How Can You Play War Thunder Like An Expert?

War Thunder is a highly comprehensive cross-platform and free-to-play MMO military game that you can play on several platforms, including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Mac, Linux, Windows, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

This game is different from its counterparts because it is committed to armored vehicles, naval vessels, and aviation.

When players play this game, they get a golden opportunity to participate in some major battles, and that happens at sea, in the air, and on land.

The usefulness of getting hacks and cheats from reliable websites

War Thunder

The cheats of War Thunder turned tough in 2019 after the addition of the easy anti-cheat system that was introduced in this game. Due to this, developers were required to hack it to continue using cheats.

If players use War Thunder video game hacks by Lavicheats, they get hacks that are filled with PVE and PVP features, and they propose some practical ways in which players can use cheats to win battles.

If you are a newbie and have been playing War Thunder for the first time, you can think of using hacks and cheats from popular and trustworthy websites.

The Love for War Thunder

War Thunder

If you prefer war, you can’t keep yourself distanced from War Thunder. If you play this game, you will find it to be updated heavily since the time it was written.

Again, the looks of this game, too, underwent some modifications. However, the fundamentals of this game have remained the same. If a player wants to reach the skies, he must create his account, and if his friends have been playing this game, he can get a referral link from them.

This way, he will get many rewards. This is the common process of playing this game. The very first step players need to take is to select a nickname, and if he finds that another player is using this name, they must look for a different name.

And if he finds that this name, too, has been taken, then he can think of adding some random letters before and after this name.

Take your pick from Army or Aviation units

When you begin this game for the first time, you need to take your pick from Army or Aviation units. This guide is formed around aircraft, and if a player doesn’t seem to be interested in a tanker, he can select a country.

The newbies should choose the USSR, and they should begin their journey from this country even when they wish to settle for another counter due to the bonus plane that they have received after their first battle.

However, players should choose a country based on their personal preferences. They can choose any country for several reasons, like historical and patriotic. Sometimes, players choose a country according to their preferred national cuisine.

Mistakes to avoid while playing War Thunder

Players who play War Thunder learn a lot of things from this game, both strategically and mechanically. Hence, it does not seem surprising that, most often, new players struggle a lot.

The fortunate thing is playing War Thunder does not emerge as a dreaded experience for players, and every player can enjoy a lot when he plays this game. Some common mistakes a player should avoid are:

Depending on the item shop – When you play War Thunder, you will be able to use various ways to acquire items, and in this regard, relying on the Item Shop seems to be the worst option. Hence, players must avoid it at every cost. Every player who has experience playing gacha games is aware that this procedure can turn out to be pretty frustrating as well as sufficiently expensive. Players need to save money by purchasing only selected items.

Getting tunnel vision – While playing War Thunder, players find it pretty easy to fixate on an enemy. However, destroying the enemy seems important, but if a player does this by disregarding his allies and risking his whole operation, then he must not opt for it. A few enemies make highly enticing targets compared to others. Therefore, when you play, you should be conscious of the battle’s greater context and remain mindful of different other variables. If players continue to concentrate on only one enemy, they can lose battles easily.

Not helping allies – Players get impressive outcomes when they think of assisting their teammates. They will have lots of chances when they can repair the damaged vehicles of their allies, and if players can accomplish this task without getting destroyed, they should attempt this all the time. Players should always hunt for one another, and it seems to be a better option compared to utilizing a modded vehicle.

Researching inappropriate vehicles – Every player researches the finest vehicles that are around as everyone looks for the strongest equipment. But researching high-tier vehicles is a mistake. Players get a huge penalty for RP or Research Points if they research vehicles that are one tier above. In this case, even if the player gets a superb match, his efforts will go in vain due to the imposition of a penalty on their Research Points.


War Thunder has earned its name as an all-inclusive MMO military game that is free to play. This game is dedicated to armored vehicles, naval craft, and aviation from the Cold War and Second World War.

Players who play this game can participate in major battles that happen at sea, in the air, and on land. They fight with many several players who hailed from various parts of the world.

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