Best Guide 2022 How to Play Craftheim Lumberjack Island? 

Craftheim Lumberjack Island: As a child, almost all of us have drooled over the idea of living on an island in a gigantic villa.

It would be absurd to think that the idea never hit you at least once in your lifetime. 

What if we told you that you could now make all your island dreams come true in the form of a virtual world? 

Craftheim Lumberjack Island is one of the most extraordinary games on the internet these days that features a homebuilding simulation.

Developed by Casual Azur Games, you can now download this game on both Android as well as iOS mobile devices. 

If you have played any other game from the same franchise, you would already know what to expect.

Straightforward gameplay and user-friendliness are two key features that Casual Azur Games boasts. 

Craftheim Lumberjack Island is a casual game that one can pick up at any point in time and play for maximum fun every time.

The game developers have tried to make sure that all users are making progress throughout their journey in Craftheim Lumberjack Island.

It doesn’t matter when and how often you play the game; you are never going to leave disappointed! 

Although Craftheim Lumberjack Island is a relatively casual and easy-to-play game, things may seem a little intimidating for first-time players.

If you haven’t played any game of this sort before, we are sure that you must be looking for a quick Craftheim Lumberjack Island Guide 2022 that would help you start right. 

Not only this but also for existing players, there is always room for improvement.

If you are looking to enhance your gaming experience and improve your efficiency, you MUST follow some of our best strategies to grow your island in this unique game.

All-in-all, our Craftheim Lumberjack Island Guide 2022 is a one-stop-shop for everybody! 

So let’s not make you wait any longer and get on to our Craftheim Lumberjack Island Guide 2022. 

Craftheim Lumberjack Island Guide 2022

Once you are done with your Craftheim Lumberjack Island download, you will find that the game hardly provides you with any tutorial session.

But well, in our opinion, that barely makes any difference. 

Players will easily be able to regulate their lumberjack in the game simply by swiping here and there on your screen.

Post that, resources in Craftheim Lumberjack Island will automatically be devoured by structures that need them.

It can be done as you move a little close and interact with everything else through your touch. 

Apart from this, players will also be able to idly earn some resources in the game with the help of pets as well as workers.

Both of these creatures are designed to aid you through your motive in the game. 

One of the key features of the Craftheim Lumberjack Island game is the substantial liberty that it provides to all its players.

As a player, you will be the one in control of making progress when it comes to upgrades for your house as well as other structures.

Apart from that, you can also expand the island in the game as per your preferences. 

Nonetheless, if you wish to gain greater progression rates as well as expansions in the game, you will need to have some tips and tricks in mind before you go on to commence your journey.

Our Craftheim Lumberjack Island primarily focuses on providing you with some of the best strategies to grow your island and improve your expansion rates in the game. 

Let’s have a look. 

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Best strategies To Grow Your Island In Craftheim Lumberjack Island

1. Getting Started With The Game

As mentioned earlier, it is no one but the player who controls their journey in Craftheim Lumberjack Island.

In a nutshell, everything revolves around the choices that you make.

From chopping down trees, gathering resources, mining rocks, or anything else- you are going to be the one in charge of it all. 

Resources in the game are later exchanged for a very valuable in-game resource called coins.

They carry great significance in Craftheim Lumberjack Island as they help you in purchasing upgrades for your house as well as the lumberjack.

Not only this, coins are also crucial in the game for building and upgrading numerous other facilities for your island. 

It is worth mentioning that players will always have the choice of cutting a tree down or emptying a resource spot within a couple of seconds.

However, they are never going to be deprived of in-game resources to collect.

This is because trees along with all other resources in the game are revived in a quick while after they have been depleted. 

2. Upgrades Are Significant 

If you are raring to unlock some additional areas on your island, remember that the key to doing so is upgrading the home.

Newer areas in the game either feature a fresh resource or provide you with greater loot of similar resources that one can collect. 

The good part about Craftheim Lumberjack Island is that any penny that you spend here never goes to waste.

Every single coin counts and becomes a part of your investment.

This is primarily because upgrades in the game comprise some significant advancements that relate to your efficiency in collecting resources for yourself. 

So in the true sense, every coin that you earn and decide to invest in the game is going to come back to you at a faster pace and with greater efficiency. 

Players will have a variety of alternatives when it comes to investing their coins.

Undoubtedly, your home is the first and a good place to start.

Apart from that, you can also invest in a range of buildings that come up as you unlock a new area. 

In essence, it would be unfair to say that there is any perfect way to invest your coins in Craftheim Lumberjack Island.

However, we would still want to suggest that you prioritize those specific upgrades that have a direct impact on the performance of your lumberjack in the game. 

You will be able to see a special upgrade booth that is located right ahead of the in-game arena towards the right of your house.

This upgrade booth can significantly improve the movement speed of your lumberjack.

It can also boost the amount that you earn in the game with every swing of the weapons.

Both the kinds of upgrades are going to cost you a very minimal amount of coins in the start.

Moreover, they are certainly going to carry great value for you in the later stages of the game. 

As you move forward with higher upgrade levels, the costs are going to rise as well.

Nonetheless, you will be able to afford a generous amount of them before that happens.  

3. Ad Boosts Can Be Truly Helpful 

Players will always have the option to idly earn some resources in the Craftheim Lumberjack Island game thanks to the mini minions.

However, what’s some fun without actually taking part in the adventure? 

When you try and spend some more time taking care of the island home, a better and faster progression rate is ensured!

This will not only improve your efficiency while collecting resources in the game but also boost productivity. 

One crucial element of the game that has a lot to do with boosting your performance in the game is ad boosts. 

