Best Easiest Way to Fix Hitman Servers Down Error 2022

Hitman servers down is a recurring issue that can be solved with a few simple steps.

Hitman 3 is an online game so you need to have internet to access the content and the servers must be up and running to play the game.

The developer of the game, IO Interactive tends to occasionally shut down the servers for the purpose of maintenance before releasing any major updates. 

How to check Hitman Server Status? 

We can conclude from previous updates that IO interactive likes to test run the new content on every platform before bringing the servers back and this might take the whole day.

You can see that Stadia and Nintendo players are the first ones to receive updates, and then the users of Xbox and PlayStation get it.

The PC servers will get restored do when the Steam version is released. 

The status of the servers is always updated on the official website of IO Interactive and their Twitter account. 

You might be wondering “How to check Hitman server status” if there are no updates on the official site.

Another alternative is DownDetector page which gives you all the updates. 

How to fix Hitman Server Down Issue? 

Fix 1: Reboot the Network

Before trying out any difficult fix you have seen on the internet, go for the simple method. Just restart the game and router.

If you are still not able to launch the game after restarting multiple times, it is best to restart the network. 

1. Anything that is connected to the network should be turned off. 

2. First unplug your router and then the modem. If you own a router with an in-built modem then things get easier. 

3. Now wait for 10 seconds.

4. Plug back the modem first and then the router.

5. You know the standard procedure, your modem and router will take 2-3 minutes to completely boot up. 

6. Turn on your computer and connect it to the internet. 

7. Now launch the game again and check if the Hitman servers down issue is solved. 

Fix 2: Make sure the Windows Firewall is not blocking Hitman 3

Mostly Hitman servers down or Connection Failed error can appear due to Windows Firewall blocking your game. So, it is important to check the Firewall settings so that the game can run through. 

  1. Go to Windows Search bar and type FireWall. Now select Windows Defender Firewall. 
  2. On the left side, you will see an option that says “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.”
  3. Find Hitman 3 on the list and check if it is ticked for private. 
  4. If you are not able to find the game click on “Change Settings.”
  5. Then click on “Allow another app..” button.
  6. Add Hitman 3 executable file to the list. In case you don’t know where the game file is installed, follow the steps below: 
  • In your library click on the game title.
  • From the left menu select Properties. 
  • Under the Local Files section, click Open folder. 
  1. Now launch the game again and check if Hitman servers down error is fixed. 

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Fix 3: Keep your Network Driver Updated

Whenever you click on Play or Retry, the network adaptor automatically gets disabled.

So you are stuck in a world of disconnection. The best way to get out of it is by updating your network driver. 

To do it manually, visit the official website of the manufacturer and install the right network driver appropriate for your system. 

To do it automatically you will need a Driver Easy. This can recognize which will be the perfect network driver for my system.

You don’t have to be aware of what system is compatible with your computer, you don’t even have to put your computer at risk by downloading and installing the wrong driver, and therefore, no issue of making a mistake while installing. 

Your driver will automatically get updated with the free or Pro version of Driver Easy.

It is better to use the Pro version because that takes only 2 clicks and you can access full support and 30-day money-back guarantee. 

  • Install Driver Easy
  • Open it and click on the Scan Now button. It will start scanning your computer and alert you about any problem drivers.
  • Next to each flagged network adaptor driver, you will see the “Update” button. Click on that to install the latest version.

Or, Click on Update all to install the correct versions of the driver.

You will be able to do this with the free version of the app as well. 

  • Restart your computer, open the game and check if the Hitman servers down issue is solved. 

Fix 4: Run the game as an administrator

Sometimes the game might not work due to limited administrative rights.

In order to access all the game files, you will have to become the administrator of Hitman 3 and Epic Game Launcher.

Follow the steps to run the game as admin permanently: 

  • You have to right-click on your Hitman 3 executable file as well as Game Launcher, and click on “Properties.”
  • Go to the “Compatibility” tab and click on the box next to “Run this program as an administrator.”  Click on Apply and then OK. 
  • Now, whenever you launch the game it will launch in admin mode. Check whether Hitman servers down issue is resolved. 

Fix 5: Disable your Antivirus Software

Antivirus software often restricts the features of many games.

So you can encounter the “connection failed” error or “Hitman servers down.”

If your computer came with installed antivirus software, you have the option to temporarily disable it and check whether the issue is resolved.

Sometimes even disabling does not work. In such a case, you can temporarily uninstall the software, or exclude Hitman 3 from its list. 

Final Words

After executing all these fixes if you still encounter the Hitman servers down issue, then it might be from their end.

Keep checking IO Interactive Twitter updates for further information.

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