Secret Tricks Grow Empire Rome Best Beginner’s Guide 2022 

Grow Empire Rome: Who doesn’t admire the fun of playing tower defence mobile games? If you have stumbled upon the Grow Empire Rome game recently, you know what we are talking about.

Grow Empire Rome is one of the most incredible games available out there which helps you emerge as the most powerful emperor! 

It would be fair to say that the game is certainly not a very simple one.

It takes a lot when it comes to transform those tiny boroughs into a strong empire.

As such, it becomes extremely crucial for you to make use of the appropriate technique and strategies to go about playing your game.

Make sure that you are upgrading all the necessary stuff at the right time as it is going to help you in maximising your experience.

Moreover, it will help in maintaining a healthy balance throughout the empire. 

Wars are a significant aspect of this game which may seem a bit overwhelming at times.

However, without winning a few wars here and there, how are you going to claim yourself as the most powerful warrior? 

There’s only so much that the game provides to you.

And to help you relish it all, we are here with another beginner’s guide

In this article, we are going to enlighten you on various Grow Empire Rome Tips, Tricks, and strategies to defend your empire in this new game.

If you wish to ensure the best experience for yourself, make sure to stick around till the end. Let’s have a look. 

Grow Empire Rome Guide

The fundamental gameplay in the Grow Empire Rome game revolves around encountering waves of invaders and winning against them at all costs.

For summoning these opponents, all you need to do is click on the option of Next Wave which is located on the bottom right-hand side of your screen. 

You will then need to call for your units as well who will be fighting against these invaders.

To do so, you must head to the portraits of these units that are located on the bottom left-hand side of your screen and click on them. 

The player will be provided with two charges as they start their journey in the Grow Empire Rome game.

And with time, these charges keep getting restored on their own.

Your bar will be seized of one charge as you summon your units.

You will be able to take a look at this through the green gauge that is located towards the top of your unit panel. 

If there’s any true ally in the game, it’s information.

There is no doubt that with every new wave, these invaders are only going to give you a tough time dealing with them.

However, Grow Empire Rome is initially going to make the player aware of the kind of units that they are going to encounter in a wave.

So with this crucial piece of information, you will have the advantage of playing smart and deploying only the strongest of your units.

Doing so will give you an upper hand during the fight as your units give a hard blow to your opponents. 

Moreover, the player is going to earn some amount of gold as they kill every invader during the combat.

You will be able to make use of this precious gold for upgrading your units in the game.

Apart from that, you will also earn Experience Points that are used for accomplishing city upgrades. 

Another important thing to keep in mind is that with each 10th enemy wave in the game, you will be made to encounter bosses.

The barbarians will then perform a relatively more systematic invasion and sometimes, some new kinds of opponents may be introduced as well. 

Failure in these battles doesn’t count for any penalty.

In case your opponents end up breaking through the wall, just go for the same wave once again and make sure to give it your best.

Alternatively, you may also consider lying back for a while and upgrading your units first before you encounter them again. 

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Grow Empire Rome Tips, Tricks | Strategies to Defend your Empire

Learn About The Different Kinds Of Units 

Your units in the Grow Empire Rome game are a fundamental element of your gameplay.

They are one of the most powerful and courageous warriors that there are.

However, most of the time, you may find them not being able to unlock their true potential.

In simple words, these units are not efficient as they should have been. 

Nonetheless, you can transform your stagnant bunch of men into much more systematic, disciplined, as well as resilient battalions simply by investing a little in unit progression. 

It is worth noting that different kinds of units in the game feature different sets of pros and cons.

Their strengths, as well as weaknesses, will vary across different unit types. 

Spearmen in the game are strong against the cavalry units whereas cavalry is strong against the ranged kinds owing to their strong and quick mounts.

Ranged unit types boast their versatility and are strong against spearmen. 

Swordsmen in the game are the unusual kind of units that have no notable strength or weakness.

These units are essentially the most balanced of all. 

There’s also one last kind of unit in the game known as siege units.

Especially for your invasion tasks in Grow Empire Rome, these come in truly handy. 


Heroes in Grow Empire Rome are special kinds of units that are way more powerful as well as effective in comparison to those basic armed forces. 

As soon as the battle commences, you will be able to deploy these extraordinary units outside the walls.

Heroes in the game feature way greater levels of stats and possess some distinct kinds of passive skills.

Even an individual hero is competent enough to give a tough fight to a range of opponent units. 

However, you must not mistake their incredible strength for immortality.

While they may not be immortal, you don’t have much to worry about when dealing with these heroes.

They become unavailable for you for the remaining battle in case they end up falling and dying.

Nonetheless, as soon as the war ends, they will be back at your service, looking as good and powerful  as ever! 

The game also provides you with some potions which you can use for leveling up these heroes.

To level up or upgrade your heroes, you will need to boost their stats which is going to instill greater efficiency and power in them.

They will then be deployed as much stronger battalions and will be surviving for a much longer period during the battle. 

Your heroes, at specific intervals in the game, are also going to be provided with their separate batch of units.

As you could expect, it will instantly improve your presence and control on the field and you will be able to feel it as soon as you step in for the fight. 

As you move forward in the game, you will frequently come across special potions on your own.

However, the most secure and quick way to grab these special elixirs is simply purchasing them through the in-game cash store. 

Having said that, you will also be able to purchase more heroes for yourself in this cash store.

Arcani is one hero that you get free of cost. However, to get access to more, you will be required to spend your gems. 

