Best Tricks Artery Gear Fodder Farming Guide for 5 star 4 star and 3 star

Artery Gear Fodder Farming Guide: Do you want the best tricks Artery Gear fodder farming for 5 star 4 star and 3 star?

If yes, then in this article we provides you all the necessary information and the best tricks for Artery Gear fodder farming guide for 5 star, 4 star & 3 star.

Today we are sharing the best tricks on Artery Gear fodder farming guide for 5 star 4 star and 3 star.

I am a YouTuber and gamer who knows about the games especially Artery Gear fodder farming.

Which day information and details I have provided below you can play Artery Gear for the farming like a professional gamer.

How to level up fodder in Artery Gear?

The newest turn-based RPG game, Artery Gear: Fusion, boasts a tone of gorgeous and vibrant animations for all of its characters, referred to as “Mechas” in the game because they are mechanized girls.

On June 14, 2022, the BILIBILI produced and published game will go on sale for the entire world as a free-to-play title on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

The game is set on a hypothetical post-apocalyptic Earth where a strange species known as “Puppets” threatens humanity.

Over 100 different collection characters are available in the hero collector game Artery Gear: Fusion.

They are available through the in-game gacha system, where various rarities of mechas are displayed at various probabilities.

With the most common summoning money being the premium currency of Gems, players can purchase these mechas using the gacha system.

The main unit is featured for the banner and has a higher rate to be summoned, similar to other gacha games’ standard banner systems.

The base rate for characters with the highest rarity (SSR) is 2.5%, so Artery Gear: Fusion also has a pity system to make the game a little more free-to-play friendly.

During the plot or event phases, 3 star fodders may show up at any time.

The most effective method for earning fodders, though, is to farm event stages. Depending on your needs, either can be run.

The highest non-boss, non-EX event stage is up for grabs. The stamina to fodder ratio for this technique is typically the highest, but the event cash and unit XP gain rates are the lowest.

In an event, you can complete the highest EX stage. The most event cash and unit xp are provided by this method, but fewer stamina and fodder are.

In general, you should run EX-3 unless you only want to farm for fodder and don’t care about the effectiveness of the unit XP gain or the event cash.

The main sources of 4 and 5 star fodders are event awards and the guild shop. Additionally, if you accomplish a weekly task, you will receive 4 star fodder.

Alphas, which are dropped from story mode, event mode, and quest rewards, can speed up the process.

Alphas are available in three variants and are always max levelled, allowing for easy promotion to the following grade.

The purple Alpha is the fourth star, the green Alpha is the fifth star, and the red Alpha is the third stars.

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Artery Gear Fodder Farming Guide 2022

Red Alpha a

Here are the areas where you can find these, which are the most typical ones:

  • Daily quest -You receive a daily quest after successfully completing Elimination Mode once.
  • Event quests – often available in the event shop for any currently running event.
  • Event Stages – The final few stages in event modes typically drop frequently.
  • Alliance Shop: They are available indefinitely for 200 alliance points each.

Blue Alpha β

Although relatively uncommon, these are nevertheless possible on a monthly basis:

  • Weekly Quest: You receive one after raising 3 Red Alpha to 4 stars.
  • Weekly Quest: 300 alliance points.

Green Alpha γ

These are the most uncommon, and the Alliance Shop is the only place where you can regularly purchase them each month for 600 alliance points.

Locations for fodder farming:

Despite the reduced Alpha drop rates, Story Mode is a fantastic environment for farming. To farm basic and sophisticated decoder chips, you can select between regular or hard mode.

Considering Grace is your fodder farmer, you should cultivate the following areas:

Normal/Hard – All of Chapters 3 and 4, 5 and 6, and 6 and 8. 6 and 8 hard is the hardest I’ve tested using a 6 star Grace with the complimentary rookie gear provided, and I can still carry 3 fodders with ease.

The sole fire units that 5-5 and 6-8 have enable Grace to inflict more damage while taking less damage, which makes them perfect for farming.

Level up character

Your characters can level up with experience points. In a gacha game, tanks and defenders will typically take the lead in battles.

With just one performance, they can completely change the outcome of a battle.

Therefore, we advise you to gain experience points for your superhuman heroes because doing so will raise their attack, health, and defense status during the game.

In the Artery Gear Fusion levelling guide, experience points are the most crucial component and are regarded as an opening factor for fortifying our elements.

Skill Up by Technical Code

Utilizing the technical code will also help players improve their abilities. The next item in this Artery Gear Fusion leveling guide is it.

After completing every stage of the game’s story, you can earn this technical code.

Beginners may occasionally receive a 3-star technical code at random while playing the game on its easy difficulty setting.

And when it reaches the intermediate level, the technical rating will be five stars, and it will also be randomly lowered to the levels of greatest difficulty.

The next item we’ll cover in this Artery Gear Fusion level-up guide will be the maximum levels for each of the game’s characters.

The following can be used to display the maximum rising of each character’s upper limit.

The most that can be raised if the character is a 3-star hero is 30. The character’s raising up upper limitations are 40 if he is a 4-star hero.

There will be 50 maximums for the 5-star heroes.

As previously noted, if your character has reached the upper limit, they are given the opportunity to improve their grades by one star and are informed that this limit directly affects their attack, HP, and defense metrics in the game.

The main character’s higher limit must therefore be opened up as much as possible by each Artery Gear Fusion player.

Furthermore, this supports a valid point in the Artery Gear Fusion leveling guide. By maximizing the strength of each combat, you can strive for the upper limit.

As a player, you must possess the same level of resources as the game’s hero in order to reach this upper limit.

In Artery Gear Fusion, you can also use the robots as your default allies in every battle. Thus, our next point for the Artery Gear Fusion leveling guide is made.

Players should think of a variety of objects or things outfitted with them, such as robots, for this maximum limit.

Normal Robots: After successfully completing each combat in the story, players will be given robots to use as basic allies.

These robots can be considered a helpful item to use on our upper limit reach and are also similar to a supporting item for the 3-star heroes.

Supporters: In the game, you can gain supporters by completing your daily assignments, and you can use them to ease up after you’ve reached the upper limit.

Rank Up for the supporters – The typical route to the highest limit is to have assistance from robots in addition to 3-star supporters.

One of the most crucial methods for improving and fortifying your mechs is leveling up. There is a maximum level for each mecha, and they cannot be levelled higher.

This is due to how many stars each mecha has. Depending on their current Star rarity, mechs can be levelled from Level 1 up to a maximum of Level 60.

For instance, a 6-Star Mecha can be levelled up to Level 60 while a 5-Star Mecha can only be levelled up to Level 50.

The best way to make mechas stronger in the early game is to level up, which immediately improves the base stats of the mechas enormously.

Final Words

Here we provided the best tricks on Artery Gear fodder farming guide for 5 stars, 4 stars and 3 stars.

We sincerely hope the details provided were useful.

You can definitely leave your recommendations in the comment area if you have any questions or need clarification. 

Additionally, we expect your helpful feedback.


How do you redeem codes in Artery Gear?

Load Artery Gear: Fusion.
Tap the event button on the left side of the screen.
Press the code option.
Input your Artery Gear: Fusion codes.
Hit redeem.
Enjoy your freebies!

Can my computer play Artery Gear?

Blue Stacks app player is the best platform to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience.

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