Brain Test Level 71-80 Answers

Brain Test Level 71-80 Answers are in demand, solely because of the reason that this game becomes way more difficult by the time it reaches level 71.

The game is also generally difficult and as the name suggests, it is tricky.

It is a free game that you can download from the native application store of your phone.

This game is available on Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store.

The downloading procedure is also really easy and similar to any game download from Google Play Store or App Store generally.

Brain Test – Thinking game requires you to solve a series of tricky puzzles that would require you to apply your common sense more than anything else.

These riddles will make you realize that the Brain Test – Thinking game actually pushes your brain.

This is one of the most revolutionary games with over 5 million votes on Google Play Store and still holding a good 4.7 overall rating.

This goes to show how well-crafted this game is.

The challenges that keep appearing one after the other while you play the game can also be termed as “brain teasers” as the game description on the store says.

These are really brain teasers that make you think a little harder than the previous level every time.

If you have been looking for Brain Test Thinking Game Answers for All Levels, this article is going to provide to you the ways to complete from level 71-80, at least.

There are different ways that you can find Brain Test Thinking Game Answers for All Levels, one of which is to take 10 levels at once and walk through according to the information given.

Answers for all levels can be a compilation of all of these. Here is Brain Test Level 71-80 Answers.

Brain Test Level 71-80 Answers: A Complete Guide On How To Solve These Puzzles

Brain Test Thinking Game Answers for All Levels starting from 71 and fetching up to 80 is given below:

Level 71

The trick in this level of Brain Test – Thinking game is that you have to remove sticks from the equation in order to form “ten” by the matchsticks.

Brain Test Level 71-80 Answers

Level 72

Just holding the nose of the frog will allow you to inflate it and will thus, begin flying which is the objective of this level.

Brain Test Level 71-80 Answers

Level 73

Out of Brain Test Level 71-80 Answers, this is one of the trickiest ones where you will have to first take out a matchstick from the Matchbox by pulling it from the left side.

After having done so, light up the wick of the cannon which will tilt the platform and make the mouse fall into the cat’s mouth.

This is how you satisfy the cat’s hunger in level 73.

Brain Test Level 71-80 Answers

Level 74

Taking off the lid of the box and flipping your device until 9 candies are what you get out of the box.

Brain Test Level 71-80 Answers

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Level 75

Brain Test Level 71-80 answers are tricky but not that much considering the fact that you have reached level 71.

There are a lot of gameplay mechanics that are specifically used in the Brain test – thinking game in order to make it more enjoyable to play.

Brain Test Level 71-80 Answers also contain a few ones that are so simple that it almost makes you giggle.

In level 75, a lot of people try to solve this puzzle arithmetically whereas all it asked for you to do was to click from bottom to top (high to low, as in the trick).

Brain Test Level 71-80 Answers

Level 76

The daily gift box that is ever-lasting on the screen is what you have to give to the little boy.

Brain Test Level 71-80 Answers

Level 77

The right way to solve Level 77 is to take the human and drag him around the Zombies and reach the car.

Do not panic if the character that you are dragging gets out of the screen.

You can get the person back in the frame by dragging him back with the opposite finger movement as to what led him out of the screen.

This is one of those Brain Test Level 71-80 Answers that requires a little technique as well.

Brain Test Level 71-80 Answers

Level 78

The answer is zero because all of them are triangles. You would notice this if you see closely.

Brain Test Level 71-80 Answers

Level 79

The question allows you to pick up the text “100” and put it on the button, followed by pressing it once.

This serves the purpose of pressing it 100 times, as demanded by the question.

Among brain test level 71-80 answers, this one is special in its own way.

Brain Test Level 71-80 Answers

Level 80

Tapping the apple would actually reveal worms and these worms are supposed to be attached on the hook on one end of the fishing rod, thus being able to catch a fish. This was quite simple.

Brain Test Level 71-80 Answers

Here was Brain Test Level 71-80 Answers. Hope you learnt how to crack these levels and progress in the game.

Wanting answers for all levels is understandable but solving them by pushing your own brain is what the game’s purpose really is.

Refer to Brain Test Level 71-80 Answers if you are stuck in any of these levels. Enjoy the game.

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