How to Play Glory Ages Samurais Best Guide 2022

Glory Ages Samurais might be a bit of a slow game but it certainly gets a lot more tense and exciting! If you have played Ronin: The Last Samurai before, you’d be able to make a clear comparison.

Gloria Ages Samurais is certainly a much simplified as well as fierce version of its competitor. 

One of the key aspects to keep in mind while playing this game is timing.

It is crucial to wait for the right time to strike. And make sure that you are striking hard in a slow and systematic movement.

It would be fair to say that if there’s anything that rules in Glory Ages Samurais, it’s certainly patience. 

While this may sound all complicated and tricky, it truly doesn’t have to be.

If you keep the right tips and strategies in mind, you will be able to master this game in no time.  

To help you out, we have compiled an exclusive and effective Glory Ages Samurai Gameplay guide which will guide you through different stages and elements of the game. 

So if you are new to Glory Ages Samurais or even if not, make sure to check this guide till the end

Glory Ages Samurai Gameplay

In different levels of Glory Ages Samurais, players will need to fight against a specific digit of samurai.

Based on different levels, these samurai will come off in certain groups.

In the Endless game mode, however, you will come across surges of opponents that emerge endlessly.

This game mode ends only once the player is dead. 

If you thought that the powerful boss opponents are your central threat in Glory Ages Samurais, you might be wrong.

The primary issue is when you get cornered by a group of swordsmen encircling you or by map edges.

Your main objective would be to prevent this from happening. 

There are plenty of things that you must keep in mind when doing all of it.

And this is exactly where our Glory Ages Samurai Gameplay Guide comes in. 

Let’s have a look. 

Glory Ages Samurai Guide

Character Stats 

Before anything else, we must be well-acquainted with the characters in Glory Ages Samurais.

Their stats are essential to them and you can’t miss out on that. 

There are three different kinds of stats in Glory Ages Samurais. These include Health, Attack, as well as Stamina.

It is crucial for all the players to understand the essence and importance of all these stats.

Moreover, the majority of games usually give greater preference to a single stat as compared to others.

And well, Glory Ages Samurais is no different. In this game, Attack is given the utmost preference.

And after that, Stamina and Health follow consecutively. Attack in Glory Ages Samurais helps you in ending the fight as early as possible.

As a result, the odds of you getting cornered automatically decrease. Stamina, on the other hand, is required for dodging. It helps you in preventing any attacks as well. 

The Health Stat is primarily there to ensure that no significant mistakes are being made.

The reason why it is the least important of the three stats is that even if you have a high HP level, getting cornered will ultimately get you killed.

So your main priority in the game should be to avoid getting cornered by your opponents.

Only after then, you can focus a bit on this one. 


Fury bar along with its working help to make this one a great priority stat in the Glory Ages Samurais game.

Fury, once completely charged, can make you get through a fight while retaining your invincibility throughout the time.

It raises your damage abilities massively which further ensures your full potential. 

Moreover, with a high level of Attack stat, you will be able to launch a complete kill chain much more easily and conveniently. 


The second most crucial stat in Glory Ages Samurais is Stamina.

Stamina plays an important role when it comes to swinging the sword and dodging any attacks.

In case you aren’t too cautious, it may also get you killed if your stamina is too low. 

A high level of Stamina stat will help you in maximising your aggression while also defending yourself at all times. 


As for Health, it would be fair to say that one should certainly not put more emphasis on it as compared to the first two.

When you are surrounded and stunlocked, it won’t matter what level of HP you have.

So there is almost no reason in even touching the Health Stat.

Keep it how it is and focus on Attack and Stamina instead because if something is going to make you win, it’s them. 

New Characters

As you pass through more levels in the game, you will be piling up a sufficient number of gold coins.

These will be enough to fetch yourself a new Glory Ages Samurai character. 

The sad part is that the most powerful characters in the game are paid and require real-world cash.

Nonetheless, the free characters (the ones that you get in exchange for gold) are good enough as well. 

We recommend that you let the initial batch of characters go and instantly pick the first female character instead.

This is because the female samurai as well as her increased tier editions feature balanced stats.

There is also an adequate level of health so you won’t need to upgrade it for a pretty long while.

The Stamina level is pretty decent too and with regular upgrades, you will be able to go a long way with this one. 

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Attack Mode- Going Aggressive 

It is important to be very careful when it comes to acting aggressively in Glory Ages Samurais.

Even if your opponent is shielding, the best idea would be to knock them with the help of your sword.

When you do so, it will consume their stamina even if your enemy tries to block you.

As a result, it will make them even more defenceless and you will be able to hit them with great ease.

You should also try to look for an available opening so that you can drop your weapon on the skull of your enemy. 

Having said that, recklessly acting aggressively will get you shredded and surrounded by several opponents at the same time.

