Secret Tricks How to Get Diamond Strike Promo Codes 2022 

Diamond Strike Skillz is one of the most popular competition match-3 games that have only been around for quite a while.

Ever since its launch, the game has built a considerable fanbase for itself on both Android as well as iOS platforms. 

In this game, you, along with other players in Diamond Strike, are going to compete ‘live’ against each other.

The objective here is to check who can earn the greatest scores. Players will have the option to either compete free of cost, or they could also pay and bet real-world money.

And if you end up winning, the prize will be yours to take. In Diamond Strike Skillz, the only method available to earn this betting cash free of cost is with the help of promo codes

The Diamond Strike Promo Code helps the players in earning bonus cash in the game.

The catch here is that you won’t be able to directly withdraw this. However, you can certainly spend it on bets against other Diamond Strike players.

Moreover, any prize won in the paid matches of the game, including the bonus cash as the bet, will be available for withdrawal. 

If you are on the lookout for Diamond Strike Promo Code to earn some free bonus cash in the Diamond Strike Skillz game, you are just at the right place.

Here, we are going to tell you all about Diamond Strike Promo Code, how to redeem them, and how to get more of these. 

So without any further ado, let’s dive right in. 

Major features of the Diamond Strike Skillz game

Diamond Strike Skillz is certainly an incredible game that is packed with some amazing features.

There’s no doubt that a large number of individuals seem to truly enjoy it all. Among all the remarkable features that the game offers, one of the most exciting is the free spins.

These get activated as soon as you get the three symbols of free spins and when they occur on reels 1,3, as well as 5. 

The second special feature in Diamond Strike Skillz is certainly the jackpot bonus.

Players will be able to get greater wins here if they see the golden number 7 appearing on three reels or more.

And in the game, a voice must shout ‘Diamond Strike’, which certainly heightens all the tension as well as the overall gaming experience. 

There’s also a small jackpot in the game which pays out 10x the amount of bet you placed as well as a trivial one that pays out 30x! 

There’s also another major jackpot that gives the users a complete 100x of their bet in the game! 

With all these exciting features, Diamond Strike Skillz becomes a true power-packed game.

And bonus cash in the game can work like magic especially when you are getting it absolutely free.

Now, this is where Diamond Strike Promo Code comes in. Here’s what you need to know.


What is a Diamond Strike Promo Code? 

Diamond Strike Promo Code is a special code that you can enter anytime in the game. As long as you know all the basics and have the right sources, they are going to be truly beneficial for you.

You will be able to finish off the tutorial once you download the Diamond Strike Skillz game on your device.

Alternatively, you may also log in to any account that you may have formerly used in the game, supposedly, on the same web.

This will help you in skipping this tutorial completely. 

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How to redeem Diamond Strike Promo Code? 

As soon as you are done with the tutorial and also successfully signed in to Diamond Strike, you must head to the store section.

There, you will easily be able to type in and redeem the Diamond Strike Promo Code. Once you use that, you are instantly going to earn yourself a free reward of $10 bonus cash.

You will be able to use this reward when you compete against other Diamond Strike players.

These winnings, however, will not be available for withdrawal. 

How to get Diamond Strike Promo Code? 

There are plenty of platforms where one can get Diamond Strike Promo Code with great ease.

The following is a complete list of all such platforms to help you find extra Diamond Strike Promo Code in the future: 

  1. Facebook 
  2. Review Page of App Stores
  3. Twitch


Facebook is one of the most central and great places to start when searching for a Diamond Strike Promo Code.

All you have to do is search for the official Facebook handle of Diamond Strike Skillz and then head to almost any of their uploaded posts.

In these posts related to the game, you will either find the Diamond Strike Promo Code directly in the post or you can also check out their comment section.

A large number of players often drop their promo codes for Diamond Strike Skillz here and there. 

Review Pages

The second great place where you can find the Diamond Strike Promo Codes is the review page of your smartphone app stores.

Make sure that you only get to the official download page of the Diamond Strike Skillz game.

Simply check out the game reviews below and there, you are most likely to find Diamond Strike Promo Code.

You must also consider putting your Diamond Strike Promo Code in the review as well so that other individuals may use it. 


The third source to get more Diamond Strike Promo Code is YouTube. It is a great platform where many streamers, as well as video creators, love to share their Diamond Strike Promo Codes.

This is because every time someone uses their promo code, they are going to earn bonus cash as well.

So it’s certainly a win-win situation! If you are someone fond of making videos or streaming perhaps, you must not hesitate to share your Diamond Strike Promo Code as well. 


Twitch, for Diamond Strike Promo Code, works the same as YouTube. Many players use Twitch to share their promo codes as well.

So you shouldn’t miss out on this app if you’re on the lookout for more codes to earn some extra cash in Diamond Strike Skillz. 

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Where can you get your unique Diamond Strike Promo Code? 

For everyone who enters your Diamond Strike Promo Code in the game, you are going to receive bonus cash worth $10 as well.

So it is important to locate your unique promo code for Diamond Strike Skillz and share it as much as you can.

Supposedly, you must certainly share it at least on all the above-mentioned platforms because a majority of players are already familiar with these.

To get your unique Diamond Strike Promo Code, you must head to the invite section in the game.

There, select the option of text message and after you have located the URL link, just copy the 5-digit alphanumeric number from there.

This is precisely your Diamond Strike Promo Code. 

Diamond Strike Promo Code 2022

The currently active and working Diamond Strike Promo Code that will help you earn bonus cash worth $10 in the game is as follows: 


In case you find any more Diamond Strike Promo Code, make sure to give them a try as well.

Also, don’t forget to check out the comment section of this post and drop your unique Diamond Strike Promo Code as well.

Remember, for everyone who uses your code, you are going to earn some free bonus cash too! 


That was all for Diamond Strike Promo Code. The Diamond Strike Skillz game has been the talk of the town for quite some time now.

With the popularity of the game reaching heights, it becomes important for you to give your best. Make use of the special Diamond Strike Promo Code and earn yourself some free bonus cash.

While you won’t be able to withdraw the earnings, it can be truly beneficial for you in the game. 

So redeem your Diamond Strike Promo Code right now and drop yours in the comment section below. Have fun playing! 

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