Best DogLife Ribbons Guide 2022 | How to get Ordinary, Wasteful Ribbon

DogLife Ribbons: BitLife is a highly popular game that has been a sensation in the gaming industry ever since its inception.

A spinoff to the game, DogLife was recently released on all Android as well as iOS platforms.

It has only been a few months since its launch and the game has already established an enormous fanbase for itself! 

In the DogLife game, the player gets to live their life like a dog.

You can either choose to live with a family as their pet, wander on the streets like a stray dog, or be up for adoption in Pet Shop. The choice is only yours to make! 

If you have played BitLife before, you must be aware of a crucial element of the game, which is Ribbons.

Similarly, you will also come across DogLife Ribbons in this new game.

Players will be able to earn these ribbons after the end of their life.

The type and number of DogLife Ribbons that you earn will be based on how you lived your life.

There’s a specific requirement that needs to be fulfilled to attain each type of ribbon. 

To help you out, we have compiled an effective DogLife Ribbons Guide.

For those unversed, there are a total of 23 DogLife Ribbons in the game as of now.

However, in this article, we are going to enlighten you on only some special types of DogLife Ribbons which are relatively simpler to collect than others.

These include Ordinary, Wasteful, Bad Dog, Alpha, and Omega Ribbons. 

So if you wish to know what these ribbons are and how you can collect them, make sure to read this post till the end. 

DogLife Ribbons Guide 2022

It is crucial to keep the ribbons and their requirements well in mind.

While it is pretty simple to attain them, sometimes one wrong move can undo all that was in your favour.

So read our below-mentioned DogLife Ribbons Guide carefully and till the end: 

1. How to get the Ordinary Ribbon

When it comes to being nothing but an ordinary or basic dog in DogLife, all you have to do is simply go with the flow.

There is not much effort that you need to put into attaining this ribbon.

You don’t have to try and strive for any reason and act violent, brutal, or inactive.

You don’t have to learn and perform any special kind of tricks or be overly friendly towards your companions and family members. 

If you want to learn how to get the ordinary ribbon in DogLife, live a simple life as an average or ordinary dog would do.

Your objective here isn’t to be the most incredible dogs out there.

However, you shouldn’t act like an extremely boring pet as well.  

Apart from all of this, there may be some specific circumstances when it may get a bit complicated to collect this ribbon.

Additionally, under these situations, there would be a very high possibility for you to be able to earn any other ribbon as well. 

For instance, you could have been living your ordinary life but then there may come a point in your life when you find yourself giving birth to too many offspring.

You may not have anticipated that and it may have occurred naturally due to living in the heat and attracting a mate every so often.

As a result, it will increase the odds of you earning the Fertile Ribbon in the game. 

There may be another situation where unfortunate events may have led you to a horrible owner who scolds you on the most trivial things as well.

In that case, you may also become liable for attaining the Bad Dog Ribbon.

However, we will talk about this one later in the post. 

So in such cases, you can decide to proceed with the same life as it is and try getting that other DogLife Ribbon, dropping the idea of Ordinary Ribbon.

Alternatively, you may also consider quitting the game before verifying the result and just restarting it all.

All you now do is hope that things would be less eventful now that you will click on the Age option. 

However, players must keep in mind that in the majority of cases when you are enjoying the game normally and ordinarily, your character is highly likely to attain the Ordinary DogLife Ribbon after their life cycle ends.

This is pretty much the same as BitLife where players get the Mediocre Ribbon for living a basic life. 

Now if you are tempted to know how to get the wasteful ribbon in DogLife, read the following section. 

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2. How to get the Wasteful Ribbon

If you have played BitLife before, you must have heard this name before, in the original game, the wasteful ribbon is offered to all the players who more or less waste their entire potential and lives.

When a character dies at a young age owing to nothing but bad decisions of his own, he may become liable to earn the Wasteful ribbon. 

For instance, in case you commit a lot of crimes and especially, murders and receive the death penalty for the same, you will supposedly get executed way before your life was supposed to end.

