maximum efficiency.

You will be able to see your present goal in the top section of your screen on the right-hand side.

While you would be able to look at a single objective, the list is almost never-ending.

The game provides you with A LOT of missions. 

These missions are generally related to upgrading your levels and growing across various elements of the in-game operations. 

On the completion of an objective, you are going to earn some additional bonuses that will contribute significantly to your progression.

It is always a good idea to adhere to the present objectives that will provide you with a quick access to these rewards. 

There will certainly be times when you would just not be able to achieve the present objective.

So in such cases, you certainly go on to discover some other ways which will help you in maintaining your progress in the business. 

Always Remember To Upgrade

When we talk about upgrading the vehicle in Idle Taxi Tycoon, we are referring to every single part of the vehicle.

Each Upgrade that you perform in the game is slightly going to contribute to your overall earnings. 

Players will be provided with four different choices while looking at upgrades for their taxis.

These include the body, the wheels, the bumper, as well as the engine.

It is worth mentioning that the upgrade costs of each of these above-mentioned components can vary significantly.

Some parts may require you to spend more currency than the rest.

However, it is worth mentioning that it is always the right thing to do and the worth of these upgrades justifies the expense. 

With every vehicle that you will unlock in the game, the cost of the upgrade will keep increasing. 

Nonetheless, spending this currency is eventually going to help you earn more cash. 

Apart from this, we must tell you that upgrades in the Idle Taxi Tycoon game aren’t just limited to taxis.

Your in-game taxi station is also loaded with a range of elements that the player can upgrade in the game.

These include the taxi station’s break room, waiting room, as well as a call centre. 

Each of these areas features distinct components within them that you can upgrade.

These include adding some decorations, upgrading the available chairs, improving ventilation, and more. 

Just like upgrading the taxi, upgrading your station is also going to help you in earning increased amounts of revenue.

You will also be able to expand these components by adding some more of them.

For instance, you can add a bathroom or even a kitchen.

Once you are done upgrading an element completely (that is up to the tenth level), the Idle Taxi Tycoon game will provide you with some extra coffee.

You can use this coffee for further levelling your taxi drivers up. 

Don’t Miss Out On The Ad Boosts And Other Freebies

The Idle Taxi Tycoon game provides you with a range of ad boosts as well as other benefits.

The best part about the game is that you aren’t even required to play the game for long hours continuously to be able to get access to extra rewards.

This is because Idle Taxi Tycoon helps you in idly earning rewards for almost 60 minutes while you would be away and offline. 

You will be provided with a variety of unique perks that will help you in earning way more than your usual gameplay.

The majority of these perks are owed to the ad boost feature of the game.

There is also some additional revenue that players will be able to earn without the need to watch a single video advertisement. 

We strongly recommend that the players make it their habit to claim their special reward every day. It is provided by the game in the in-game store itself. 

A good thing about Idle Taxi Tycoon is that no single video ad in the game plays without your consent.

And every ad that you play provides you with some sort of a boost and is never futile to watch.

One of the most significant ad boosts in the game is the Idle Taxi Tycoon income multiplier which increases your earnings by 2x.

You will be able to trigger this option from the lower section of your screen.

We suggest that every player always keeps in mind to take advantage of this ad boost specifically. 

Every video advertisement is going to provide you with a 2x income advance for fifteen minutes and you will be able to stack it up for two complete hours.

One of the most exciting parts is that the multiplier applies to your idle income.

So we suggest that players rack the boost for a minimum of 60 minutes before they go offline and away from the game. 

There are also many more boosts provided to you in the Idle Taxi Tycoon game and you will be able to discover them all as you move forward.

The idea is that you take advantage of each one of them and never underestimate their importance. 

Take Part In The Dash Campaign 

The Idle Taxi Tycoon game also provides you with a special mini-game within. This is called the dash campaign.

Here in the dash, players will need to bring together an association of taxi drivers who possess an adequate degree of dash power.

This dash power is going to help them in finishing off the requirements of a stage. 

You will come across 24 different levels in this mini-game that you must complete.

Each stage is further split up into various rounds.

Once you are done gaining victory over the last round, you will be provided with a fresh taxi driver or/and some additional cards that will help you in enhancing your current drivers. 

In Idle Taxi Tycoon, the dash mini-game is quite straightforward and you will be able to grasp the majority of the elements on your own.

Every round features a specific requirement that is depicted by the icon of a cloud wing.

As mentioned earlier, the dash power of your chosen taxi drivers plays a crucial role in this campaign.

The team power is going to blend and develop a distinct look as well as drive for the player. 

While taxi drivers might not be sufficiently proficient to complete the challenge by themselves, they can get lucky when they fulfil the provided mandates for a driver in a round.

As a result, they are going to earn a power boost of 2x.

Hence, we recommend that players make use of all their coffee and use it to boost their taxi drivers in the Idle Taxi Tycoon.

This will improve your efficiency in the game considerably! 

You Can Also Play Offline! 

Yes, you heard that right! Idle Taxi Tycoon is one of those rare mobile games that you can also play without internet connectivity.

You won’t need your Wi-Fi to load any kind of competitive or cooperative content for you as the game simply relies on all the data that it initially downloads on the device.

All the essential features of Idle Taxi Tycoon as well as the fundamental gameplay content is stored right there on the device. 

The only thing that you will need to have a Wi-Fi connection for is the ad boosts in the game.

As mentioned earlier, ad boosts are a crucial part of almost every mobile game these days and Idle Taxi Tycoon is no different.

We suggest that you play the online game once in a while to take advantage of these free features. 

However, in case that is not something that you desire or if you don’t have access to Wi-Fi at some point in the future, you can just feel secure by the thought of playing the game offline whenever you wish to.

All the essential game content will still be right there at your service. 

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And that pretty much sums up our Idle Taxi Tycoon Beginner’s Guide. Idle Taxi Tycoon is a feature-rich game and it is in your best interest to grasp as much as you can before you step into the actual game.

It is always a good idea to know beforehand what you’re getting yourself into.

This way, you will not only be able to start on the right path but also strategize your later moves carefully. 

We hope that our Idle Taxi Tycoon Tips & Tricks were beneficial for you and you can use these strategies to expand your cab empire in the game.

In case you have any further concerns or suggestions to share, you can do so in the comment section down below. 

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