Champions Legion Clawdia Guide 2023 | Clawdia Best Build 2023

Welcome to Gaming Freak Hero Guide Tutorial. In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use Champions Legion Clawdia in the game.

In this Guide we will cover below topics about Clawdia Passive & Skills, How to Gank? You will know Champions Legion Clawdia Build & Partner, CL Clawdia Best Spell.

CL Clawdia Laning & Rotation and finally give you some Tips and Tricks, How to Play with Champions Legion Clawdia Effectively.

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So Let’s Start with Champions Legion Clawdia Skills details-

Clawdia champions legion has 4 Skills; 1 Passive Skill and 3 Active Skills.

Clawdia Passive Skill – Cut Throat

Each time you deal damage to an enemy that has less than 40% health, it deals additional 40(+30% physical attack) damage and heals 20 (+15% physical attack) health for you.

Champions Legion Clawdia Passive

This Passive Skill is extremely helpful in fights. Healing from your Passive helps you in sustaining fights longer.

You should also note that whenever enemy has lower HP, she will deal extra damage.

Clawdia Skill 1 – Brutal Tear

Attacks twice in the target direction, each deal {BASE DAMAGE} +(100% physical attack) physical damage.

Champions Legion Clawdia Skill 1
Champions Legion Clawdia

If each attack hit at least 1 enemy, heals {BASE HEAL} (+ 60 % physical attack) health.

She runs or dashes in forward direction, while moving she slashes any enemy in line with her claws. She will slash twice during the dash.

This skill will also heal you. Higher the number of enemies are slashed, Higher is the Heal.

Clawdia Skill 2: Doomed Prey

Drag the target enemy to your side, deals {BASEDAMAGE} (+80% physical attack) physical damage and reduce 30% move speed for 2 seconds.

Champions Legion Clawdia Skill 2
Champions Legion Clawdia

She will catch enemy and pull them towards her.This skill helps in securing kills and doesn’t allow enemies to escape from battle.

Clawdia Skill 3 Ultimate – Instinct Predator

Reveal enemy heroes within 5000 distance, and increase your Movement speed by 20% for 8 seconds. For every hero who less than 40% health you reveal, increase Movement speed by additional 10%.

Champions Legion Clawdia Skill 3
Champions Legion Clawdia

During this effect, you can use this ability again, lunge at target enemy hero, stuns 1.5 seconds, deal 4 times of {BASE DAMAGE} (+ 80% Physical Attack) physical damage, healing yourself for {BASE HEAL} (+ 45% Physical Attack) health.

This is the skill which makes Clawdia a True Assassin in Champions Legion.

This Skill has 2 Phases:

  • 1st Phase Reveals/Shows enemy position in map.
  • 2nd Phases chases enemy and attack continuously to enemy. It will also stun the enemy.

1st Phase: This skill can reveal enemy position in the whole map. Although reveal depends on your position in Map, but if you stand in center of Map then you can see whole team position in Map.

2nd Phase: This skill will instantly melt down enemy HP including Tank. She will attack 4 times to enemy. This skill will also heal you.

Champions Legion Clawdia Best Build 2023

Clawdia can have two types of Build: Full Damage Build or Semi Tank Build.

Clawdia Full Damage Build 2023

  • It is better to focus increasing Skill Damage rather than Basic Attack. I am recommended this because of her Skill set and my experience with her.
  • Her Skill set is made in such a way that you can Target a Single Enemy and then you can escape back.
  • I recommend focusing on increasing Physical Damage and CD Reduction.

This can help you melt down enemy instantly with your Ultimate and escape with Skill 1.

Champions Legion Clawdia Build 2023

  1. Flashy Boots
  2. Trinity Power
  3. Umbra Axe
  4. Triumph Wing
  5. Brilliant Blade or Beast king Horn
  6. Shield breaker

If you like to play solo in a lane and focus more on Laning rather than jungling, then it is better to go for Semi-Tank Build.Semi-Tank Build

This build usually is good for those Clawdia players who would play her as Warrior rather than Assassin build clawdia.

Clawdia Recommended Semi Tank Build:

  1. Resistance Boots or Sonic Boots
  2. Bloodfury
  3. Triumph Wing
  4. Ice Walker
  5. Trinity Power
  6. Shieldbreaker

Champions Legion Clawdia Best Partners In-game

  1. Meowings is great when playing as Warrior or Assassin. Meowings will make sure to give extra Heal which is very useful to Clawdia in sustaining fights. Heal from Meowings also works great with Clawdia Passive.
  2. Inali helps in dealing extra Damage. This Damage is high. Since Inali needs your Hero to attack 5 times continuously, hence Clawdia can easily trigger Inali with her Ultimate. Inali works best when you play Clawdia as Assassin.
  3. Kura is great for playing both as Warrior or Assassin. Kura provides a shield which makes sure that your gank in a fight is successful without taking much Damage.

Champions Legion Clawdia Best Partners Beads

Passion Beads: Razor Claw and Lion works well with her. It provides High Physical Attack and Physical Penetration.

Hermint Beads: Starlight is a Must have Bead for her, as it provides CD Reduction which is very essential for Clawdia because she is Skill Based Assassin.

Blizzard is also good for her as it provides extra CD Reduction and Max HP which will make her sustain more in fights.

Revelation Beads: Judgement is a Must have Bead for her, as it provides extra Lifesteal which can be as high as 11%.

Second Section of Revelation Bead can be either Prayer or Miracle. Both provides good Lifesteal. Prayer will increase Physical Attack whereas Miracle will increase Critical Chance.

Champions Legion Clawdia Guide- Tips & Tricks

Clawdia needs Blue Buff. Her skills drain her Mana extremely Fast. Blue Buff will help in ensuring you have no Mana Regen problem throughout the game.

You can use her Ultimate by standing at exactly in center of Map, which will reveal every Enemy’s Location in Map.

When you try to Assassinate, at that time use Ultimate to Kill enemy. You can drag Ultimate button and make sure your Ultimate lands on your desired Target.

After killing Enemy with your Ultimate, you won’t have your Movement Speed Buff. So, it is better to save Skill 1 and not waste it before killing your desired Target.

Skill 1 helps in escaping after killing. Use your Skill 1 and dash through all your enemies and escape from fight.

Remember that higher the number of Enemy while using Skill 1, Higher will be the Heal.

When you are trying to defend turret and enemies are inside your Turret. Then let your enemies intentionally hit you, this will make Tower focus on Enemy.

When the enemy tries to run outside Tower, Use Skill 2 to pull them inside Turret again, which increase Tower Damage on your Enemy.

Then you can finish them off with your Skill 1 or Ultimate.

Clawdia is extremely fast in taking down Sentry. She can destroy first two Sentries on her own.

Clawdia is extremely strong in 1 vs 1 fights. She can even manage 1 vs 2 fights. But 1 vs 3 or more fights is not her cup of tea.

Clawdia needs to be aware of Crowd Control Skills. If Clawdia gets Crowd Controlled, then she will instantly die.

Remember that her Ultimate can be stopped with Crowd Control Skills, especially stuns which makes sure that you cannot use 2nd phase of her Ultimate.

Clawdia before charging needs to be wary of enemy team, and make sure that they have wasted all of their Crowd Control Skills.

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That’s all for Champions Legion Clawdia Guide tutorial, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.

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