BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge Best Guide 2022

BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge: A new Saturday means a new challenge for all the Bitizens out there!

BitLife rolls out a new challenge each week that the players are required to complete within a specific period.

In essence, these challenges play a great role in keeping the players hooked to the game and adding a challenging touch to the gameplay. 

These challenges are available on both Android as well as iOS versions of the game.

While the feature may have been introduced in 2019, Candywriter hasn’t looked back ever since!

They have managed to provide the players with some of the most fascinating challenges every week and don’t fail to surprise them to this date. 

For those unversed, BitLife challenges comprise a few tasks that the players need to fulfil to complete the challenge successfully.

They are generally inspired from various happenings around the world as well as some other popular trends, people, TV series, and others.

They are sometimes easy and sometimes challenging.

Whatever it may be, Bitizens are promised to have a great time completing them! 

For this week, your new weekly is BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge.

If you watched this popular TV series, or even if not, we presume that you must already be well-acquainted with what you are getting into. 

If you wish to dig up more into the new BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge and know how to complete it easily and quickly, then you are just at the right place.

Below we have mentioned an extensive and beneficial BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge Guide 2022.

Here, we are going to enlighten you on how to speed-run your way through the Gilmore Girls Challenge with great ease! 

So without any further ado, let’s begin. 

BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge Guide 2022

The previous couple of weeks were not based on an intellectual property and after a decent break, the game is here with another TV series-based BitLife challenge.

It’s none other than BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge. 

A beloved series of all time, Gilmore Girls is a show by Amy Sherman Palladino that went on air in the 2000s.

The female protagonist of the show is a young woman named Rory Gilmore and that is exactly who you are going to play in this challenge. 

The life of Rory Gilmore revolves around her birthplace Connecticut, completing majors in journalism, getting involved with her ex-boyfriend, and well, much more! 

While it may not be as juicy as the former Euphoria challenge that was released some weeks back, BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge is certainly going to take you through an interesting ride- from best buddies with your mom to doing some sneaky stuff with your ex! 

It would be fair to say that the new BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge is a bit easier than some of the recent challenges that Bitizens were provided with.

Nonetheless, some tips and tricks are all that you need to have the right strategy right from the beginning and be able to complete the challenge easily and quickly. 

Let’s now take a look at our BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge Guide 2022 and all the tasks that players will need to perform. 

Here are the five different tasks of this challenge: 

  • Take birth in Connecticut as a female
  • Perform all the necessary activities with your mom
  • Complete your majors in journalism
  • Get involved with an ex-boyfriend of yours
  • Get pregnant after cheating with your ex

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How to Speed-run your way through the Gilmore Girls Challenge

Starting your journey in Connecticut 

To start with, you can simply take a look at the provided prerequisites of the BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge.

As stated, Bitizens will need to take birth in Connecticut as a female.

As you may expect, the only town in Connecticut is Hartford as displayed in the game. So that would be your birthplace. 

You will be able to re-roll a few fresh characters till the time you attain someone good with Smarts.

Your character must be above-average or better.

However, in the true sense, it may not be that big a deal if you continue to live in harmony with others.

Apart from this, you will also need to make use of the option of Study Harder which will help you get good grades in school. 

If you take part in some extracurricular activities, it will also help in boosting your level of Smarts.

So just make sure that you aren’t too bad with Smarts, for say 20 or below.

As such, you would reasonably be able to acquire a scholarship at college. 

Choosing your course 

BitLife challenges are generally known for their challenging nature and how they love to make things a bit hard for the players.

One of these aspects come from the course that Bitizens will need to choose during their college time. 

You will be provided with various course alternatives as you go on to choose your major in college.

For the BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge, the required course is Journalism.

In case you don’t see Journalism popping up in these options, you will need to restart your game a couple of times or more till you can see it. 

Once it is there, you must pick Journalism as your major and you will be good to go with your second requirement.

It is worth mentioning that players will no longer be required to maintain their scores at a particular level.

This means that it is time to take a look at the next requirements of the BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge.  

