CRK Caramel Arrow Cookie Toppings Best Build 2022

If you have been looking for CRK Caramel Arrow Cookie Toppings, you are in the right place because this article is going to provide to you all the information that you need to know about the game “Cookie Run” as well as the Caramel arrow cookie.

This is one of the unique and epic cookies that were available in the game of “Cookie Run” after the second Heroes of Dark Cocoa update.

By looking at the gimmick and analysing it, you would come to know that it of the ranged type which is prioritized in the front, in this game.

CRK Caramel Arrow Cookie Toppings are also mentioned in the article below to use this particular character in the best way possible.

A lot of the gamers around the world who are fans of this game have tried out Caramel Arrow Cookie as a character to play with and only a few of them were disappointed.

It received general likability which goes to show that this character is not to be taken lightly.

The variety of ranged attacks Caramel Arrow Cookie has is really remarkable and there is also a way to spot enemies killed by this particular character in any team.

This is possible because the enemies killed by the Caramel Arrow Cookie specifically will have a arrow mark on their corpses.

Ranged attacks are as powerful as they can get and having this character in your team (arsenal) is not a bad idea.

In fact, once you have an idea about how to upgrade and wisely use Caramel Arrow Cookie is exactly when you really perceive the full potential of this character.

The skills and strengths can be increased following a proper Caramel Arrow Cookie build for toppings procedure.

While this character is in the attack mode, you will find that debuffs wouldn’t work for it receives an immune buff that gives this extra skill to them.

Defending becomes easier with Caramel Arrow Cookie.

Undoubtedly, you should have an idea about Caramel Arrow Cookie build for toppings which is the reason why you should read ahead.

Caramel Arrow Cookie Build For Toppings Guide

There are a few combinations that you may use as to increase the total skill and potential of the Caramel Arrow Cookie.

It is of no surprise that Caramel Arrow Cookie build for toppings has different variations as well, especially when we know that permutations are what keeps this game exciting anyway.

So, to get an inevitable Caramel Arrow Cookie build for toppings set, you may include 5 Searing Raspberry Toppings for an overall build of ATK DMG power which is beneficial.

Apart from that, another option to go for is a combination of CRK Caramel Arrow Cookie Toppings that includes 3 Searing Raspberry Toppings & 2 Solid Almond Toppings.

The main purpose of this one is to increase the DMG resistance which in turn will make these characters way more dependable.

In other words, you would be able to defend your wall (which is the point of the game anyway) and win a lot of battles that way.

Lastly, if you go for 3 Searing Raspberry Toppings and 2 Bouncy Caramels, it would also be a good choice for ATK, SPD and DMG are simultaneously increased for the Caramel Arrow Cookie.

The hike is not very extravagant but it’s decent enough to do what you plan to do with the character, thus making it the best combination of CRK Caramel Arrow Cookie Toppings.

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CRK Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings 2022

You can use 2 Searing Raspberry Toppings and 3 Solid Almond Toppings as one of the best CRK Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings 2022.

Again, this is not the only combination that is as beneficial, even though this gives a very balanced upgrade regarding the TANK and ATK).

3 Searing Raspberry Toppings and 2 Solid Almond can also be used as CRK Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings 2022 and it will allow you to have the similar kind of a balanced upgrade.

Moving on to the higher levels of upgrade, 5 Searing Raspberry toppings alongside DMG Resist Sub Stats can help you gain a full ATK Build, really good for the attacks and give you more DMG as well.

This is a high upgrade and demands you to take risks but this was tested by a lot of gamers in the community and has been proven as the best toppings for Pumpkin Pie Cookie.

Another alternative is to use 5 Solid Almod Toppings along with CD or ATK Sub Stats that help you gain a lot of immunity in battles, henceforth.

The full tank build definitely adds up to the better defence and overall, it’ll be very difficult to take down your Pumpkin Pie cookie.

Upgrading cookies is so much fun in Cookie Run and these are just combinations of toppings that re proved to be good without necessarily meaning that these are the only ones that are worth it.

Trying out different combinations is around which the whole gameplay mechanics revolve and you should definitely go for it and try out random combinations of toppings and have fun with the game.

CRK Caramel Arrow Cookie More Details

Now that you have an idea about what CRK Caramel Arrow Cookie Toppings to use in order to unleash them in their full potential in the next battle, you must know a few more things about this character that makes it unique in its own self.

There are screens that appear before loading a particular characters’ stats or details and when in the loading screen of Caramel Arrow Cookie, it says that she has learnt deciphering weather in the dark mountains by the best of the people that lived there.

They have strong mental stability and they are determined to do the task they are assigned.

CRK Caramel Arrow Cookie Toppings combinations increases resistance power and a lot of interrupting effects just don’t stand tall in front of them.

Upgrading the character by using CRK Caramel Arrow Cookie Toppings is one way and worthwhile too. 


Cookie Run has different game modes that can be played using characters that you generally have, in the game.

A particular character cannot just be used in a particular game mode but all the game modes available inside the game.

Caramel Arrow Cookie is one such character that has a diligent personality and is also loyal.

It is of immense maturity to think of upgrading them using CRK Caramel Arrow Cookie Toppings because a lot of extra skills are added when they have the suitable set of toppings.

A few of those suitable CRK Caramel Arrow Cookie Toppings were mentioned in the article which you can use without even thinking twice about the decision.

Most importantly, this does not mean that you cannot experiment with the permutations and combinations.

You must and you may even find something better.

Again, these CRK Caramel Arrow Cookie Toppings were mentioned because they are safe and can give you a good immediate boost without having to go through the hit and trial methods which do get really confusing sometimes.

Enjoy the game in its full potential. 

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