Brain Test Level 81-90 Answers

Brain Test Level 81-90 Answers: Brain test is a puzzle riddle game to explore and expand the mental agility. Through this article we will be helping those who are interested in these puzzles and got stuck in half way.

We provide brain test level 81 – 90 answers in the following passages.

Brain Test – Thinking Game

Brain test is a puzzle game which challenges the players to push their intellectual and logical side forward.

The game involves more than two hundred and fifty levels with a lot of puzzles and riddles in which each of them demand a bit more mental investment than the other.

The players will have to analyze the whole questions as well as the scenarios given to solve the levels, they will have to analyze and reach to the conclusion about their answers and the correct answer takes them to the next level.

It is not just a word puzzle or riddle but the pictures and scenes and small peculiarities of those scenes also adds to the answer.

Sometimes the smallest details makes the biggest hint or paves the way to the answer.

In this article we are providing an aid to those who hot stuck enroute we provide brain test level 81 – 90 answers.

Brain Test Level 81-90 Answers

Here are the brain test level 81 – 90 answers to aid those who seek a teensy bit of help to climb higher levels in the puzzle.

LEVEL 81. 

Question: Boxer on the left should win.

Answers: Take one of the iron balls in the corner and place it in the boxer’s right glove. Then, click ‘Fight’.

Brain Test Level 81 - 90 Answers


QUESTION: Make this equation correct. X/Y = 4

Answers: To make X / Y = 4 correct, drag 82 out of ‘Level 82’, replacing X with 8 and Y with 2. 8/2 = 4.

Brain Test Level 81 - 90 Answers


QUESTION: Please stop this fight!

Answers: Cut the cake by pulling it with two fingers and handing it to each child.

Brain Test Level 81 - 90 Answers


LEVEL: How many letters are left if E and T leave the alphabet?

Answers: How many letters will there be if ET disappears in the word “alphabet”? There will be 6 letters.

Brain Test Level 81 - 90 Answers


QUESTION: Show me your patience.

Answers: Don’t do anything for about 30 seconds and you will pass the level automatically.

Brain Test Level 81 - 90 Answers

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LEVEL 86. 

QUESTION: Birdie has overslept. Try shaking the tree.

Answers: Grasp the branch where the bird is perched so it doesn’t break, and while holding it, shake your phone. 

Brain Test Level 81 - 90 Answers


QUESTION: Find the mistake here.

Answers: To find an error here, tap “i” on the word “mistake” in the question, instead of trying to do anything with the math problem. There is no dot in the letter “i” in “mistake”.

Brain Test Level 81 - 90 Answers


QUESTION: Who wins the battle? 100 Knights vs 100 Barbarians.

Answers: Move 100 from “100 Knights” and place it over 100 in “100 Barbarians”.

Brain Test Level 81 - 90 Answers


QUESTION: Let the cat in please, it is freezing outside.

Answers: Tilt your phone to the left, the door will open due to the law of gravity, and the cat can get in.

Brain Test Level 81 - 90 Answers


QUESTION: Please turn on the lights.

Answers: Slide the right light out of the screen, then click the switch until you turn on the other two lights.

Brain Test Level 81 - 90 Answers

Answers for All Levels

One of the best and productive way to spend free and leisure time is to engage in these brain  test puzzles.

Such riddles and puzzles will not let your mind sit idle and it will a fun and creative way to challenge the mind and brain.

The brain test is not an online gaming platform, where you compete with a lot of fellow players.

So those who does not like to have a competition with others for this ngs that does not matter, brain test puzzles gives a space where the players can challenge and complete with themselves.

In this article we have given Brain Test Level 81-90 Answers.

Those who are enthusiastic about finishing these puzzles and got stuck in the midway can take the aim of these article.

We have Brain Test Level 81-90 Answers here in the article and we have the answers for about two hundred and fifty levels in further mentioned articles below. 

The Brain Test puzzles have a tendency to engage the players into the game too deep that going up in levels might be like a milestone.

Sometimes a bit of difficulty or trickiness in a level might halt the fast pace of the players in getting into higher levels.

So this article is intended to help all those brain test fans to aid them with Brain Test Level 81-90 Answers.

Please be sure to follow up on the article as well as the website to get help in solving puzzles and riddles in further levels as well as previous levels.

Final Words

Puzzles and riddles have a way in engaging interested minded people into their labyrinth of logics.

Brain test can be a little different from traditional riddles since the answer to a question might involve the pictures following the questions too.

You will have to think out pf the box a lot and sometimes people tend to get a mental block and it is totally normal.

There is nothing wrong with seeking help when you give it your best and still needs it.

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