CRK Cotton Cookie Topping Best Guide 2022

CRK Cotton Cookie Topping: Cookie run kingdom is a role play game developed by Devsisters,  where we play the game by building a cookie city and collecting cookies with the aid of gacha in various modes in the game. 

Cotton cookie is an epic cookie released in a snow update called  Frost witch and the lantern, along with the  frost queen cookie.

The characters in the CRK is increasing steadily and the introduction of cotton cookie is very much anticipated since it is the first ever healer come damage dealer.

If you have played the Cookie Run kingdom, then you will definitely know that each cookie has it’s own unique abilities which helps you in  the battlefield.

CRK Cotton Cookie Topping helps with enhancement and compliment the skill of the cookie. 

CRK Cotton Cookie Toppings 2022 Build

In the cookie run kingdom, toppings work as an equivalent to and booster which enables your cookies to get their skills enhanced as a complimentary add on to get bonus and stats.

There are several toppings in the Cookie Kingdom which you can get from the story by playing in various modes repeatedly.

You can mix and match various toppings for your desired results since each toppings does something different to the cookie.

There is a set of CRK Cotton Cookie Topping that changes you game is used correctly.

Here is a list of toppings in the Cookie Run kingdom and their advantages.

  • Bouncy Caramel Toppings increases attack speed 
  • Solid Almond Toppings increases DMG resistance
  • Searing raspberry toppings enhances attack
  • Hearty hazelnut toppings stimulates crit resistance
  • Swift chocolate topping have a Cooldown lowering benefit
  • Hard walnut toppings enhances defence
  • Sweet candy toppings amplifies the buffs.
  • Juicy Apple jelly topping enhances crit
  • Fresh kiwi topping stimulates debuff resistance.

To equip CRK Cotton Cookie Topping you have to go to the cookies menu and then tap on a cookie.

In our case tap on the cotton cookie and then you have to tap on the toppings option.

You will be redirected to another menu with every available toppings listed.

Tap on the toppings you need to equip your cookies with desired toppings. 

Each toppings have different powers and strength and using the same cookie twice or thrice or more special set of effects will be activated.

You have to choose the toppings based on the skill and strength of the cookie as to compliment each other.

Here we will explain the best CRK Cotton Cookie Topping and the reason for it.

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CRK Cotton Cookie build for toppings

Here is the best CRK Cotton Cookie Topping recommended as per preferred order and please note that these list is totally subjective and players are definitely free to use their will and experience to try more. 

  1. X5 Swift chocolate topping
  2. X3 Solid Almond Topping + X2 Swift chocolate topping
  3. X3 Swift chocolate topping + X2 Solid Almond Topping

The most suitable CRK Cotton Cookie Topping is the Swift chocolate topping without any other opinion. The Cotton Cookie is not just a healer, but her sheep can inflict quite and amount of damage and stung enemies.

A default cool down time of 17 seconds can be a drawback of the cotton cookie.

By using X5 Swift chocolate topping it can reduce the Cooldown period with its powers which compliment the cotton cookie in the best way possible by healing allies quick, summoning sheep fast and so on. 

Another best CRK Cotton Cookie Topping combination is with swift chocolate topping and solid Almond Topping.

While Swift chocolate manages CD, Solid Almond Topping increases the damage resistance which can be a double bonus.

Use then alternatively according to your game plan and style. 

CRK Cotton Cookie Build & Skill

The latest introduced Cotton Cookie also have some unique and interesting skills and built.

Surely it has weak areas too but they can be overcome with adding the best CRK Cotton Cookie topping.

The skills assigned to cotton candy are new to the Cookies Run: Kingdom and thus her introduction is highly anticipated.

The Cotton Cookie emits a comfortable warm light from it’s lantern that restore and enhances the healing process of its allies and at the same time the warm light increases the attacking power of the creatures it summoned.

So the skill is twofold.

Cotton cookie can summon sheep which fights alongside cotton cookie for a period of time and cause area damage and stun the enemies

Cotton cookie is an all-rounder which performs best at various areas feom healing to attack to summoning.

So with a cotton cookie in your team you can rule out some support cookie or healer from the comp and can have more attackers or even more cotton cookie in the team. 

The built and skill of the cotton cookie in stats is given below

  • A 75% attack using summoned characters
  • Sheep stampede stuns for 1 second
  • Sheep Herd increases 157.8 % of the Cookie’s defense and 124.5% of attack and  111.4% of healing power.

Best Cotton Cookie Team Comp

Generally a complete all-round tean in Cookie Run: Kingdom should have a  tank, two arena damage dealers and a healer.

There will be slot for five cookies and the fifth one can be of your choice according to game plan and difficulty level.

You can either ise another one of the above categories itself or you can add some other cookies with some special skills or quality.

Cotton cookie is one of a kind with its special skill in both healing and damage dealing.

You can take out a healer if you have a cotton cookie who can both heal and attack, why carry a dead weight is one can have more useful characters.

So one of the Comp we find the best using a cotton cookie is given below.

Just refer to it and you might find it intriguing.

  • Holly berry cookie
  • Sea fairy cookie
  • Frost queen cookie
  • Cotton cookie
  • Parfait cookie.

This comp is not based on some statistics and they are subjective, but they are chosen after a detailed study of all the characters and their skills, so you don’t have to go through the hassles.

Final Words

Cookie Run Kingdom is a Role play game with steady increasing fan base and regular updates from the developers team are given to reward those loyal fans.

Cotton cookie is one among such new introduction to the game.

The cookie can do wonders when its combination with toppings done with care and observation.

So that is all you need to know about CRK Cotton Cookie Topping. 

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