How to get the Ms Chalice Golden skin in cuphead 2022

Want to know secret trick to get the Ms Chalice Golden Skin in cuphead 2022? If yes then this article will provide you all the necessary information on how to get the Ms golden skin in cuphead golden skin in cuphead 2002 with hand drawn graphics and animations, cuphead is well known run and gun Independent action game that draws the inspiration from 1930s cartoons.

The delicious course DLC’s Golden Miss Chalice filter can be unlocked using the instructions in this guide.

Today we are sharing secret tricks how to get the Ms Chalice Golden Skin in cuphead 2002.

I play video games and I am a professional blogger who has knowledge about them especially cuphead.

You can obtain the Ms Chalice golden skin in cuphead by using the information I have provided, which I have provided below.

Unlock the Chalice Golden skin 2022

Cuphead is a run and gun action game with a heavy emphasis on boss fights.

For taking out bosses in the game, players can earn a tonne of awesome goodies.

However certain awards are more uncommon than others.

For instance in cuphead players must battle every boss to obtain the golden Chalice skin.

As a result, Is a fairly fight for skin in the game.

Here are the steps players can take to acquire it in the game.

You can use the female cactus NBC as guided by speaking with her. 

These tails are connected to the boss battles that Ms Chalice must win.

Everybody boss in the game must be defeated.

Remember, You can complete it on any level of difficulty.

Simple or normal or expert.

She provides the following dialogue cues for each boss:

Inkwell Isle I

I’d sure love to tell…Boss
The tale of the villanious veggies vanquished.’The Root Pack
‘The tale of that slime smashed silly.’Goopy Le Grande
‘The tale of the busted-up blimp.’Hilda Berg
‘The tale of the felonious flower felled.’Cagney Carnation
‘The tale of the trounced tadpoles.’Ribby and Croaks

Inkwell Isle II

I’d sure love to tell…Boss
‘The tale of the countess’s sugar crash.’Baroness Von Bon Bon
‘The tale of the creepy clown gone kaput.’Beppi the Clown
‘The tale of the meanie genie sent up in smoke.’Djimm the Great
‘The tale of the fire breather extinguished.’Grim Matchstick
‘The tale of how the bird got his wings clipped.’Wally Warbles

Inkwell Isle III

I’d sure love to tell…Boss
‘The tale of the bad bee buzzed off.’Rumor Honeybottoms
‘The tale of the pirate walking the plank.’Captain Brineybeard
‘The tale of the upstaged drama queen.’Sally Stageplay
‘The tale of the platoon pest gone awol.’Werner Werman
‘The tale of the bolt bucket’s bust-up.’Dr Kahl’s Robot
‘The tale of the siren’s swan song.’Cala Maria
‘The tale of the locomotive in limbo.’Phantom Express

Inkwell Isle IV

I’d sure love to tell…Boss
‘The tale of those boozy bugs busted.’Moonshine Mob
‘The tale of the bruised big boulder.’Glumstone the Giant
‘The tale of the dusted desperado.’Esther Winchester
‘The tale of the cold congregation put on ice.’Mortimer Freeze
‘The tale of the punched up pack of pilots.’The Howling Aces
‘The tale of anyone else causin’ trouble.’Chef Saltbaker

When you’re finished the cactus npc’s side mission once you have eliminated every Boss on the above list.

A notification from the npc will appear  (or you may need to visit her).

This message offers its congratulations for defeating every boss with Ms chalice and makes the chalice filter available for usage.

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How to equip the gold skin for Ms Chalice

You already know how to get the Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course DLC.

However, a lot of players will have already finished all of that because Studio MDHR’s game was so popular.

There might be a Cupheads DLC secret, though, that none of the players have yet discovered.

You could only fail to experience one of the hidden novelties of the DLC if you’re happy with how the All Delicious Last Course is being controlled by your favourite character.

Which, until an impossible task is completed, cannot be opened.

You can unlock either a new costume that can be enabled via the game settings by activating the Chalice filter by defeating every boss in the game with Ms. Chalice, the new playable character included with the paid version of the MDHR game.

Mrs. Chalice is given a golden skin via a filter, turning her into a walking trophy for players who, through talent and perseverance, have completely mastered their new playable character.

View Ms. Chalice’s skin option if you choose.

Because of a snapshot taken from Destructoid, I believe that these pieces are the last in this news cycle.

To make things even simpler, Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course contains an NPC that will give you a series of hints about which bosses you need to take down in order to obtain desired collectibles.

After you’ve beaten every enemy in the game, this character will let you finally become the new one with Ms. Chalice.

Go to the Visual tab in the game’s settings to equip the new golden skin.

When you reach the Filter option, scroll down.

Out of the settings menu, change it to Chalice.

You’ll notice the change when you play a game with Ms. Chalice again that completes it.

Beat the bosses in the game to earn that gorgeous golden skin.

Final words

Here we provided the secret trick to unlock chalice golden skin in cuphead 2022.

We sincerely hope the details provided were useful.

You can definitely leave your recommendations in the comment area if you have any questions or need clarification.

Additionally, we anticipate your helpful feedback.


Who is the yellow cup in Cuphead?

Ms chalice

Who are Cuphead’s parents?

Elder Kettle serves as Cuphead and Mugman’s paternal guardian, keeping them out of trouble and admonishing them repeatedly not to enter the casino in Inkwell Hell.

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