How to Play Convenience Stories? Best Guide 2022

Convenience Stories: You might have played various games related to towns and their operations. And well, in essence, running a store might not be too different.

If you have always been intrigued by the idea of establishing a managing a store on your own, here is the perfect game for you! 

Designed and released by Kairosoft, Convenience Stories features a management simulation.

Another popular game by the same franchise is Dungeon Village 2 which features quite a few similarities with this one. 

Both of the games are paid but when you look at all the amazing features that these games bombard you with, every penny becomes worth it all.

A key advantage of playing a paid mobile game is that you won’t have to encounter any sort of nuisance in terms of video advertisements or even microtransactions. 

You can easily purchase the game from both Android Google Play Store as well as iOS App Store. 

Nonetheless, to be able to efficiently play Convenience Stories, players will need to acquire an extensive set of strategies and skills.

This will help them meet the annual sales quota of the company.

While it may all seem too simple at the first sight of it, in the true sense, there is a lot that you need to keep in mind to play it right. 

Especially if you are just starting with Convenience Stories, you are likely to feel a bit intimidated and overwhelmed by everything that will be thrown at you.

In such a case, all that you need is our Convenience Stories Beginner’s Guide 2022! 

In this article, we are going to provide you with some of the best strategies to run your own store in Convenience Stories. 

Let’s get started. 

Convenience Stories Beginner’s Guide 2022 | Best strategies to run your own store

Getting Started

Just like it is in the real world, all business ventures start as a mere risk.

As the regulator of the business, it is your responsibility to push your newbie store all the way up to being a regional giant.

Nonetheless, before you go on to think about those parameters, it is highly crucial to understand the basics of the game first. 

So as you download and launch Convenience Stories on your device, you will be provided with a couple of different locations for your store.

These include Tranquil Town and Lakeside Town. Going with the former option will cost you 50,000 gold and the latter will cost you 100,000. 

It is worth mentioning that you will be provided with a complimentary stock of 500,000 as you start the game.

And you will need to cover your expenses for setup from this amount itself.  

You can choose the one that suits your needs and preferences the best.

If Tranquil Town appeals to you and most importantly, if you want to save up some capital in the start, it is a reasonable pick.

However, even if you pick Lakeside Town, it isn’t going to make much difference in the long run. 

Having said that, players will also be able to operate various stores in the game at the same time.

In case you end up doing so, you will have the option to put your former stores on the auto-pilot mode the entire time. 

Understanding Different Elements 

Next in our Convenience Stories Beginner’s Guide 2022, it is very crucial to understand how things work in Convenience Stories- how the time passes, how restocking works, idea points, etc.

In this section, we are going to enlighten you on all these aspects: 


Each store in the game will need to sell at least something. And as mentioned earlier, you will be the manager of it all.

Medicines, munchies, sundries, and everything else will be stocked up on the shelves and someone or the other will hopefully come and purchase them. 

You will need to make a preliminary investment before you add this stuff to your shelves.

The amount of this investment is going to depend on the price of each item. 


The supplier is going to reach a particular point at midnight where you will be able to purchase all the items as per your restock agreement.

The good thing is that the cost of restocking will be much cheaper compared to your initial investment. 

However, players must keep in mind that any item that no one comes to purchase at midnight is going to be disposed of at a complete loss.

The store is simply going to house a covering stock of this item till the time a truck comes in a few seconds. 

Post that, players will also get access to more business collaborators who will assist in lessening the number of wasted items at the time of restocking. 

You will also be able to carry out an emergency process of restocking at any point in the season.

This will provide you with an immediate supply of all the products that you may have requested.

It is worth mentioning that products bought during this time will cost you much cheaper than the ones during the midnight process. 

So the idea here is that you act truly careful when it comes to restocking in Convenience Stories.

It is highly recommended that you manage everything after appropriate analysis.


A day in Convenience Stories implies a season.

And these are four seasons in a year. So this means that players will have a total of forty days (working) to complete their objective and meet the sales target. 

Idea Points

We have mentioned idea points earlier, however, the question is how exactly do you get them?

Well, in the true sense, they are almost everywhere! 

To start with, trash in the game can sometimes get accumulated on your store floor.

As you sweep the floor up, you are going to earn a little number of these idea points.

You will also be able to gain access to more of them through every sale that you make.

Especially if you have made use of advertisements for drumming up different products, you will earn a lot of idea points.

Eventually, you would be able to trade these idea points for medals by reaching the in-game Pumpkin Store.

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Meeting Sales Target

There is also an end goal in the Convenience Stories game.

Both the towns mentioned above (Tranquil Town and Lakeside Town) have a yearly sales target of 500,000+ for the former and 700,000+ for the latter. 

And well, if you thought you had plenty of time to attain this number, you might be wrong. 

The deadline to fulfil this yearly target is 10 years. It may certainly come across as a little intimidating when you think about it.

However, in the true sense, it is going to be pretty simple for you to reach this target given that you don’t end up wasting money on useless stuff or for optimization of your store.

Optimization in the game is an extensive process and we’ll look at it in detail in later sections of the article. 

Keep in mind that if you do it right, you may also manage to reach your goal before the given deadline!

Once the year ends, you are going to be thoroughly evaluated and if you were able to successfully attain the target, huge congratulations! 

Getting New Products For The Store 

The two common ways to get some fresh products for your store are through research or negotiations with your business collaborates. Here is how to go about it. 


If you wish to broaden your variety and wish to sell something new and different, you must reach the research network.