How to Unlock More Units In Grow Empire Rome

While playing Grow Empire Rome, you will notice that unlocking more units and upgrading the existing ones are two things that go hand in hand. 

If you wish to unlock new kinds of units in the game, you will be required to upgrade a particular type of unit to a certain level.

Once you are in the unit panel, you will be able to see a roman numeral written next to a unit that depicts its present tier level. 

If you wish to unlock more units of the cavalry type, for instance, you will need your spearmen units to reach tier 4.

On the other hand, to unlock more ranged types of units, you will require the spearmen units to reach tier 3.

Moreover, you will need your ranged units to attain tier 3 if you want to get access to more siege units in Grow Empire Rome. 

In a nutshell, to be able to unlock any kind of unit in the game, you will first need to upgrade the existing kinds.

But how do upgrading units in Grow Empire Rome work? Let’s have a look. 

Upgrading Your Units

The units in the Grow Empire Rome game aren’t expected to stay as they are and well, they should not.

You will have the option to expand new, and more efficient training ways to strengthen your units by providing them with better equipment.

You can head to the tab of units within your town where you will be able to use your gold for upgrading the tier of a particular unit. 

Every kind of unit in the game features three different tiers up to which they can be upgraded.

Once you have attained all these three tiers of a unit, the specific unit is going to alter its appearance altogether. 

For instance, earlier, you were able to see your swordsmen holding just a sword in their hands. 

However, once you have upgraded them to all their tiers, they will be equipped with some essential shields as well as armour.

The stat levels of the unit are going to boost every time you go on to upgrade them.

You will be able to check these stats out through the units tab as well.   

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Upgrading The Town 

You will also be able to upgrade your town in the Grow Empire Rome game with the help of defence towers as well as structures. 

You can simply click on the available panels located towards your right to upgrade archer damage, wall health, etc.

You will need to spend your gold for the same.

By heading further back toward your city, you can also transform as well as upgrade the ballista’s ammunition.

This will help you easily and efficiently deal with various kinds of opponents. 

The General 

A lot of you may have spotted the general as you start your journey in Grow Empire Rome.

However, if you misunderstood him to just be a passive onlooker, you might be wrong. 

This guy is the one who is the leader of the defence compartment in your town.

With more wars that you win in the game, the general is going to gain more experience.

You will be able to transform his experience into beneficial skills which will contribute to your defence abilities.

As a result, you will then have a better chance of gaining victory. 

Every time the general gets upgraded in the game, he will receive a few skill points.

You can head to the general tab to spend these skill points wherein you can get to understand some more skills while enhancing your prevailing ones.

Apart from this, you will also be able to get access to new skills (active) which will improve your efficiency in the battle to a considerable extent. 

You will come across three different tabs under the skill tree of the general.

These include the helmet, the sword, as well as the wall. 

The helmet here includes the active skills of the general. The sword includes his offensive passive abilities like army upgrades.

Last but not least, there is a wall tab which includes the economic as well as defensive passive abilities of the general.

This implies a greater amount of gold as well as EXP for each kill as well as greater wall health. 

It is worth noting that the general in Grow Empire Rome will also be able to reset his abilities while maintaining his current level.

However, that will need you to spend your gems so we recommend that you resist resetting them at all. 

Don’t Miss Out On Those Additional Sources Of Income

While a lot of you may not be very surprised to know this, the Grow Empire Rome provides you with a couple of more ways to earn currencies in the game including gold.

If you thought battle or tribute were the only ways to do so, you might want to consider it again. 

In Grow Empire Rome, players will come across two more ways through which they can get access to some extra resources for themselves.

These resources are always valuable as you can use them for strengthening your legions in the game. 

The following are the two significant ways of earning some additional income for yourself in Grow Empire Rome: 

Ads Provide You With Gold

As soon as you get rid of a particular wave of enemies, the game occasionally decides to surprise you with a special opportunity that you just can’t miss out on. 

You will have the option to play a quick video ad which we strongly urge you to take advantage of.

This short ad is going to provide you with a decent quantity of gold for free.

And well, when it comes to playing Grow Empire Rome, a player always requires more gold no matter how much they already possess.

So make sure that you don’t neglect this option when it pops up. 

Keep A Check On Your Milestones

Once you get done with a basic defence surge or complete some sort of invasion goal, you might have often seen a little sphere wandering around in the upper section of the screen.

This particular orb depicts your advancement in terms of the milestones in the game. 

In Grow Empire Rome, milestones are some special rewards that the game provides to you as soon as you are done accomplishing a specific number of stages.

Once you have achieved your milestone, you will be provided with some complimentary cards as well as gems that come in handy during your forthcoming rebellion as well as invasion tasks in the game. 

So these were the two ways through which you can earn some additional currency for yourself.

It is always a good idea to collect as much as you can so that when you need it, you never face any shortage of money. 

Final Words 

Grow Empire Rome, in the true sense, is quite straightforward as well as an easy game that players can simply pick up and enjoy.

It features casual gameplay that will not constrain you with any kind of obligations.

Nonetheless, players are assured to get hooked on it the moment they dive into the incredible journey of expanding their empire.

As such, hours of leisure and adventure are promised to you! 

And with that, our Grow Empire Rome Beginner’s Guide comes to an end.

We hope that you found these tips helpful and could use them to your advantage in the game.

If you wish to ensure the best gaming adventure for yourself, we strongly recommend that you follow all the above-mentioned Grow Empire Rome Tips, Tricks, and strategies to defend your empire and expand it in the game. Have fun playing! 

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