Here are some additional strategies to help you defeat your enemies mindfully: 

Exploit Openings 

You may often see your opponents separate from the central squad. Keep in mind that this is the best time when you would want to strike and target them.

As they have now separated from their buddies, no one will come to rescue them. 

Just like that, if you go on to target a full-fledged squad, that’s nothing but asking for your downfall. 

They will surround you and gang up in no time and you wouldn’t be able to do anything. 

Keep It One At A Time 

When you are battling groups, as in Glory Ages Samurais, the best way to conquer the match is by focusing on a single enemy at one time.

3 vulnerable and powerless enemies will put you at a much greater risk as compared to a couple of opponents at their maximum health level.

This is because of the danger of getting surrounded by a greater number of opponents. 

You must start by targeting the enemies that are in your closest range.

Remember that you don’t have to end up being surrounded by your enemies as it will get you stunlocked in no time. 

Kill The Weaklings First

When you are given 4 mooks and one boss simultaneously, your best bet would be to first slay the mooks.

Bosses in Glory Ages Samurais may look more tempting for you to target, however, this is exactly what they want.

They are nothing but just way heavier than the rest of the mooks.

In case you focus on taking down the boss first, it will bring you towards some of the most undesirable consequences of the game. 

Once all the mooks have been killed, you will be able to fight against the boss much more powerfully and carefully.

You can certainly go nuts especially if your Fury is fully charged. 

Power of a Fear 

This is another crucial element of the game that the tutorial won’t tell you about.

Opponents in Glory Ages Samurais will most probably get trembled every time you attack someone near them.

This will make it hard for you to open a fight. Once you have killed the first target in the squad, start striking fiercely. 

While they tremble, you may simply get a couple of solid hits. Even if that doesn’t happen, their trembling will generally make them back off.

As a result, it will ruin any tightly-formed group that they had.

There would, at last, be no support and protection for them and they would not be able to gang up and surround you. 

Commit To The Attack

You must apply heavy force on your opponent once you get the chance to do so. Beat them down coldly and ruthlessly.

You may want to play it defensively and be overly careful sometimes, however, this usually allows the opponent to regroup and defend their ally.

So it is important to be aggressive, as much as you can.

Remember that your primary risk in the game is being cornered and you need to kill as many enemies as possible to make sure that there’s no one cornering you.

Sometimes violence is the most appropriate defence mechanism.  

In case things start to get a little too hot, then you can certainly take a break.

But this is exactly where you need to play smart.

You must know the difference between a good opportunity and a bad one. 

Button Mashing

When you button mash, the only consequence you end up with is getting killed.

Players must always keep in mind to check out the stamina level as button-mashing gets you highly exhausted. 

Moreover, low stamina will result in ineffective and slow attacks that will eventually be of no use. 

Holding A Grudge

Watching a video advertisement at the beginning of each battle fills up the Fury meter.

Remember that it has a very crucial role to play in making you win the fight so you must not miss out on that.

Refill it, whenever required. 

Defence Mode- Protecting  Yourself 

During the fight, it is certainly important for you to be all aggressive. However, another equally crucial aspect is protecting yourself at all times as well.

As mentioned earlier, players must always remember to check out their stamina level during a fight. 

Remember that dodging in the battle is your only defence mechanism.

And at such times, when you run out of your stamina, it can put you in a very bad and unfavourable situation. 

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Dodge Button

For dodging, you will need to push the Dodge option. It is an incredibly helpful defence mechanism for destroying the formation of your opponent and making a quick escape.

As you would expect, this will cost you stamina so when you resort to this technique, make sure to first check out the stamina level. 


When you find yourself being cornered, that is the most appropriate timing for you to block.

Moreover, in case your stamina level is too low and you are unable to dodge, you can resort to blocking.

During blocking, your opponents won’t be able to inflict any harm on you. However, you also can’t hit your enemy back at such a point as you move too slowly.

Having said that, you will still be able to move so you must try to swift your movement to put yourself into a much more favourable position. 

The good part is that your stamina level will keep refilling when you are blocking attacks.

Although dodging is the best bet, there may be times when you can’t do so. So in such times, blocking is your second best option. 


Fury is certainly an amazing element of the game but you must keep in mind that it is time-restrictive.

It will get you through one battle, not the complete level. So you must play very smart and mindful when using Fury.

Save it for times when you are caught up in a real crisis. Moreover, using them against bosses is a complete waste especially when they are alone.

Bosses, no matter how powerful they are, can never corner you in Glory Ages Samurais. 

Final Words

And that sums up our Glory Ages Samurais Guide. If you have commenced your quest to defeat everyone that comes your way, these tips and tricks will help you in exactly doing so. 

Glory Ages Samurai Game play is all about learning and maintaining the right technique and even if you miss for a minute, the odds will move against your favor. 

So read and understand everything that we have mentioned above and master this fantastic game in no time! 

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