In Convenience Stories, research is essentially the primary way of getting access to some fresh items to sell. 

Now is the time to make use of all the light bulbs (idea points) that you had been collecting throughout your journey in the game. 

Negotiation with your partners

Negotiation with your business pals will also help you get some fresh products in the game.

As you go on to move forward with the game and fulfil some targets, NPCs are going to reach out to you for some business plans.

A proposal may be related to anything and everything including fresh shelves, fresh products, fixtures, as well as new routes and strategies for advancement. 

A pop-up menu will appear on your screen when you are negotiating with them.

When your partner suggests a negotiation method, you are going to see a heart alongside it.

If you use their suggested method, you may be able to boost your chances to a great extent! 

A better method of negotiation implies a better shot at success.

However, you must also keep in mind that a better method will also mean that it will be more expensive. 

Working with the Staff 

While you may be tempted to live in an entirely automated world, the truth is that it is not quite possible as of now.

What we mean to say is that you will be required to employ staff who will carry out different tasks for you in the game.

From selling items, to serving customers, and essentially anything and everything. 

If you wish to hire new staff in Convenience Stories, you will be required to strike a good deal with a workforce corporation.

Once you are amidst all the negotiations, you are going to play a trivial minigame relating to negotiations. 

Having an adequate number of staff members is a crucial part of Convenience Stories as you will end up with a deteriorated workplace otherwise.

Moreover, it is always a good idea to have a minimum of two staff members with you at the time of peak rush at the store. 

Players must keep in mind that these employees won’t be able to move around and put up with any other shift.

It may sound silly but they do have a life outside your store.

However, in case you wish to have more people during a particular period, you will be able to hire a new member apart from your regular ones as well. 

Whilst hiring new members, you must take into account all the given Staff Stats well.

In general, there are four different stats in Convenience Stories that include Speed, Service, Strength, and Favourite Weather. 

  • As the name suggests, Speed in Convenience Stories affects the speed of an employee. A higher level of Speed implies that he/she is going to complete all the tasks at a much faster pace. 
  • Secondly, Service relates to how the employee deals with your customers. A higher level of Service stat implies that your employee will have greater chances to receive rewards from the clients. These rewards will help you in upgrading your store shelves as well as other items of the store. 
  • Strength in the game relates to the stamina of an employee. As he is going to work more, he will end up getting tired. Once the stamina level reaches zero, they will be required to have a break. So higher Strength stats imply that there are fewer chances of your employee taking breaks. This becomes possible due to their greater stamina cap. 
  • Last but not least, there is also a fourth Staff Stat in the game. However, it is worth mentioning that this one is less likely to have any significance for most people. The last stat is called favourite weather. When the employee is functioning at the time of their favourite climatic conditions, their stamina level is going to recover much quicker.  

Lastly, you will also be able to level your employees up.

Yes, you heard that right! After every season or day, you are going to be provided with a brief report.

One of the key things to look out for in this report includes employee experience. 

The overall experience of your employee is going to boost as they work more and more for you.

Moreover, every time they level up, they are going to gain higher stats as per the allocation. 

Convenience Stories Events

Various events keep popping up in the Convenience Stories game every so often.

As the manager of the store, it is your duty when it comes to make sure that your store tops all these events!

Some key events that you will come across in the game include the following: 

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Contests are a crucial element of Convenience Stories and players will be able to enter into one at any point in time.

To do so, You will be required to choose a display shelf of yours that holds up some items that are related to the specific theme of a contest.

An employee will also need to enter the contest and at such a time, their level of Service has a great role to play in determining your success. 

You will be able to earn various kinds of rewards through these contests so make sure to take part in as many as you can. 

Economic Fluctuation

The global economy would seem truly nice if it was completely stable.

However, just like in the world, that may still be a mirage in the game as well.

If you wish to get an update on the prevailing situation of the world economy, you can simply check it out through the menu. 

Your assistant in Convenience Stories, Kaye, is also going to enlighten you on the game as each day begins.

The condition of the economy is going to have a significant impact on your client’s decisions hence it becomes crucial. 

The Hype Train

You can add some fresh products to the store which will not only boost client satisfaction but also unlock various new kinds of customers for you.

Apart from this, you will also be able to stand an opportunity to attain some temporary fame in the game.

A lot more clients will visit you during this period so make sure that you have a decent stock ready with you! 

The Pumpkin Store

The Pumpkin Store, in Convenience Stories, provides the players with a lot of rare items that they can attain by trading their medals.

In the game, players will be able to purchase various items for upgrading their shelf right in the Pumpkin Store.

The prevailing economic situations will have a direct impact on the rate of exchange.

Termination of four seasons

Lastly, once a year ends, you will be provided with a score related to your performance in the previous four days/seasons.

This may be used as a key tool to evaluate your growth and check if you are going in the right direction.


Convenience Stories may certainly seem like a pretty tricky and complicated game.

However, if there is anything that truly makes it fascinating, it is its complexity itself.

Once you start it right and continue to play with the right strategy in mind, this game will feel nothing but a breeze to you! 

What matters is that in the end, you are always counting on a positive number.

So you must put your best effort while playing this game to make every minute count. 

In our Convenience Stories Beginner’s Guide 2022, we aimed to provide you with some of the best strategies to run your own store in the game.

We hope that all the tips and tricks mentioned above we’re helpful for you and you now have a better understanding of the game.

In case you have any suggestions to drop, feel free to do so in the comment section down below. See you next time! 

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