Moreover, this would be especially true when you aren’t essentially back and forth to jail in the months before the conviction. 

In DogLife as well, the ribbon works nearly the same way.

The Wasteful ribbon is generally offered to those dogs (or perhaps cats) if they are convicted for their sinful actions at a pretty young age. 

If you wish to know how to get the wasteful ribbon in DogLife, just know that trouble is the key!

Yes, you will need to land up in some kind of trouble or major crisis for which you can end up getting convicted.

It may include continually attacking human beings or other pets.

Or even better, you may also simply execute a human being.

This will catch the scrutiny of Animal Control on its own and hence when they get to get hold of you for your brutal actions, keep in mind to cooperate.

You shouldn’t waste any time escaping from them. 

When they try to convict you, make sure you don’t fight against it. Go with the flow, let it happen.

Your dog character will now be meeting with death at a very young age.

As a result, the wasteful ribbon will be yours to earn! 

A lot of players often confuse the wasteful ribbon with the Unlucky ribbon.

However, there’s a major difference between the two.

The Wasteful ribbon needs you to deliberately commit bad things and die early due to your mistakes.

On the other hand, the Unlucky ribbon is simply unlucky!

For this, there must have been circumstances that were not in your control and you end up dying young for no other reason at all. 

3. How to get the Alpha and Omega Ribbons

If you wish to know how to get the Alpha and Omega Ribbons, read below: 

Alpha Ribbon

According to the description provided by the game, you need to be the leader of the pack if you wish to attain the Alpha Ribbon.

Supposedly, you will need to be this way for the majority of your lifetime. 

However, in the true sense, this is only partially true and rather an optional condition.

To attain the Alpha Ribbon, the more important aspect is to always try to keep the Respect stats as high as possible.

You must also maintain the status of Alpha character for the longest period possible. 

However, even if you end up losing some Respect (only some, and not too much), there’s no need to worry.

You can still make your way up to the top sooner or later.

Moreover, the primary aspect is to be the top animal character in the habitat.

Having very high Respect is not always necessary.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that you ignore Respect stats altogether. It still carries great significance. 

To be able to attain the Alpha ribbon in DogLife, you should be your most aggressive self in the game.

You must be extremely brutal against other animals and attack them every time you are given the opportunity to. 

In terms of the Dominance Hierarchical system, there’s no harm in being the bully.

You will be able to boost your Respect stats merely by attacking other characters, especially the ones at the bottom of the hierarchy.

However, you must also keep a check on their Aggression level before you go on to attack them. This will help you act wisely. 

In case you find your opponent to be too aggressive and say, their Aggression level is 80% or above, your best bet would be to stay away from them.

You can try causing harm to relatively passive characters who have an Aggression level of 30% or less.

Don’t neglect this as it may lead you to some unfavourable consequences. 

You should resist being affectionate and showing love to other characters.

Don’t make any sort of affectionate gestures as well like playing, cuddling, or nuzzling them. 

Additionally, it would be a good idea to not commit too many murders as well.

If you do so, you would unknowingly become liable for the Killer Dog Ribbon and Alpha may move far out of your reach.

An occasional kill, once or twice, may however be favourable for the Respect Stats. 

Try to keep your Strength stats high as well. This will increase your chances to attain this ribbon even more. 

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Omega Ribbon

The Omega ribbon, as most of you would expect, is exactly the opposite of the formerly mentioned, Alpha Ribbon. 

Passing your life without any honour or respect is what makes you earn this Omega Ribbon, as per the given description in the game.

So this means that you need to find the bottom spot for yourself in the entire Dominance Hierarchy.

This should continue for the majority of your lifecycle irrespective of what habitat you are living in.  

To make sure this happens, you will need to do all that an Alpha would never do.

Don’t pick any kind of fights with other characters and try your best to avoid conflict or confrontation at all costs. 

So in simple words, this implies that you resist attacking anytime you find an animal character bullying another.

Every time someone tries to mess with you or pick a fight with you, you must immediately submit in front of them.

