How To Change Nickname on Discord Mobile Best Guide 2022 ?

Change Nickname On Discord: Although in real life you might have to stick to your embarrassing nickname, you can easily change nickname on Discord.

If you feel that the initial nickname does not suit your personality anymore, change it anytime.

Discord is a popular space where gamers discuss almost everything.

Users have the liberty to build “shared servers” and start chat groups with friends or fellow gamers. 

Discord has become a big platform over time.

It is a popular portal for discussions about everything and not just gaming.

As it is very adaptable, many work teams prefer Discord.

There are discord servers for almost everything, ranging from political debates to sports fan clubs. 

If you are looking to make your nickname more meaningful or spice it up for holidays and special events, change nickname on Discord anytime.

But remember, the change will only happen when the owner of the server grants the necessary permissions. 

Is it possible to change nickname on Discord Mobile? 

The method to change nickname on Discord Mobile is the same as changing the nickname anywhere else.

There are also options to keep separate nicknames on various servers.

Get as playful as you can on a server that has only your close friends, a serious name for work-related servers and a striking name for your gaming server to flaunt your personality.

Ways to Change Nickname on Discord 

There are three ways to change nickname on Discord Android or iOS. 

1. Using the Server Settings

If you are willing to change your nickname only on a single server, then this method is to go for. 

  • Login to the Discord account on whatever device you are using.
  • Choose the server on which you want to change your name. 
  • You have to find the drop-down menu from the left-hand sidebar of the server. If you are looking on a desktop, the menu will be under a drop-down arrow and on mobile, it will be shown as vertical dots or ellipsis. Right-click on that. 
  • Click on the “Change Nickname” option.
  • Type the new nickname in the textbox and click on Save. 

This is the easiest way and can be used to change nickname on Discord Android or change nickname on Discord iOS. 

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2. From Account Settings Menu

Another way to change nickname on Discord Android or iOS is by opening the app or visiting

Once the page gets loaded, you can make the changes easily. 

To enter the settings menu, click on the white cogwheel that is placed just next to your name on the bottom left. 

  • Go to the user settings and click on “My Account” from the menu. 
  • The next menu gives you the option to change your username, email or password. 
  • Click on the Edit button next to your username. 
  • After changing, click on Confirm. The site will only confirm the changes when you enter the password. 
  • Once you click on the Save button, your username will be updated. 

3. Using Shortcodes

Discord also uses commands or shortcodes to make changes.

These are quick fixes to change nickname on discord iOS and Windows.

You will not have to waste time and effort scrolling through the options to edit your name. 

  • Open the server in which you wish to change your nickname. 
  • In the message box, you have to type “/Nick” and hit Tab on your keyboard. 
  • Now type the new nickname and press Enter
  • They will send you a notification when done. 

How to change the Username on Discord? 

Just like you can change nickname on Discord iOS or Android, you can also change the username for all servers. 

1. Open Discord on your device and log into your account. 

2. You will see a gear icon on the bottom-left of the screen just next to your current username. 

3. Click on that and go to “Edit”

4. Enter a new username and recent password in the corresponding fields to save the changes. 

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Does Discord Ask For Subscription? 

You can download Discord free of cost and change nickname on Discord iPhone without having to pay any charges.

However, if you are looking to subscribe to Discord Nitro, you will have to pay premium charges.

Nitro is available in two tiers. 

Discord Nitro Classic is the cheaper premium version available at $5 per month or $50 per year.

Subscribing to this allows you to do a lot of things like changing your 4-digit username tag, getting a Nitro badge for your profile, custom emotes that can be used beyond home servers, and you will be able to convert animated GIF into emojis or Avatar pictures.

The premium service increases the video quality so that you can live stream in 1080p at 60fps.

The quality of screen sharing will be in 720 p at 60fps or 1080p at 30fps.

You can change nickname on Discord iPhone anytime. 

In the other tier of Discord Nitro, you get everything that Discord Nitro Classic has, plus a few more new perks at the price of $10 per month and $100 per year.

You will be able to upload files up to 100MB, double what you could with Nitro Classic and exceptionally higher than what free users can with an 8MB limit. 

You also enjoy two Server Boosts.

The boost is important because when it reaches a certain level, it levels up and unlocks more features.

The bonus can be more emojis slots, custom invite artwork, vanity URL, animated icons, a server banner and other such features which only paid members can enjoy like high video quality and higher uploading limits.

So, it is like getting premium benefits even without a subscription.

You can change nickname on Discord iOS anytime you want. 

There are other incentives as well if Discord users keep their servers kind and welcoming instead of hostile and toxic, like other online gaming community spaces. 

Final Words

For new users, there can be a name set as default. You can change nickname on Discord whenever you want.

However, you must choose a name you are happy with because the name can be changed only once in 30 minutes.

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