Become Pro in Brain Test Level 41-50 Answers

Brain Test Level 41-50 Answers: Have you been looking for the answers to Brain Test levels? Well, you are not alone and a lot of people get stuck at some particular levels.

If you are stuck at Brain test Level 41-50 Answers, this article is for you.

Passing some of the levels in brain test is really tricky. Rather, finding answers for all levels is a little difficult.

More about that is given in the article below. However, a lot of people do not want to waste time on keeping on thinking about a level’s answer and not being able to go to the next level before finding the answer.

After reading this article, Brain test Level 41-50 Answers will be clarified properly to you head. So, this is an article you would not want to miss reading.

Being a blogger, specialised in the gaming genre, I have been researching and writing articles about different enjoyable games for a few years now.

The fact that this article comes with a proper research and first-hand experience, none of the mentioned answers for all levels between 41 to 50 will be false or won’t work.

That is almost a guarantee, at this point of time.

Brain Test Level 41-50 Answers

This game is by far, one of the most popular games on iOS and Android, which makes the want for Brain Test Answers even more.

Needless to mention but if you want Brain Test Thinking Game Answers for All levels, you may consider going for any full walkthrough on YouTube where you can skip to the part, you’re stuck at to exactly know how to pass the level.

There are also articles around the internet that have answers for all levels or else even combining a few articles can get you there.

In the Brain Test – Thinking Game, you’re not the only one getting stuck between 41-50 levels. In fact, it gets really difficult or even tricky, which should be the right word.

Hence, all the tricks are mentioned that you’d need in order to pass through any level between 41 to 50 and that is mentioned right below, very symmetrically.

Brain Test Level 41 Answer

The green beans that are available to you on the screen are supposed to be placed on the cabbage as if they are the eyes.

Trick in this level is to basically make a rabbit out of the things available at the given point in the game. 2 available carrots become the ears and the white carrot becomes the nose.

Brain Test Level 41-50 Answers

Brain Test Level 42 Answer

The biggest number possible in this particular level of brain test is the biggest number possible you can enter. Answer for level 42 would simply be 999.

Brain Test Level 41-50 Answers

Brain Test Level 43 Answer

This level is one where touching on the screen and doing some functions is not going to help at all. A lot of people have been stuck in this level because this is really tricky.

A property of gyroscope is put into use for this level, that is anyway a part of your phone, (since it is required for rotation and orientation purposes).

You would have to rotate your phone upside down and the tears of the baby will go back into the socket of his eyes and will stop crying, thus passing you on to the next level.

Brain Test Level 41-50 Answers

Brain Test Level 44 Answer

The distance between the eggs and the sun is supposed to be reduced so that one of the eggs break down and thus reveal to you that it is the chocolate egg, indeed, which you were finding.

Brain Test Level 41-50 Answers

Brain Test Level 45 Answer

Adding salt and cold water to the porridge that Timmy initially does not want to consume is exactly what will make the little kid consume the food.

It is made tasty and is not even too hot anymore which is the reason why he will eat it with enthusiasm by just adding these two things.

Brain Test Level 41-50 Answers

Brain Test Level 46 Answer

What have we got here? It is yet another level that uses the ever-present gyroscope on your phone which senses shakes.

Out of the five monkeys, the only way to know is one of them is carsick monkey is to shake the phone and make the carsick monkey reveal itself.

It is almost as if he/she was trying to hide the truth from you but you are too smart for monkeys, obviously. So, you figured it out. Good for you.

Brain Test Level 41-50 Answers

Brain Test Level 47 Answer

The thing in the crowd which has a symbol of lightning bolt, also similar to a nitrous oxide tube is supposed to be dragged and put on the blue car.

Blue car has to win this race and that is how you will proceed to the next level. Drag the nitro tube to the blue car and start the race, thus enabling it to get a boost and win the race.

Brain Test Level 41-50 Answers

Brain Test Level 48 Answer

It is not very difficult to notice that the turtle is actually upside down initially and you are asked to help it.

The only help that the turtle requires at this particular moment is to turn around and be straight.

Once you put your cell phone upside down as well, almost as if you are lying down on your smartphone is how exactly to complete this level.

The Turtle will come back to being in a walking position for itself.

Brain Test Level 41-50 Answers

Brain Test Level 49 Answer

In this level, neither a lot of tapping on the red car is going to get you past nor would the gyroscope feature help you in this level.

This is really tricky because you would just have to drag the “red” word from the question and put it in the finish line for it to win the race.

I know, it doesn’t make a lot of sense but the brain test thinking game does make no sense sometimes.

Brain Test Level 41-50 Answers
image source- theamericaproject org

Brain Test Level 50 Answer

In the last level that is mentioned in this article, you will be asked to burn everything.

This is another tricky one since you would just have to light up the torch and try to burn the word everything in the question.

It is a faster way and it get you past the level, so win-win.

Brain Test Level 41-50 Answers

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Brain test level answers have been researched for so long now.

Since the game is so popular and revolutionary in its own way, there are a few questions that generally arise in people’s minds when they come to know something like this exists.

What languages is Brain Test available in?

Currently, the game is available in English (US). The horizon of language availability will expand sooner or later.

Is there any score for Brain Test?

No, the gameplay mechanic that they operate on is that you cannot go to the next level until and unless you solve the previous. The number of wrong options or wrong answers you give do not affect anything because there is no score.

Is Brain Test supposed to tell your IQ?

This is debatable and depends a lot on perspectives. Some of the people may think that solving these problems is being intellectually active whereas some of them think that the game is for kids.

The main reason behind this is the fact that once you know a few tricks about the game, completing most of the levels become really easy.

Playing mechanics used in the game are not very far-fetched and it is completely understandable because this is the most you can do, considering it is a smartphone game.

How many levels are there in Brain Test?”

There is a total of 424+ levels and keeps on increasing as they keep rolling updates for the game. 


Brain Test, a game that is available for iOS and Android created a lot of hype.

Undeniably, this is one of the best tricky games that were created for smartphones and the numbers say it all.

Starting from bloggers to youtubers, a lot of people enjoyed playing this game and it has become so popular as well, lately.

This was an article where we discussed all the proper answers to levels between 41 to 50.

Undoubtedly, this will be able to get you through any level that you are stuck on between 41 to 50.

Enjoy the game and look for other answers if you may need to. Sometimes, only progressing in the game is what really matters

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