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If you have been looking for an Artery Gear Beginner Guide and don’t really know where to start off from, this article is exactly the right place that you have landed in.

This is in fact, one of the most popular games that is available on smartphones for you which you can thoroughly enjoy if you are a smartphone gamer.

A lot of people around the internet has been looking for Artery Gear Beginner Guide Wiki 2022, since this is indeed a unique game.

After having read this article, you would exactly know what the game is based on and how to play it without any hassle, whatsoever.

Guide that requires proper patience to read and accustom to is given in the article and you don’t need to be on the search anymore after reading this.

I am a blogger and a YouTuber who has been reviewing games and also giving beginners’ guide to people around the gaming community.

A lot of people do not game on a console or on the PC as much as they like gaming on smartphones.

Seeing the rise of smartphone games, a lot of gaming smartphones have also come out in the market that gives you an experience no less than handheld consoles.

The debate is always there on whether smartphone gaming is the best and most enjoyable form of gaming because no matter what, the games are still not very high-end with great graphics and PC gaming or console gaming come in the equation, more often than not.

Regardless, Artery Gear Beginner Guide or even an idea about the Artery Gear Story Progression is given in the article below.

You can trust this piece of content since this is written after a lot of research as well as first-hand experience. 

Artery Gear Beginner Guide Wiki 2022 Detailed & All You Need to Know

Artery Gear Beginner Guide
Artery Gear Beginner Guide

Whenever there is a new game, a lot of people are curious about the things that you must do or must know in order to play the game a little better than usual.

There are certain recommendations and certain things about the game that you obviously need to know and that is exactly what’ll be discussed below.

Don’t worry about the difficulty of the game because smartphone games do not really get as difficult.

Here is a list of things you must know before starting to play the game:

  • The recommended setting for using this game is supposed to be 60 FPS and that is how you enjoy the game better than in any other setting.
  • Joining a guild is considered a good idea and you should be doing it as soon as possible. Under no circumstances, should you wait much for joining a guild because the access towards guild boss as well as guild shop is something that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.
  • Clicking on the “guide” icon which is available on the top left corner of the home screen of the game is going to give you options to use materials or in-game currencies in order to upgrade a lot of things that’s beneficial in the gameplay further.
  • Daily resources are available while you are in the process of Artery Gear Story Progression. Without a doubt, you can claim them and these are going to give you boosts that you would need in the game. 

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Artery Gear Mission Guide: All You Need to Know

The missions that you need to complete in this game can be divided into three parts: starter missions, rookie missions, queen missions.

After completing missions, you get rewards that are too amazing and a lot of people keep completing missions in order to keep getting rewards, without caring about the time it takes.

The rookie missions come to you when you are in the middle of a storyline and you have units that are strengthened enough for taking up rookie missions and completing them.

Last but not the least, the queen mission is something that rewards you with a 6-star assault gear set but that does not come easy at all.

The missions are tedious and long which takes a lot of patience but the rewards are worth it.

If you want to learn more about Artery Gear Mission Guide, you might very well click here.


Q1) How does the Artery Gear Story Progression work?

A) Story stages 5-10 is what you have to reach in order to unlock everything in the game except for the dark zone. If the dark zone is your priority, consider finishing story stages 6-10 and you would be unlocking that as well.

Q2) What are all the game modes in Artery Gear?

A) The 6 game modes are: Main story, Daily Battle, Resource Collection, Suppression Dark zone, Time-limited events, Arena

Q3) How to redeem codes for extra boost in Artery gear?

Click on the event button, followed by clicking on the mysterious code button that’d be available after the events sub-menu opens in the game. Paste or enter the code you have an idea about and eventually click on the redeem button to get all the different rewards.


This game is one of the most popular and recent RPG games that are available for smartphones and the ratings are also high.

After you have downloaded the game in your Android or iOS device, upon opening it, you will find an introductory tutorial that you need to finish.

After having done so, complete all the missions in order to unlock things and play the game in its full potential.

Regardless, this is a very fun strategy RPG game that you must try if you have been a fan of smartphone gaming.

In other words, Artery Gear: Fusion is one of a kind and a lot of people have enjoyed this too much.

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