Secret Tricks How to Get Dead by Daylight Codes 2022

The recent Dead By Daylight Codes have been released by the game developers. The game “Dead by Daylight” follows an asymmetrical survival horror plot.

Players play the game as four survivors attempting to escape a savage killing machine, while the other player takes on the role of the killer.

In addition to original characters, other horror franchises found in the game are Halloween, Left 4 Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and A Nightmare on Elm Street, Saw, Evil Dead, Ghost Face, Stranger Things, Silent Hill, Crypt TV, Resident Evil, and Ringu.

One can usually get free Blood points by using Dead by Daylight Codes. These are used to open perk slots and unlock Blood web nodes on characters.

This is a good sign that the developer of the game, “Behaviour Interactive” releases DBD Codes frequently. 

What are working Dead by Daylight codes?

Dead by Daylight Codes

Dead By Daylight Codes can be used to develop characters, cosmetics or charms which depends on the functioning of the codes.

The problem with finding Dead by Daylight’s most up-to-date and practical high codes is that they are somewhat challenging to locate.

But we have done the job easier for you as in the following table; we’ve listed all of the Dead by Daylight codes players can use in 2022.

As of 2022, we have verified they are currently working in-game.

The codes could be used till the end of the month after which they will be expired. 

The following are the active codes with reward points that you will be getting by using the following Dead by Daylight Codes:

Active Dead by Daylight Codes 2022

  • PRIDE2022 – Pride Charm
  • PRIDE – Rainbow Flag Pride Charm
  • NICE – 69 Bloodpoints
  • TWOSDAY (NEW) – 222,022 Blood points

Expired Dead by Daylight codes

•    HENYANG – Ugly sweater for Adam

•    HOLIDAYFORMAL – Sweater for Felix

•    METATRON – Sweater for Cheryl

•    byebye2020 – Fruitcake charm for Killer

•    MNOGO – Sweater for Legion

•    FUKUHAUCHI – 100,000 Blood points

•    TWITTERSMOL – 1 Blood point

•    TWITTERLORGE – 100,000 Blood points

•    happygoldenweek2021 – 30,000 Blood points

•    KenpouKinenBi2021 – 40,000 Blood points

•    midorinohi2021 – 60,000 Blood points

•    KodomonoHi2021 – 50,000 Blood points

•    ANNIVERSARYFRAGMENTS – 10 Rift Fragments

•    AD800947-01A7-4DEF-81AD-40DDC501DE50 – 250,000 Blood points and 1,000 Iridescent Shards

•    RANKROULETTE – 250,000 Blood points

•    DWIGHTCROW – Scarecrow Dwight charm

•    FORHONOR – Redeem for Honour’s Charm

•    LIVEORDIE – Charm

Some of these DBD codes never expire as they are meant to be used by newcomers to develop their characters.

Given below are the Dead By Daylight Codes that never expires:

NICE69 Blood points
TWOSDAY (NEW)222,022 Blood points
PRIDEPride Charm

Logging in daily during the Lunar New Year event, Lurking Stripes, between January 25, 2022, and February 8, 2022, will also reward players with 50,000 Blood points.

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How to Redeem Codes in DBD?

Thinking about How to Redeem Codes in DBD, DBD has an easy code redemption process.

Here are the instructions for those who don’t know how to redeem codes:

In this respect, both active and expired high codes have been listed separately.

We would appreciate if you would let us know if any of the codes listed in the working codes section are expired or invalid by leaving a comment.

Final words

There are also Dead By Daylight Codes available on Behaviour’s social media accounts and website that will earn you Blood points or fragments, as well as cosmetic items.

You can find all the latest, valid, active, and working Dead by Daylight (DBD) promo codes right here on our list.

No matter how many ways you can earn free rewards in the game, none of them can compare to redeeming DBD high codes.

If you are searching for more Dead by Daylight codes and you don’t know Where to Find More DBD Codes, the answer to which is very simple.

The developers of DBD keep their fans updated on everything about the game and new codes by using Twitter and Discord.

These are two social media platforms where they update their fans with all the latest news.

Otherwise, you can bookmark our page as we update our list every time new codes come up.

Remember that the All Dead by Daylight codes are only available for a limited period so use them as fast as you can.

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