BitLife Wild West Challenge Best Guide 2022 | How to Complete the Wild West Challenge

BitLife Wild West Challenge Guide: BitLife needs no introduction. Ever since its launch, the game has only expanded its fanbase and continues to do so to date.

People of all age groups greatly enjoy this life simulation game. Candywriter has certainly added life to BitLife through its exciting challenges.

It not only keeps the regular players engaged but also attracts a large number of new players every day.

It would be safe to say that these challenges are one of the most crucial elements of the replay value of the game. 

The Wild West Challenge was recently rolled out by the devs and it has been a sensation ever since!

It helps you in recreating some of the most outstanding achievements of the popular rockstar, Kanye West, widely recognised as Ye.  

Yes, you got that right! Here comes one more musical challenge for you. However, as you could expect, it is probably going to be a bit more difficult than others.

Apart from that, it also has a political element instilled into it owing to the futile presidential campaign of Kanye in 2020.

So there’s entertainment and drama–all in one! If you wish to know How to Complete the Wild West Challenge in BitLife, you are just at the right place.

Below, we have mentioned a complete BitLife Wild West Challenge Guide that will help you get the work done easily and quickly! 

So without any further ado, let’s get started. 

BitLife Wild West Challenge Guide | How to Complete the Wild West Challenge

Essentially, there are 5 different tasks that you will need to fulfill to be able to complete the BitLife Wild West Challenge.

First and foremost, you will need to Create A Male Character and then, follow these requirements mentioned below: 

  • Be born as a male in Chicago
  • Gain popularity by becoming a famous singer/rapper
  • Must have at least 9 (or more) gold-certified music albums 
  • Run an unsuccessful election for the president 
  • Name your children after the four directions, i.e., North, East, South, and West 

Let’s now look at each one of them in detail: 

Voice Lessons Are So Very Important! 

As mentioned earlier, the first step to completing your Wild West Challenge in BitLife is to first create a male character for yourself.

Make sure that you were born in Chicago. This is highly crucial as in the real world itself, Kanye West was born and brought up in this city of Illinois, U.S.

It is up to you if you want to excel in Looks and Smarts. Though this is not a very hardcore requirement to complete the challenge.

This is because once you get started on your journey to rap, these two stats may certainly be a great aid.

However, having more than an orange or red-level in these Stats is the only requirement and you should be good if you make sure of just this. 

Players having God Mode in the game can start their journey remarkably well if they pick Music as their Special Skill.

However, for players who don’t have God Mode, they will most probably need to re-roll their characters till they get a new one that has exceptional musical skills already instilled in them. 

At the beginning itself, you may go on to take a few voice lessons.

We recommend that you start from the age of 8 to make sure you get an upper hand.

An appropriate idea would be to take 3 lessons in a year. Anything more or less than that will be unnecessary and undesirable.

Moreover, taking 3 lessons will easily result in filling up the Skill bar till you are 18. 

Getting a significant degree from a college also plays a crucial role in the BitLife Wild West Challenge and we’ll talk about that further in the later sections of this guide.

However, as soon as you reach 18, you must go to auditions for different record labels, primarily as a solo music artist.

If there’s one thing that’s assured in these challenges in BitLife, it is their love to make everything tricky for you.

As a result, the game will put you in a tough spot when it comes to earning a contract for yourself in the needed genre, of course. 

Nevertheless, players must remember to keep exiting and restarting their journey until they are offered a decent contract for performing as a solo rapper.

As soon as you manage to get one, you can finally launch your first-ever single!

You will be able to gain great popularity the following year itself as long as your first one is even moderately successful.

And with that, you complete one crucial requirement of the BitLife Wild West Challenge. 

Let’s see what comes next. 

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Nobody Enjoys A Passive Singer 

The good thing is that for completing the BitLife Wild West Challenge, you won’t need to hoard a bunch of platinum-certified music albums of your own.

As soon as you reach Gold certification, you will be good to go!

For those unversed, you will be able to earn Gold certification by selling at least 500,000 album copies.

As you can expect, this will certainly take a little amount of time, effort, and patience on your end.

But truth be told, this is way easier as compared to the previous Ariana Grande or Elton John challenges in the game.

So be patient and you will get through it! 

One of the most effective strategies for you is gaining some momentum in your career as early as possible.

This will be achieved by releasing your first single.

Even if it manages to gain a moderate level of popularity, you will be good.

You will be able to go and perform in some decent concerts and also go for some small-scale musical tours.

This will help you in generating a much-needed buzz which will further be a great means to finally release a notable debut album! 

Apart from releasing more and more albums, you must also keep in mind to go on as many tours as possible.

Stay active on all your social media accounts, and make sure that you get them all verified as well.

Perform in more concerts, do more photoshoots, and star in different commercials.

The idea is to be incredibly popular while also staying relevant. 

However, this doesn’t imply that you act oversaturated in any way.

Don’t overdo the number of tours or commercials and stop when you need to.

This is because your succeeding albums may be a total flop if you act too desperate. 

Having said that, we also recommend that you launch new music albums every alternate year.

