EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Guide, Tips & Tricks 2022 

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy is a feature-rich game and to ensure an amazing gaming experience, it is always a good idea to start on the right path.

What you need are some tips, tricks & strategies that will help you understand the basic gameplay of the game and play it efficiently. 

Our EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Beginner’s Guide is one stop for all your concerns.

In this article, we are going to enlighten you on various aspects of this popular game and everything you can do with it.

If you wish to know how to complete more quests and dominate your enemies in the game, you are going to find this EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Guide very helpful. 

Now without any further ado, here are all the Tips, Tricks & Strategies for playing EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy brilliantly! 

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Beginner’s Guide

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy is a role-playing game that was just launched by KONAMI in February 2022.

It has been inspired by a popular anime series called EDENS ZERO.

Unlike the majority of other role-playing games, this one doesn’t feature a gacha system for rolling out characters.

So for all the players who felt truly troubled after not getting their desired character in the gacha process, you will certainly feel more comfortable here. 

The gameplay controls of EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy aren’t too complex when it comes to their configuration.

Players will be provided with an attack option that they can use for directly attacking their opponent.

There’s also one more where players can make use of the talent of their character, one where they can dash, along with another one where they will be able to fly with the help of jet packs. 

As mentioned earlier, the game doesn’t feature the gacha technique.

So as you play through your storyline in the game, you will be able to unlock different characters completely free of cost.

For switching to any desirable character, all you need to do is simply tap on their picture on your right-hand side.

Moreover, your progress in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy is going to be directly proportional to your skills in the game.

As you keep on progressing, you will be able to prepare different skill combos to deal greater damage. 

In this EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Beginner’s Guide, we are now going to take a look at some tips, tricks & strategies that will help you learn how to complete more quests and dominate your enemies in the game. 

Tips, Tricks & Strategies | How to complete more quests and dominate your enemies

Assemble A Balanced Team

The first tip of our EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Guide has to be related to your team.

While players will be playing it solo only for a short period in the game, most of their journey is going to be marked by a range of exciting characters. 

You will find yourself with a full-fledged squad of three characters in no time!

They will help you succeed in plenty of challenges throughout the game and as you progress, you will also be able to unlock even more of these.

As you would expect, all the characters in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy feature unique skills and stats that help them set apart from others.

Apart from this, they have a fundamental role to play in their team as well. 

However, we must break it to you that choosing this trio is merely one part.

When we say assemble a balanced team in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy, things go way deeper than this. 

All the characters in the game certainly have a specified role or class, however, one can build all of these in a range of unique ways.

Your character can be an attacker, a tank, a healer, or even a ranger!

All of these have some distinct base stats as well as key characteristics that will match their designated class in a team. 

Learn About The Character Traits

Here’s what you need to know about each of these traits: 

  1. Tanks

Tanks in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy feature the maximum defensive skills that are generally specified by an enormous number of HP as well as defence stats.

These kinds of heroes in the game usually take away all the adversary aggression from their companions and act as a human shield for their team.

As most of you would already know, Shiki is the protagonist of the EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy game and he is also a tank. 

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  1. Attackers

Attackers in the EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy game are on the opposite side of the tanks.

These are generally wielded for a powerful offence mechanism.

Attackers certainly have the potential to get rid of their opponents much quicker than any other class.

However, they often lack a bit when it comes to defense.

The 4th hero in the game, Homura, is also an attacker.

You will find him in your team, dominating with his strong offense skills. 

  1. Rangers 

The third type of character in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy is the rangers.

As the name suggests, rangers feature ranged attacks and after attackers, they are the ones to have a powerful offensive skill.

Rangers in the game also feature support capabilities that will either provide your allies with some valuable buffs or debuff the opponent characters.

One of the most powerful rangers in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy is Weisz. 

  1. Healers 

Last but not least, there come the healers. It is worth noting that these characters are neither good at defense or offense.

However, they still carry a lot of significance in the EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy game owing to their special health recovery capabilities.

These skills can certainly improve the survivability of your complete squad to a great extent.

Your ally, Rebecca, who you’ll meet initially in the game, is also a healer. 

The level of health, as well as attack power for every unit in the game, keeps on progressing with every new level that you unlock.

However, it is your chosen gears and skills that will eventually determine the role of each one of them. 

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy is a rich game that features more than 100 unique costumes that you can pick for your characters.

There’s no doubt that this opens up endless options for customization, however, players must remember that in the end, it is only the skills and the gear that does the real job. 

Every time your character attains the next level in the game, he/she will earn stat boosts as well as some skill points.

To use these skill points, you will need to click on the character button that is located at the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

Next, click on the option of “Skill Tree”. 

Prioritize The Main Quests

Once you embark on your journey in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy, the first few moments you spend already shape part of your central story.

As with the majority of adventures, you will come across a generous degree of storytelling in this game. Initially, you are going to be introduced to the protagonist and of course his realm.