You should make the conscious choice of not taking any sort of action against anyone if you have any suspicions related to other animal characters. 

One important thing that you can do is keep tapping on the Age option.

Don’t do anything once you have placed yourself at the extreme bottom and your Respect level is also low in the stats. 

Players must keep in mind that there may certainly be a few risks of acting like a complete pushover in the game.

However, the risks are still too low as compared to the ones when attaining the Alpha DogLife ribbon, Killer Dog Ribbon, or any other that requires you to be aggressive. 

It doesn’t matter how you face the consequences of being a passive dog.

You may either get convicted, get assassinated by another character, meet with an unfortunate accident, or simply die of biological reasons.

Whatever it may be, if you have lived your life being a passive or non-confrontational character, you will certainly be liable to get this Omega Ribbon. 

As you can see, the Omega ribbon is probably one of the simplest ribbons to attain in the game.

After the Ordinary ribbon, this one comes second on the list!

So you should certainly give it your best when trying to collect the Omega Ribbon.  

4. How to get the Bad Dog Ribbon

The Bad Dog Ribbon in DogLife is offered to all those animal characters who live their entire life being scored and reprimanded by other human beings.

Although it may sound a bit easy for you to attain, the fact is that it truly is pretty simple.

At the same time, you can also aim for another DogLife ribbon such as Killer Dog.

However, you must not kill too many characters as you need to be rebuked by human beings only. 

In simple words, keep in mind to focus on different kinds of bad conduct.

This may involve acting up, messing with other human beings, jumping on them, or probably puking and peeing on people. 

Moreover, human beings don’t prefer being humped by animals or even their pets.

So when you are dealing with a nasty human being with a poor level of kindness, the task becomes even easier for you.

Just be gentle to them, lick them, cuddle with them, or nuzzle them.

All of this will make them angry and hence, you will get reprimanded by these cruel characters.

However, generally, the primary idea is to focus on bad conduct only.

If you wish to attain the Bad Dog Ribbon, just be the most mischievous and wicked version of yourself! 

To make the task even simpler for you, you can play with some stats as well.

If you have unlocked the feature of Top Dog in your game, you can consider setting some specific stats at a specific mark.

While this isn’t a very crucial requirement for attaining the Bad Dog ribbon, it can certainly make the work a bit easier for you.

For instance, you can keep the Willpower as well as Discipline stats extremely low.

This is pretty self-explanatory. Moreover, a high level of Strength can also be a great help when looking to collect the Bad Dog Ribbon. 


That sums up our DogLife Ribbons Guide. While DogLife Ribbons are crucial, it is not a very hard task to attain them.

By simply keeping all the requirements in mind beforehand, you will be able to collect them all with great ease. 

Remember, you need to take a look at the ribbons and their requirements before you start the game.

This is because a lot of these requirements need you to do certain things right from the beginning.

Another tip is to keep your character stats high at all times. This can help you become liable for a lot of DogLife Ribbons.  

Have fun playing! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many ribbons are there in DogLife? 

There are a total of 23 DogLife Ribbons in the game as of now. However, it is expected that Candywriter will sooner or later add some more ribbons as well. 

Are BitLife and DogLife Ribbons the same? 

No. BitLife Ribbons are different from DogLife Ribbons. This is primarily because of the different natures of both games.

In BitLife, you will be playing as a human being, whereas in DogLife, you live your life as an animal, that is a dog.

So on one hand, BitLife features Academic Ribbon, Family Guy Ribbon, Addict Ribbon, etc.

On the other hand, DogLife ribbons include Bad Dog Ribbon, Killer Dog, Lazy Dog, etc. 

How to get the Lucky Dog Ribbon in DogLife? 

To get the Lucky Dog Ribbon in DogLife, you will need to die in an incredibly affluent household. The simple way is to take birth to a wealthy family.

However, in case that fails to work for you, you can be up for adoption and wait for a rich family to take you up. Make sure to not escape and stay there till the end of your lifetime. 

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