If you release your albums every 365 days, it may put you at risk of acting oversaturated, as mentioned earlier.

It will lead you to overexposure in front of the public. 

As a result, it may take you a few years (somewhere between 12-15) to reach where you need to, however, it will all be worth it.

And as stated above, this is way easier than the arduous struggle of earning platinum certification. 

Directions And Kids Go Hand In Hand 

If you are a Kanye West fan, or even if not, you would know that he and Kim Kardashian only have a single child.

They have a daughter named North West.

It might look a bit funny at first but well, this is the BitLife Wild West Challenge for you! 

So for the next requirement, you will need to have four children and name them after the four directions, that is North, East, West, and South.

Say bye-bye to Biblical names and name your children after your hometown! 

As you might be wondering, this certainly looks like the simplest requirement of all and you will be able to complete it in an instant, isn’t it? But here is the catch! 

All of these children don’t need to be through a single partner.

Moreover, since these are mere directions, there’s no gender attached to them.

All you have to do is have four children, irrespective of any gender, and name them North, East, West, and South. And you’ll be good to go! 

Now in case one of your children ends up dying for any reason and your wife has crossed her childbearing age, you will need to adopt a child and use the same name for them.

Alternatively, you can also have a baby with a random woman and name him/her after the missing direction. Simple! 

As you can see, we have made sure that nothing possibly goes wrong with you when completing your BitLife Wild West Challenge! 

Stay Patient When It Comes To The Presidential Ballot 

There’s no doubt that releasing all 9 gold-certified music albums is a bit of a time-consuming and hard task.

However, an even tougher job is getting on the ballot as you will be contesting for the post of president.

How will you lose your election if you don’t even make it to the ballot? This is your final requirement and also very crucial. 

Having said that, the best strategy that you can adopt is retiring a little early from the music industry.

You can do so by dismissing your ongoing contract midway and then starting your long, strenuous journey toward politics. 

As you know, in real-time, things turned out to be a bit different this time.

However, for the BitLife Wild West Challenge, you will need to stick to the traditional manner itself.

In simple words, you will need to move from political power to political power only. 

First and foremost, you must start your successful trek as a School Board Director for a couple of terms.

After that, you must complete one or two tenures as the Mayor.

Now to finally be able to contest for the post of president, you must complete one or two tenures as Governor.

In our opinion, two terms for all the above-mentioned positions will be a good idea.

It will not only boost your overall experience but also the odds of getting on the ballot. 

Now coming to the post of the president, we should make you recall that you must have graduated from a decent college to be able to qualify for the ballot.

Don’t refer to the real world and do what Kanye West did. 

A lot of players end up learning this much later in the game and have to go through undue Time Machine subscriptions.

Many of them also end up quitting and restarting it all from the beginning.

So to avoid such troubles, keep in mind to enroll in a good college and graduate with a successful degree.

After that, you can certainly go on to launch your rap journey. 

As you would expect, the best idea would be to only go with an appropriate course like Political Science.

This will certainly improve the odds of you getting on the presidential poll. 

Another tip is to retain a decent Approval Rating when serving as the Governor, Mayor, or even the School Board Director.

You must try to keep it high for as long as you can. A decent mark would be keeping it at least 65% or higher. 

To ensure that, you must keep a constant check on the current news headlines and make all your speeches on those lines.

For instance, if you come across a headline about a singer singing about the country’s economy, then you must certainly mention it in your upcoming speech. 

Also, be sure that you’re making decisions and passing or vetoing laws with common sense in mind.

Adjust the hours in your Agenda based on your individual Approval Ratings per area of focus (Crime, Economy, Environment, etc.), increasing hours slightly for areas where the people aren’t too sold on your performance.

Once you have managed to gain enough political experience for your portfolio, you can make your ultimate move and run for the post of president.

All the earnings from your rapping career will be generous enough for funding your election campaign.

In our opinion, a rough amount would be to spend nearly 30 million dollars or 50 million dollars (maximum) for the campaign. 

It is important to stay mindful here as if you end up spending an excessive amount of money on the campaign and still fail to make it to the ballet, all those million dollars will be wasted for nothing.

Moreover, the game will now help you in regaining this amount as well. 

Now, remember that your goal here is to lose the election!

So pick up some of the most illogical and ridiculous answers for all the questions.

Show no interest in bettering the country’s economy and national significance.

You need to look like the worst possible President out there! 

And that’s all! As soon as you lose the elections, you are done with the final requirement of the BitLife Wild West Challenge. 

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Final Words

If you were looking for How to Complete the Wild West Challenge in BitLife, we hope we solved that for you.

Our above-mentioned BitLife Wild West Challenge Guide will help you fulfil all the conditions required to complete this challenge.

As soon as you are successful in completing the BitLife Wild West Challenge, you are going to earn an opportunity to choose any one of the four appearance items available.

These four items will be offered to you randomly and once you make the choice, your free item will be added automatically to your account in BitLife

And that was all about our BitLife Wild West Challenge. We hope you will be able to finish off the challenge like a breeze! 

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