While players will easily be able to skip all the narratives, we suggest that you don’t.

Especially if you don’t know much about the series, it would be a good idea to spend your few minutes understanding the storyline. 

When it comes to the general content, different chapters of a story can keep varying in the game.

However, one thing that remains constant throughout it all is combat.

You will be able to earn EXP through your units in the game as they keep battling here and there.

With every stage that you finish off, you are going to earn some rewards!

You will also be able to earn some one-time rewards in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy when you achieve a first-time accomplishment.

And as mentioned earlier, the most important thing is that new characters will unlock as you keep on progressing in the story. 

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy is certainly very different from all other role-playing games that feature tons of units to unlock and update.

In this game, players won’t find the gacha technique and obtaining new characters depends on your progression in the primary campaign of the game. 

To get access to the main quests, you will need to head to the wheel of the ship.

Apart from this, the game also provides the players with an auto mode.

This makes your gaming journey extremely comfortable and simple and you will be able to progress in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy with great ease.

However, in our opinion, this is something you should restrict to only formerly conquered stages.

You should use it there as much as you can.

While the auto mode is certainly very convenient in the game, there’s nothing to beat the efficient thinking of a human mind. 

Having said that, you will supposedly be able to revisit all the episodes that you have already conquered in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy.

Head to the scenario tab that features your next challenge in the game.

Here, you must tap on the option of “Main Story Completed”.

As soon as you do so, a complete list of all the former episodes will then pop up on your screen.

In case you wish to get some extra EXP and tiny rewards, you can replay them at any point in the game. 

Invest In The Right Equipment

Apart from the usual storylines and a range of mechanics and in-game features, one of the most crucial elements of the EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy game is the characters along with their skills and gears. 

It is certainly very important to pick the most appropriate character for yourself and your team.

You must also thoroughly learn about efficiently using your team as one.

This will help you in utilising your strategies as effectively as possible. 

However, another equally crucial aspect, if not more, is your choices of equipment in the game for each character.

Equipment in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy carries a lot of significance when it comes to boosting your characters.

It is worth mentioning that it not only strengthens them but also supports the respective builds that you choose. 

For your set of basic equipment, you will find some regular armour stuff, and weapons, along with general accessories.

Apart from these, the game also features a Unique set of equipment.

This is called Lacrima in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy and helps in further enhancement of your character’s traits. 

There is no doubt that the game is pretty generous when it comes to offering gear to the players.

You will find plenty of ways to enhance your units to ensure maximum efficiency.

Nonetheless, you must keep in mind that mere access to these gears may not be sufficient.

You will also need to utilize them in the best way possible.

Having said that, you must always choose the equipment of your characters through the optimize feature. 

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Missions And Event Objectives

The next element of our EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Guide is the missions and event objectives. 

Once an episode or level ends in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy, you will be provided with a considerable amount of rewards and resources that will certainly delight you.

You will also earn EXP which makes the game convenient for the players in the long run. 

Apart from all of this, the game is also generous enough to provide you with even greater ways to earn additional stuff in the game.

This can be achieved through the feature of missions and event objectives.

Having said that, you just don’t want to miss out on these! 

In EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy, Missions generally don’t demand an additional amount of effort and time on your end.

The majority of the objectives are some basic activities that you will be able to complete even unknowingly in the game.

Moreover, missions in the game are divided into five different categories.

These include daily missions, weekly missions, planet missions, challenge quests, and character missions. 

Talking about events, these are time-restrictive.

Special events in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy feature a distinct set of objectives in the game that may demand a little deviation from your regular adventure.

By taking part in special events, you will be able to earn special currency in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy that will help you fetch plenty of beneficial resources. 

Do Not Rely On Auto Mode

And here comes our last tip on how to complete more quests and dominate your enemies in EDEN ZERO Pocket Galaxy Guide. 

While the auto mode is extremely convenient and simple, nothing compares to manual controls.

The level of skill and expertise you instill into your game by playing manually is unmatched. 

Having said that, the auto mode only focuses on the primary task.

Except that, it entirely ignores any treasure chest that may have fetched you chest rewards.

The basic idea is that the auto mode deprives you of plenty of opportunities. 

Apart from that, although the auto mode activates all the available skills, it will never make use of the ultimate skill of a character.

This reduces the potential and efficiency of your character to a great extent. 

All in all, you should always try to stick to manual controls only.

They will boost your defense and offense in a much better way as compared to the auto mode. 


And that brings us to the end of our EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Guide.

It is worth mentioning that it has only been a couple of months since the grand launch of this new game and it has already created a huge fanbase.

Players are loving every bit of it simply because of how exciting and adventurous it is! 

One of the nicest elements about this game is that it is also very simple to learn.

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy is new to all the users so there’s not much to worry about.

You can take a little time to read our EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Beginner’s Guide mentioned above and practice them in the game.

These Tips, Tricks & Strategies are your only answer if you wish to know how to complete more quests and dominate your enemies in the game. Good luck! 

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