Destiny 2 Best Shotgun and Amazing Facts 2022

Destiny 2 Best Shotgun: Destiny 2 is a shooter game developed by Bungie and is a free to play online multiplayer first-person game with a showcase of destiny 2 best shotgun as well.

This game is set in a mythical scientific fictional world and is quite similar to role playing games.

As a shooter game, an access to the best shotguns in the game is necessary to rule through the PVP in Destiny 2.

There is more that you need to know about the list of destiny 2 best shotgun, so that you know what shotgun to use in order to make the best out of the game.  

Here’s a list of best shotguns destiny 2 that you can most definitely boast of.

This list is a compilation and this ‘best shotguns destiny 2’ compilation is not in either ascending or descending order.

So, choose the one that fits the most with you and that you can think you can make the best out of the game, with.

The best shotgun in destiny 2 has to be the one that clicks with you the most and that you can use any day for a better gameplay.

1. Chaperone 

This exotic shotgun is inarguably one of the best shotguns destiny 2, doubling up as a sniper as well due to its shot range being of 15 meters almost.

It’s biggest advantage over everything else is the range it provides the Guardian in possession of it.

One can safely hold themselves at a fair distance and still manage to hit precise headshots, usually hitting the target with a single shot.

Due to the fact that it is remarkable in its usages for both PVE and PVP, it can just be called the destiny 2 best shotgun.

This can be achieved by clearing the Holliday Family History Quest that you can come across just after completing a few of the destiny 2 activities.

Although it should be added that one cannot add up any mods to this shotgun, the range and precision more than make up for it in every way possible.

It is also a kinetic weapon that is capable of hitting its target heads on as well as leaving space for creativity for the loadouts.

Undoubtedly, you can consider this as the best shotgun in destiny 2. 

2. Heritage 

The perfect shotgun for boss DPS, this one is another best shotgun in destiny 2 that boasts a penchant for precision from a good distance thanks to its precision frame and a lot of good perk combinations.

Favouring the guardians base stats by helping in long range precision kills and the various combinations of advantages that can be obtained through perks, this shotgun is spectacular in long range games and finding the weak spots of the enemy with its slug round.

This shotgun can be obtained through a Deep Stone Crypt raid Atraks-1 encounter.

Though Heritage, which is one of the destiny 2 best shotgun, is primarily used for PVE, one can use it for precision damage even in PVP.

Heritage also has a really good ammo management making it even better than other shotguns in the game. 

3. Lord of Wolves 

Acting like a hybrid version of the fusion rifle, pulse rifle and a shotgun, Lord of Wolves is one shotgun that isn’t just a highly precise shotgun but also quite easier to use requiring not that much of a skill due to its wider bullet spread.

This destiny 2 best shotgun provides the best range precision kills with quite low skill floor.

Lord of Wolves also has a great ammo management and economy.

It starts with almost enough ammo that can lasts up to three bursts compared to other shotguns with two shells so expect to land shots more than you are used to just after getting hold of a shotgun.

The ammo capacity is quite high causing in less reloads and the management efficient enough to give it a fair load of advantage over other shotguns.

It can be obtained by completing bounties for Spider on the Tangled Shore.

This shotgun can be used in both PVE and PVP. 

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4. Duality 

With a high impact slug made especially for wider damage bloom, this shotgun toes the line between being a short-range powerhouse and lethal mid-range weapon.

With constant high hip firing this destiny 2 best shotgun can pellet multiple shots at a time.

Though this does not have that far of an effective range as the others on the list above, it can have combined usage of a typical shotgun and also have the lethal power of a slug variant.

This shotgun is also useful for practicing if you want to learn to be quick in switching between hip shots and ADS.

It can also be hailed as one of the best slug shotguns in the games that can used to tap down lethal players in the game and also for learning one’s way around ropes.

This is an exotic shotgun by face, though quite an overlooked one due to its slight decrease of usefulness in PVP, it’s still more than efficient in both the forms.

Duality can be purchased from the Exotic Kiosk and requires 100,000 glimmers, 1 ascendant shard and an exotic cipher.

This can be considered one of the best shotguns destiny 2, if not the destiny 2 best shotgun.

5. Felwinter’s Lie

One destiny 2 best shotgun that can easily go as one of those that can withstand almost all nerfs is Felwinter’s Lie.

Previously being unavailable for new players, this can be grabbed by making a clean purchase from the Exotic Kiosk, requiring 75000 glimmer, 100 legendary shards, 2 enhancement prisms and 1 ascendant shard.

This is also wickedly consistent when it comes to pellet shotguns in destiny 2.

Felwinter’s Lie comes with shot packages which makes using this shotgun a dream, slide-shot and opening shot being its best perks for crucible in this gun.

Allowing several different mods like Dragon’s Shadow, Shotgun Dexterity and Ophidian Aspects shifts this shotgun to the pre-nerf status.

Quite easily this gun remains one of the strongest shotguns of destiny 2.

Felwinter’s Lie has been consistently terrific as a mid-range weapon as well, having a wide pellet spread increasing its lethal damage power and being the most useful high pressure competitive plays in PVP.

This is the exact reason why choosing this as the destiny 2 best shotgun for yourself is not a bad idea at all. 

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6. Found Verdict 

A gorgeous vault of glass weapon, Found Verdict is a mid-range powerhouse with an easier handling for the guardians and further range then it’s archetype, Felwinter’s Lie.

This shotgun roll with One-Two Punch to melee kill the enemies with greater improved chances along being able to work quite effectively with Slide-shot and Opening Shot.

They help to manage focus on faster gunplay and has an efficient ammo capacity with a couple of perks like Rewind Rounds and Auto-Loading Holster which helps Found Verdict to easily rival against slug shotguns.

If worked with good practice it can hold its ground in front of the likes of chaperone and duality.

This shotgun can be obtained through a drop from the Vault of Glass Conflux, Oracle and Gatekeeper Raid encounters.

Though it must be mentioned that it is primarily a raid weapon and completing a raid for a shotgun that is used mainly in PVP might not be that easy to use for some players. 

7. Riiswalker 

The destiny 2 best shotgun that is at odds with its own self, with a contradictory high range of up to 90 but a lightweight frame that is always at a risk of being a damage drop-off.

It’s most effective and eye-catching power is range and it is easy to handle as well.

With its own set of unique perks, this destiny 2 best shotgun at the last of the list, can be proved as a decent one if you like playing recklessly.

Its main drawback though is definitely it’s lightweight frame that may sometimes end up rendering a few of its power a little inefficient.

Riiswalker can be gained from Iron Banner matches and Engrams.

This shotgun can be used in PVP.

With the final name on the list, this wraps up our search for the best shotguns in destiny 2.

Hope this was of help to you while you go on a quest to dominate the others in this game.

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