Battlefield 2042: 7 tips and tricks to dominate the opposition

Battlefield 2042 is a game where you will find yourself struggling without any unexplained reason. Set in the year 2042, as evident by the name, Battlefield 2042 is an online FPS MMO game that will test you to the limits.

With it being a trendy game, you will find many pro players playing it, and with the increase of the number of players in a match to 128, the chances of your survival would be as close to nil as they could be.

You would need to showcase your prowess to be anywhere close to victory or even be useful to your team.

Even with Battlefield 2042 hacks for PC, you would need some guidance to dominate the opposition. We will provide you with exactly that.

1. Swap ammo types when you’re out of ammunition

If you prefer a tactical approach and survive for a long time, then this tip would be something that will come in handy for you.

If you run out of your ammo, you can set another ammo type to the quick attachment swap menu. What this does is that it will immediately swap the ammo type by dipping into another reserve.

However, this will only work if you keep looting the dead enemies and allies alike. There needs to be ammo in the reserve for it to work.

2. Use your armor

There is nothing more foolhardy that you can do in the game than not utilizing your armor properly. Not only are the weapons more powerful than ever, but there are also many Call-in deployable that would take you out in a second.

In Battlefield 2042, even a grenade with high explosives could cause a game over. So, it is fair to say that using armor properly could be the difference between success and sucking massively in Battlefield 2042.

3. Use PP-29

Yes, we are advising you to use this weapon immediately. It is an SMG that is a bit overpowered at the moment and can easily laser-beam people at any range.

While it is not ideal for all situations, it is nonetheless one of the best all-around weapons you can utilize in Battlefield 2042. Also, it will likely be nerfed pretty soon, so use it while you can.

4. Take advantage of this sidearm.

If you have not been using this item properly in Battlefield 2042, then you are not alone. Understandably, your main focus should be on the primary weapon of your character, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore these sidearms as worthless.

While it is true that pistols do not matter much in many of the PvP FPS games, Battlefield 2042 is quite different from that.

When you run out of ammo, it would be best to attack your enemy with pistols rather than waiting to reload the gun. It will be much quicker than reloading an LMG and then targeting the enemy positions.

5. Correctly set up your attachments

Battlefield 2042 allows you to set your attachments before the start of the round. It also enables a player to swap out attachments in the field, which can be pretty helpful.

If you set this up correctly, you can easily have a massive advantage over your peers. Remember, the innermost slot is the most crucial, as that is the weapon you will respawn with.

So, keep all this in mind while setting up your attachments.

6. Change your outfit

Battlefield 2042 is a serious game and should be treated as such. You need to consider everything before starting around.

We’re not just talking about your weapons and gears. Your clothing can also make a difference in your gameplay.

You need to pick an outfit that is suitable for the map, allowing you to camouflage yourself against enemy players.

7. Enable quick-throw grenades

If you are utilizing a controller, there is a setting that would be hugely beneficial for you. The setting is quick to throw grenades.

Once enabled, you can quickly throw a grenade just by tapping Up on the D-pad.

You can also adjust this by changing the setting according to your preference. It might be a minor thing to do, but it can have a significant impact on the final results of the game.

If you want to dominate the opposition in Battlefield 2042 with ease, then you must try these seven tips and tricks. These tips are extremely useful and improve your gameplay.

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