Video advertisements are everywhere! Especially in the gaming world, you are likely to stumble upon them like ten times a day.

The catch here is that these ads, which are often mistaken to be annoying, are pretty helpful in the true sense.

Given the benefits that they provide, one could get used to neglecting the nuisance that they cause by popping up randomly on your phones. 

Moreover, casual games like Craftheim Lumberjack Island strongly rely on the presence of these video ads for a lot of reasons.

But how are these ads beneficial for you? Let’s see. 

Ads in Craftheim Lumberjack Island can involuntarily pop up in front of you a lot of times.

However, you will always have the option to instantly skip these ads.

The second kind of ads in the games are the ones that are self-initiated and are popularly recognised as ad boosts. 

Players can choose to watch a 15-30 second long video that helps them gain some significant benefits.

Undoubtedly, they play a crucial role in helping you boost your overall gaming adventure

In our opinion, the most incredible ad boost in Craftheim Lumberjack Island is the offline booster.

Every time you feel like taking a break and closing down the game, you will still be able to idly generate some coins for yourself.

As soon as you sign into the game again, they will be ready for you to be claimed.

Players can also watch a quick video ad if they wish to double up the number of coins which is another advantage! 

Apart from this, video ads truly come in handy when you are looking to sell off your resources at different shops and earn a few coins. 

Although the trade rates are already pretty fair, a short video ad can help you earn twice the amount!

In such a case, we recommend that you collect a significant number of resources before you go on to trade them.

This will make sure that you gain a hefty double boost at the time of exchange by watching relatively fewer ads. 

There are also a few other ad boosts in Craftheim Lumberjack Island that you will discover as you move forward in the game.

So the idea here is to never neglect them for some seconds of nuisance.

Their benefits can prove to be truly helpful for you in the long run. 

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4. Switch To Offline Mode

As mentioned earlier, ad boosts have a very crucial role to play in Craftheim Lumberjack Island.

They come with a range of benefits that you must take advantage of at all times. 

Nonetheless, some players would still wish to play in peace without any sort of distractions or intrusions.

For all those users who want to play with a calm mind, here’s some good news! 

Craftheim Lumberjack Island provides you with the option to go offline and enjoy the complete game as it is!

You won’t have to stumble upon any kind of video advertisement.

Simply turn your mobile data or Wifi connection off and you are all set to go! 

This is especially helpful for all those players who have a poor or unstable network and are still yearning to enjoy the game.

In such cases, Craftheim Lumberjack Island can be no less than a saviour for you!

The good part is that players won’t even be required to close down the entire program and then restart it to be able to switch to the offline game

However, as mentioned earlier, the offline mode gets rid of all the ads in the game.

This means that you won’t be able to take advantage of any ad boosts and earn your free share of items.

Ad boosts are truly generous enough to provide you with a significant lot of items that can be pretty helpful in the long run. 

So while you have the option to go offline, it may not always be a good idea.

Nevertheless, all you have to do is simply turn your internet connection back on and enjoy the ad boosts to get access to some free stuff! 

5. Make Sure To Adopt Animals Whenever You Can 

Craftheim Lumberjack Island provides you with several pets that you can adopt and use to your advantage.

Every newly unlocked area in the game is going to come along with a fresh creature, available for you to meet and adopt. 

The best part is that the adoption will not cost you any coins.

All you need to do is watch a quick video ad to confirm the adoption and claim the numerous benefits that it comes with! 

These pets in Craftheim Lumberjack Island feature some unique effects including improving the movement speed of your lumberjack along with boosting the items that you earn from mining or chopping.

Although you will be able to claim similar benefits through upgrades as well, the key here is that this one comes completely free of cost. 

Moreover, who doesn’t love a bunch of cute animals that follow them around everywhere? 

We recommend that you search and adopt these animals in the game as soon as you have the option to do so.

This essentially has no costs and only requires you to watch a simple video ad so the sooner the better.

It is always a good idea to improve your performance as early as possible.

6. Assemble More Minions 

Collecting resources as well as buying upgrades in the game are two tasks that a player can easily manage in the game.

However, the existence of minions in Craftheim Lumberjack Island simply makes it easy for you to collect all kinds of resources available to you. 

The minion hut is a pretty basic structure in the game that players can unlock in every region of the island.

This is the place where all the tiny miners live and who are there to help you with your lumbering tasks. 

Although these minions will have a sluggish performance to offer in the start, they can still boost your performance to a great extent owing to the number of resources they collect in large numbers. 

These little minions will simply keep collecting resourcing for you without ever exchanging them.

This means that they will not bring coins directly to your table for you.

However, the presence of each one of them with you is still going to contribute significantly to your earnings.

Initially, these earnings may mean a little to you but as you move forward, they may go on to become your primary source of revenue! 

So it is only natural for you to try and assemble more of them as it will not only boost your efficiency to carry out tasks but also add to your income. 


Craftheim Lumberjack Island is packed with some of the most incredible and innovative features.

Its straightforward gameplay and easy-to-understand elements make it one of the best among its competitors.

You can pick up the game at any point and start exactly where you left off.

This makes it a lot less hectic than the majority of the games trending in the market today. 

By following our above-mentioned Craftheim Lumberjack Island Guide 2022, you are promised to enhance your gameplay to a great extent.

If you wish to improve your efficiency and overall progression rates, you must certainly follow our best strategies to grow your island in Craftheim Lumberjack Island. 

We hope that this guide was helpful for you and if you are a newbie, you are now leaving with a much better understanding of the game.

In case you have any tips to share of your own, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. 

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