Secret Tips How to Get DFFOO Tier List 2022?

DFFOO Tier List: Want to know about the different tier list of the Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia? If yes, then this article will provide you an overview on the entire tier list of the game.

Today in this article, we would provide you with all the details on the tier list of the DFFOO Game so that you can know which character to take into your team so as to defeat your opponent and pass onto the next level. 

I am a gamer and a professional content writer since 2012, I have been following this game since it was released and therefore I am providing with the characters of the game as per the DFFOO Tier List which ascends as per their power.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Tier List 2022

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia commonly known as DFFOO game was developed by Square Enix and Koei Tecmo in the year 2017.

The game was initially released in Japan on February 1, 2017 and later on January 30, 2018, the game was released worldwide.

The game can played in both IOS and Android smart phones so that every user would be able to play the game.

The gameplay of DFFOO is amazing and worth playing.

The main highlight of the game is that all the characters of the game are free to access and you can enhance the ability and skill of the character by the help of in game currency or gems which can be earned by various methods as mentioned below:

By completing in “Daily Quests”, you can earn up to 3000 gems. There is also “Login Bonus” which would earn you 1500 gems in a month.

From “Character Events,” you can get a minimum of 5000 gems and also get 1800 gems per month for completing “New Chapters” in the game.

Also there are other events in the game like “Illusion events,” “Ranking Up,” and other “Miscellaneous sources” for achieving gems.

DFFOO Tier List 2022

DFFOO is one of the most famous free to play role playing game and is the new installment in the series of Final Fantasy.

The game consist of iconic heroes and villains who has different abilities and skills as per their tier.

You have to gather a strong team so as to defeat your enemies and for making a strong team, we have differentiated the heroes into different tiers so as to make your decision making easier.

The DFFOO Tier List are assembled as per their powers and skills in the descending order. 

DFFOO Tier List 2022 Updated list

Tier SS

CloudOverall Good DPS
SerahBrave Battery+Buffer
SquallBRV Attacker
TerraHP Attacker
VaanHP Attacker
YunaBrave Battery

Tier S

EdgarDebuffer [Apparently]
HopeBrave Battery
KrileBrave Battery
LilisetteBrave Battery+Debuffer+Buffer
PrisheFlexible Attacker (Physical+Magical)
Warrior of LightTank
ZidaneSPD Warmonger

Tier A

AceSelf-Buffing DPS
AlisaieMulti-Element DPS
BartzBRV Attacker
CecilGood AoE BRV Attacker
FirionVampiric Damage Dealer
LightningSelf-Buffing DPS
Onion KnightFlexible DPS (Physical+Magical)
ThancredPoison Specialist
TidusSPD Warmonger
ViviGood Magical DPS

Tier B

CaterBRV attacker
EikoHealer+BRV Battery
JechtGeneral Good DPS
KingRanged DPS
LayleKnock Back Specialist
RydiaMagical DPS
SeiferBRV Attacker
SephirothBRV Attacker
Y’ShtolaMagic BRV Attacker
YangAoE HP Attacker
YuriGeneral Good Dps
ZackBRV Scrapping Tank

Tier C

KainGenerally Good DPS
PapalymoMagical DPS
RaijinThunder DPS
TifaBRV Attacker
VincentBRV Attacker
WakkaRandom Self-Buffer

Tier D

AerithHealer+Brave Battery
GarnetMagical DPS
IrvineRanged DPS
SabinGenerally Good DPS
ShadowSPD Warmonger
YuffieBrave Battery
ZellAoE Attacker

Tier F

AuronBrave Attacker
BalthierBuff Stealer DPS
CelesMagic DPS Nullifier
FuujinWind DPS
LionBRV Attacker
PalomLong-Term Battle Specialist
SteinerAnti Human DPS.
YdaPoison DPS
SazhRanged DPS

Final Words

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is an action packed game which as gamer you should try to play because of its exciting features consisting of ancient heroes and villains of the Final Fantasy series.

The game can be downloaded from the play store and IOS.

As said you have make a team of powerful heroes with various abilities and skills so as to defeat your enemies and pass on to the next level.

We have given the list of different heroes into different DFFOO Tier List so that you will find it easy to make a team of your favourite heroes.

You can bookmark our web-page to get more updates about the upcoming heroes of the game as we post it in our website as and when released by the officials.


How can I increase my CP in the Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia game?

In order to increase your CP, you should equip yourselves with rare weapons and armours. In the game you can see your CP in the equipment that you are holding and higher the CP of the equipment the higher would be your total amount of CP. 

What is AA in DFFOO?

AA the abbreviated form of Additional Abilities and you can achieve it at Crystal Strength of Level 65 that gives you a variety of effects but you can get only a single use and are not based on a character’s abilities from their previous appearances.

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