Best Guide How to Craft Sweet Veggie Cakes in ARK 2022

In order to craft sweet veggie cakes in ARK Survival Evolved, you need to follow a particular recipe that is given in the article below.

This game, ARK Survival evolved, has a lot of different things you have to combine in order to make a particular thing in the game.

To craft sweet veggie cakes, the amazing procedure is given below but for a proper guide regarding crafting which is a big deal in the world of the game.

In fact, this is one of the major gameplay mechanics that the game works on and crafting these things will be necessary once you advance in the game.

The game is free for Android but not for PC which is the reason why another alternative way to play this for free on PC is to download any Android emulator (preferably Blue Stacks) and then get the game from the play store itself accessing it from your PC.

Craft sweet veggie cakes in ARK Survival Evolved procedure is available for both the platforms, regardless of where you download it from. 

Resources Required to Craft Sweet Veggie Cakes

First of all, the question that may arise in your head if you are not accustomed to the gameplay mechanics of ARK Survival Evolved is “what purpose does it serve?”.

Food is a very essential thing that you have to craft inside the game in order to feed the animals that you have.

Anything that can help you in the battle is what you should keep properly and feed them nicely as well.

These sweet veggie cakes originally supposed to be a dinosaur food.

This thing can be crafted in a cooking pot for the industrial cooker available in the game ‘ARK Survival Evolved’.

Taming Ovis and Achatina is possible by veggie cakes and this is only the only kind of food you can feed to Achatina.

Craft sweet veggie cakes in ARK Survival Evolved by using these resources given right below:

  • 1. 4 Sap
  • 2. 2 Giant Bee Honey
  • 3. 2 Rockarrot
  • 4. 2 Longrass
  • 5. 2 Savoroot
  • 6. 4 Stimulant
  • 7. 25 Fiber
  • 8. Water in a waterskin, water jar or canteen

It is really important to put all of these ingredients inside the industrial cooker or the cooking pot, whichever shall be of your preference or according to the availability.

Turn on the cooker and allow it to be cooked for the time it takes. 

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More About ARK Survival Evolved

Now that you have an idea about the process of how to craft sweet veggie cakes, you must definitely want to know more about the game and how these things can be beneficial for you.

As already mentioned, ARK Survival Evolved is an open world game and is rated teen.

There is minimal usage of alcohol, crude humour but the usage of blood is high.

The herbivores find sweet veggie cakes really delicious and they love to have it when they need to heal as well.

The healing powers are amazing but the carnivores do not like it.

Different tasks regarding this requires different number of hours or minutes.

Craft sweet veggie cakes procedure takes normal time and it definitely requires water to be able to be cooked.

To restore health power of particular characters that you use in the battles is really important.

An added bee honey in the recipe is going to make it even better.

To craft sweet veggie cakes and then feeding those to particular creatures that have low HP is definitely worthwhile because if the HP is lower than 85%, it can restore the health which will be beneficial for the future battles that you become a part of.

To craft sweet veggie cakes has been different for different versions and the latest one can actually restore 15% of maximum health over the period of only 10 seconds.

An instant 500 HP boost is also a part of this.

The cooldown now takes a lot less time from the previous 15 seconds to the current 10 seconds.

The spoil time is also quadrupled which makes storing sweet veggie cakes a lot easier than it used to be in the beginning.

Overall, playing the game of ARK Survival Evolved is really interesting because you are in the middle of a lot of tasks in an open world.

The basic gameplay mechanics combined together, makes the game very interesting to play.

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