Secret Tips How to Get Orbs of Power in Destiny 2?

Get Orbs of Power in Destiny 2: Destiny 2 was developed by Bungie in the year 2017 and was originally released only in PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

Later, it was released in other platforms as well. It is a free to play online one person shooting game.

Originally it was pay to play game but later the developer decided to make it free to all.

In this article we would explain how the season of Risen has changed the concept of working of Orbs of Power in the new version of the game and also how to get Orbs of Power in Destiny 2.

How to Get and Use Orbs of Power?

Earlier, the weapons that were man crafted and master worked were automatically dropping Orbs of Power but since its update to Destiny 2, they don’t drop the Orbs of Power but only increases the perks of the weapon.

This drastic change have been made due to the introduction of the Enclave.

Now the weapons can be crafted by the players and also can decide the perks that the weapon should have.

In turn the developer has changed the traditional crafting path so that the players can save their resources.

The best place to create the Orbs off Power is the moon at Sorrow’s Harbour as there are lots of enemies and also many players around which in turn will make the finding of orbs easier.

Also if you participate in activities like Wellspring on the throne world and also Psi-Ops battleground activity would help you collect the orbs.

If you want to collect loads of them than you can participate in Blind well in the dreaming city as it is wave based activity where you can get Orbs of Power in Destiny 2 generated by other players. 

Create Orbs using Mods

You can use the mods as many times you wish to enhance their effects.

In Season 16, if a player wants to create Orbs, players have to equip themselves with three mods namely:

  • The Harmonic Siphon: Player’s subclass have to match the rapid weapon final blows which in turn create Orbs of Power.  It will only take 1 energy to use it. This the option that the plates usually chooses as it needs only 1 energy. The only disadvantage is that you have to build around one subclass which may make you restricted.
  • Kinetic Siphon: These are primary slot weapons and their rapid final blows creates the Orbs of Power. This mod will cost you 3 energy to use it. 
  • Void Siphon: The rapid final blows from the void weapon will create the Orbs of Power. This will also costs you 3 energy to use it.

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How to use Orbs of Power?

If you are wondering about how to get Orbs of Power in Destiny 2 than you need not have to worry as you only need to walk over them and you may gain the super ability.

But if the ability is already fully charged than you cannot collect the Orbs of Power unless you have certain mods that help you pick the orbs even if you are filled up.

Orbs of Power can be used to enhance the charge and make you stronger as it will benefit your Mod in the following ways:

  • If the player picks up Orbs than it will decreases the cool down period of all your abilities.
  • It will also help you regain your health and this help you survive for more period of time and thus regenerating your help. 
  • It will also help to cool down the grenade ability.

Final Words

As you know certain challenges in the game would require Orbs of Power so that you can progress the quest and defeat your enemies.

Destiny 2 have been one of the true master piece games where you have 8 planets to free roam at your will and with that 8 coming to a 9 with the moon being added there is so much to do in destiny, there has never been a better time to play this truest breathtaking game.

In this article we have described some of the places where you can get Orbs of Power in Destiny 2 and also compete in certain activities to get the Orbs.

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