Secret Tips How To Play DB Super Full Power 2022?

DB Super Full Power is a smartphone game revolving around the Dragon Ball Z fandom. If you have been a fan of Dragon Ball Z and you have an idea about the characters, this game is going to be really fun for you to play.

Since this game is available for the two major smartphone platforms: iOS & Android, it is also not that big to store.

Wild battles take place in the game where you are role playing as one of the Dragon Ball characters and trying to defeat your opponent team.

The moves and the sequences together make DB Super Full Power very enjoyable to play.

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DB Super Full Power Guide: How To Play

This game is designed for the Dragon Ball Z fandom but normal people can also play and enjoy this game who have no idea about the anime/manga.

This is only because it is a combat game first and a specific Dragon Ball game later.

If you are generally a fan of Combat games on smartphones, this game is not going to disappoint you.

DB Super Full Power Guide must be telling you that it is a role-playing game, to say the least.

As soon as you have completed downloading the game on your iOS or android device, you will be put into a situation where you are supposed to battle it out.

Of course, these are scenarios that you have to encounter after completing the tutorial on how to play the game.

Now, the main strategy of the game that must be said in the DB Super Full Power Guide is basically divided into two parts.

One of these parts is combat, while the other is choosing the perfect team in order to go and battle it out with opponent teams.

A lot of characters from Dragon Ball Z are included in the game and to recruit characters, you have to first go through the summoning process.

This is a DB Super Full Power Guide that you may or may not need because the game takes you through all these processes and just following through helps a lot.

Gold and essence are the two most important resources that allow you to upgrade the characters that you have recruited.

Rewind a little bit, the summoning process happens when you click on the recruit option that is available on the main screen of the game.

Once you have summoned a particular character, it remains with you.

Sometimes, you would even have to pay a price in order to summon a character that comes in the form of diamonds.

Diamonds are the currency that you spend in DB Super Full Power in order to summon a character while gold and diamonds both can be used to upgrade them after they are in your arsenal.

When you have more than one character in your ‘Heroes’ section, you can deploy them for the battles.

What is the purpose of the battles, you ask? Well, to find Dragon Balls.

In the Wild battles that you very often indulge, you can use really cool moves in order to defeat the opponents.

Different characters of different skills and moves that inflict different levels of damages as well.

Fighting the battles will also progress the story and credit where it is due, DB Super Full Power has quite a commendable storyline for a smartphone game based on the Dragon Ball Z franchise.

This was the complete DB Super Full Power Guide that tells you all you need to know before beginning to play the game.

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DB Super Full Power Redeem Code

One of the most important secrets for any game including this is to use DB Super Full Power Redeem Code.

At this particular moment, there are 10 working codes that can be used in order to get exciting rewards and boost your gameplay.

Here is a list of redeem codes that are still working for DB Super Full Power:

Working DB Super Full Power Code 2022

  1. VIP48685
  2. VIP87537
  3. VIP13876
  4. VIP48274
  5. VIP94576
  6. VIP46812
  7. VIP27951
  8. VIP41864
  9. VIP16514
  10. VIP63152


One of the best Dragon Ball games available for the smartphones is DB Super Full Power.

This game is unique in its own way, whether it be for the reason it features combat as well as matchmaking or the fact that so many characters (that you must have an idea about if you have been a Dragon Ball Z fan) are included in the game.

Regardless, using the promo codes can give you a good boost in the game, sometimes even characters.

The gameplay is pretty interesting once you get hold of it. Enjoy the game.

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