Ultimate Guide How to Complete BitLife Wall Street Wolf Challenge 2022? 

Are you looking for ways Candywriter just recently expanded the movie Star update to the BitLife game.

A large number of users were truly looking forward to this first prominent update in a long while. And we’ll, now it’s here! 

Amidst all of this, another thing that has got all the players hooked on the game is the new weekly challenge.

As most of you would already know, weekly challenges in BitLife are time-restricted events that gain a lot of attention and popularity every week.

This is primarily because of the references from pop culture in these events along with other regular circumstances that the players can highly resonate with. 

All-in-all, weekly challenges make a crucial aspect of this unique game and one thing that’s promised is that they are not leaving any time soon! 

So for this week, the weekly challenge is BitLife Wall Street Wolf Challenge. If you wish to know how to complete The Wall Street Wolf Challenge and fulfil all the given objectives, we are here to help. 

Our below-mentioned BitLife Wall Street Wolf Challenge Guide will help you with exactly that.

Once you are well aware of how to fulfil each goal in the BitLife Wall Street Wolf Challenge, the challenge will become as easy as ever! 

Let’s have a look. 

BitLife Wall Street Wolf Challenge Guide

There’s no way that you haven’t heard about this greatest film of all time!

The Wolf of Wall Street is one of the best works of Martin Scorsese.

However, to prevent any copyright matters, the game simply decided to go by the name of BitLife Wall Street Wolf Challenge. 

Nonetheless, the entire concept behind the challenge is more or less the same as in the movie.

It is up to all the players to put on their nicest Jordan Belfort avatar and make a significant effort to complete the weekly. 

From handling the job of a stockbroker to getting immensely rich, there are just too many exciting elements that come along with this challenge.

One of the most notable objectives that will catch your attention is when you will be undergoing some illegal and risky stuff as in the movie. 

While completing the BitLife Wall Street Wolf Challenge, players will need to be truly patient as it will take time and the right mind.

However, once you keep all of our tips and strategies in mind, this challenge will feel like a breeze! 

Our BitLife Wall Street Wolf Challenge Guide will help you complete all the objectives with maximum convenience and in a minimal amount of time.

After all, your mystery reward awaits you! 

Let’s first look at all the key objectives that you will need to fulfil to be able to complete the BitLife Wall Street Wolf Challenge: 

  • Taking up the job of a stockbroker
  • Hoarding $22 million in your bank account
  • Developing an addiction
  • Contracting at least four sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) 
  • Purchasing and sinking a yacht
  • Serving a couple of years in jail

Excited, already? We completely understand!

Let’s now quickly dive into our BitLife Wall Street Wolf Challenge Guide to complete all of these objectives. 

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How to Complete The Wall Street Wolf Challenge

Start Preparing for $22 Million As Early As Possible

Even if you haven’t watched The Wolf Of Wall Street film, we will make you acquainted with all the key aspects that are featured in this challenge.

So for those who don’t know, the game chose the particular mark of $22 million because that is the amount that Stratton Oakmont earned in the initial three hours post the public offering of Steve Madden.

Stratton Oakmont is the long island in New York that Jordan Belfort owned. 

However, the BitLife game doesn’t permit the stockbrokers in the game to generate an absurd amount of cash through false schemes.

So what is needed here is a powerful career! 

You should start your career as a musician or athlete in BitLife before you head to the job of a stockbroker.

These two careers are immensely popular and regarded as celebrity careers.

So it is natural that both of them provide the players with a considerable earning capability. 

As soon as you hit your 30, you should be able to hoard up to 22 million dollars in your bank account.

Even if you don’t, it will barely take you two or three more years. But of course, it will tick off your first requirement in no time. 

So to start your celebrity career in BitLife, you must select Music or Sports as the Special Skill.

This is however only applicable if you possess God Mode in the game.

Even if you don’t, you can simply start your training from an early age.

In general, sports is a much easier option to go with for people who don’t have God Mode.

Just make sure that you study martial arts as early as possible.

For instance, you can learn martial arts when you are8 and join a gym once you hit 12.

This will improve your stats in Athleticism to a great extent! 

Having said that, you will regardless need to go to college and study a suitable course of your choice.

Considering the job of a stockbroker, Finance can be a good option for you.

Players must keep in mind that a college degree is crucial to make you competent for the job of a stockbroker. 

You must certainly accept a scholarship in athletics in case you are provided with one.

You can also consider becoming a part of a league.

This will provide you with a decent opportunity to skip the long interview procedures.

And as a result, you will be able to embark on your desirable career with great ease and in a minimal amount of time. 