Performing all the necessary activities with your mother 

Even if you haven’t watched the Gilmore Girls TV series, you must be acquainted with the well-known bond between the mother and the daughter.

Rory Gilmore, the daughter, finds her best friend in no one else but her mother, Lorelai Gilmore.

They share such a strong and beautiful bond that it is certainly one of the greatest highlights of the show.

And this is exactly what makes up your third requirement for the BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge. 

To be able to complete the challenge, your bond with your mother plays a crucial role.

You will need to spend a lot of time with your mother with her good interest at heart.

This means that you will be required to select various positive activities in the game that you can perform with Lorelai. 

To be clear, these activities should in no way include Insults or Asking for money.

Some good and positive activities that you can perform with your mom include going out to movies, exchanging presents, as well as the generic and simple option of ‘Spend Time’.  

A couple of these activities can easily be handled whilst you are still a child.

However, you will need to wait until the age of 13 and work hard at a freelance gig until you earn a sufficient amount of money.

Then you use this money to buy gifts for your mother. 

By then, the option of giving money will also be provided to you so you must use this option as well anytime you get the chance.

Your mother may turn your money offer down but that doesn’t matter.

All you need to do is just make the offer to lend her some money at any point in the challenge. 

One crucial thing to keep in mind here is that you must also perform a few other activities which may not be a requisite for the challenge but are decent enough.

You can perform activities with your pets, pals, as well as other members of your family. 

This in no way is going to reduce your chances of completing the BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge.

So you must feel no hesitation while spending some quality time with your dad, hanging out for a while with your friends from school, or taking your dog out for walks.

It is always a good idea to maintain healthy relationships with everyone around you. 

Cheating on your partner & Getting pregnant

A final couple of requirements for the BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge are more or less interconnected.

One requirement is to get involved with an ex-boyfriend of yours and betray your current boyfriend.

Secondly, you will need to get pregnant while you are at it. 

It certainly sounds like a very simple task to carry out as all that you need to do are a few tricks here and there.  

While you are in school, you must find a decent guy and date them for a while.

After that, you could wait for him to dump you or simply call it off on your own.

Once it ends, head to the tab of Activities & Date and make use of the option of Love.

This will help you in finding a new partner for yourself with great ease.

Once you start dating the new guy, go back to your ex, have a hookup with them, and make sure that you do it all in the absence of protection.

And boom! You would now have betrayed your partner and also gotten pregnant. 

Sounds easy, right? However, there might be a lot of things that you must be missing out on here.

And there is so much to consider while you are at it. 

First and foremost, you can’t be sure that your ex is going to agree to your booty call.

Moreover, not all of them are going to be willing when you attempt to build a relationship with the help of phone calls and presents.

Your ex could even go on to get back to you with a restraining notice! 

Apart from this, getting pregnant in BitLife is not as easy as it sounds.

Even if you and your sexual partner (your ex) have a high level of Fertility, the game has a way to make things difficult for you by making these random things improbable. 

In our opinion, it would be in your best interest to stay as patient as you can.

And even if one of your exes refuses to have a hookup, you can simply repeat the procedure back again and find someone who you would be able to meet in future and cheat on your partner with.

And well, don’t forget to check out their Fertility stat as well.

This is going to help you in completing the final two mandates of your BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge. 

Tip: you can also edit the Willpower stat of your ex and increase their chances of agreeing to your booty call!

However, this option is only available for Bitizens who have God Mode activated in their game. 

And that is all about completing the BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge.

This sums up all the tasks that you will need to perform to succeed in the challenge and ultimately earn your well-deserved reward! 


BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge is here for you and you must get on with all the tasks and complete the challenge.

As soon as you are done with the challenge, you can go on to choose your reward from the four options available as usual.

Remember that players must miss no chance to earn a free piece of eyewear or hat for their character! 

And with that, we wrap our guide up. With our BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge Guide 2022, we tried to enlighten you on how to Speed-run your way through the Gilmore Girls Challenge.

We hope you found it helpful and can now complete the challenge with great ease in the game. Have fun playing! 

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