In our opinion, it would be a good idea to earn a little more than 22 million dollars.

30 million, for say, would be a decent amount.

This is because you will need some extra currency in the game to be able to pur have different items needed for the challenge. 

Once you have earned the desirable amount of money and your bank balance satisfies you, you can simply consider retiring from the sport.

Alternatively, you may also simply breach your ongoing recording contract.

As soon as you do so, you should take up any available job as a Junior Stockbroker.

This should complete the first two requirements of your challenge so let’s now take a look at what’s next. 

Contracting Four STDs May Be Risky 

If you have been playing the game for quite some time now, you must have tried to get the Scandalous and Wicked ribbons at least once in BitLife.

While these may seem easy, the BitLife Wall Street Wolf Challenge requires you to not only hook up with random people but also contract four different kinds of STDs.

STD is short for sexually transmitted diseases. 

Nonetheless, it doesn’t come easy. After all, the challenge needs to put you out of your comfort zone.

So if you are truly unlucky, you may keep contracting a similar kind of STD multiple times consecutively.

But eventually, after a dozen hookups and a lot of patience, you will be able to complete the requirement.

You will certainly come across various risks during this requirement including paternity tests, low health levels, etc.

So you must be conscious and complete the requirement rightfully at the same time. 

As a result, we would recommend that you avoid STDs by simply quitting the game and restarting it.

All you have to do is just head back to the Activities tab wherein you will find the Love option. This will complete all your hookups. 

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How To Sink The Yacht

As the fanatics of the film would already know, the yacht of Jordan Belfort was one of the highlights of the movie.

Despite several warnings of harsh circumstances, Belfort argued on sailing it and it eventually capsized on the way to Monaco. 

So for the challenge as well, you will first need to purchase a yacht for yourself and eventually, let it sink.

However, before you go on to do that, you will be required to pay a fee of 200 bucks which will fetch you a license test for boating. 

Get Addicted But Not To The Hard Drugs!

The drugs that Jordan Belfort in The World Of Wall Street got addicted to were Quaaludes as well as cocaine.

He used to take a generous amount of both of these and as a result, the law ultimately came into force.

However, the virtual people in the BitLife game aren’t built the same as Jordan.

In case you get addicted to a hard drug in the game, it will get you killed in no time!

So that makes this requirement one of the riskiest of all. 

Once you are ready to complete this particular requirement, you must consider gambling compulsively.

However, try to avoid big bets that can reduce your bank balance in any way.

Remember that the requirement talks about addiction and it doesn’t specify the kind of addiction. 

So you can simply get addicted to gambling! Alternatively, you can also knock down a good number of drinks whilst at the club.

This will prove your alcohol addiction and you will be good. 

Commit A Serious Offence To Land Up In Jail 

Lastly, it’s time to land up in jail and wrap the challenge up. 

For the last objective of the BitLife Wall Street Wolf Challenge, you will need to spend at least a couple of years in prison.

If you thought you could just get away with stock market forgery, we must break it to you that it’s not a crime that one can commit in the game.

As a result, players will need to pick up some more usual things for the challenge. 

Remember that you don’t need to go with something as serious as murder as well.

As mentioned earlier, you only need to spend a couple of years in jail and not your entire life. 

The two-year mark is because of the link with the film.

Belfort in The Wolf Of Wall Street also spends around this much time in jail for his offence.

So any adequate crime would do fine for your last objective.

Just make sure that you don’t end up with the death sentence written in your file. 

In our opinion, you can simply get imprisoned for stealing.

In case you get busted, which you have to, you will be sentenced to three years of jail.

In such a case, you can try pleading guilty which will cut your period down to a couple of years. 

That is all the time you require in jail. And as soon as you are out of prison, it will eventually complete the final requirement of your challenge as well.

As a result, this brings us to the end of the BitLife Wall Street Wolf Challenge.

Your mystery reward is ready for you now! 


We hope you have now found the answer to how to complete The Wall Street Wolf Challenge.

This new challenge is one of the most exciting ones in the history of weekly challenges in BitLife and for all the right reasons.

Complete all the objectives as mentioned above in our BitLife Wall Street Wolf Challenge Guide and you will be able to accomplish the challenge with great ease! 

Just like other weekly challenges in BitLife, the BitLife Wall Street Wolf Challenge will provide you with four unique prize chests once you are successful in completing all the objectives.

You will need to pick any one out of these chests to get a random mystery prize!

This may include a piece of eyewear or headwear so make sure you don’t miss out on the challenge at all! 

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